[HELP] How to get the landing page have my domain name
Posted by: daroyalxflush - Yesterday 11:49 PM - Replies (1)

Hey there elites! So I want to use this landing page, I've downloaded the .html from my aff. network, but it only has the first page in the .html, once you click the item you want to get, it redirects to the page that is provided by the aff. network. Now I want it to look as legit as possible, so I wanted to ask you guys, is it possible to somehow get all the pages to show my domain instead of redirecting to the networks website? In the index.html file, there is absolutely no code that would allow me to copy it or somehow transfer it, it only shows the button and the href redirect to the other page which changes the domain from mine to the domain that the landing page is registered on when you click it.

Hope I made enough sense, if you want me to clarify any of the info, please let me know, thanks!

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  I need help about YOUTUBE + CPA ;)
Posted by: warrensandre25 - Yesterday 10:58 PM - Replies (4)

hi Everyons , i really want help me to start traffic source is Youtube

Niche is hacked games , network with CPABUILDS

Anyone Help me tips for Youtube

1 - how to no banned word like HACK
2 - how to Rank Videos
3 - any Idea?

My Skype is Abdousoko25

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  About instagram
Posted by: dbiz - Yesterday 09:51 PM - Replies (3)

Hello, so i am currently thinking to buy 10 ig accounts and 10 proxies and run all of them just to grow in different niches , the only question is when i hit let's say 15k followers, can i make at least 10 dollars a day from one account ? :)

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  Powerup hosting uptime?
Posted by: cracklings1017 - Yesterday 09:43 PM - No Replies


Can you please tell me if the powerup hosting uptime is good?
I am at a other hosting right now and it gives downtime everyday which is ridiculous.

For the powerup hosting, I've read about their downtime and shits in BHW though I am buying their offshore hosting. Please help.


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  Is there any easy method to earn $10 perday?
Posted by: OuterWorld - Yesterday 09:14 PM - No Replies

Hey all, Hope you guys are doing well.

I want to earn atleast $10 perday online with any easy work. Can anyone suggest me some cool methods to earn that much of money.

Thanks a lot.

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  [Tutorial] SILOing a WordPress Site.
Posted by: shaunm - Yesterday 08:52 PM - No Replies

Afternoon guys,

Personally, I am skeptical about if SILOing works or not but I recently received a number of questions on how I SILOed one of my WordPress sites so I decided to type this guide on SILOing up.



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  adult cam
Posted by: wiinar - Yesterday 08:21 PM - Replies (2)

hey, maybe someone knows site similar to chaturbate that pays to paypal?

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  Charles Ngo's Guide to Mobile Pop Traffic
Posted by: tiojr - Yesterday 07:06 PM - Replies (1)

Hey All,

I'm new here. Came across a great post by Charles Ngo and thought I'd share some notes I took on it to add a little value before rambling off questions.

So here's a brief summary of the steps involved in getting started with pop traffic:

1. Set up your campaign on Voluum, the tool you’ll use to track everything. This way you can optimize your campaigns to get the best bang for your buck

2. Identify and sign up for at least one mobile traffic pop source
- PropellerAds
- PopAds
- WWWPromoter

3. Find mobile offers to promote from affiliate networks
- YepAds
- ClickDealer
- Avazu

4. Build a landing page
- Make sure it’s lightning fast
- Opt for simple images

5. Get dedicated (as opposed to shared) hosting
- A CDN like Rackspace

6. Cheat with competitive intelligence tools
- A spy tool like Adplexity lets you see thousands of landing pages & campaigns that other affiliates are running

It also mentions a few offers that work best with pop traffic:
- App Installs - Like Antivirus and utilities
- Lead generation - Getting visitors to fill in forms
- Vouchers - Work well if you can localize your marketing
- Trials - For health and beauty offers
- Sweepstakes - To win devices like iPhones and tablets

Here's another link to the full article if you're interested: https://charlesngo.com/mobile-pop-traffi...nder-popup

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  13 reasons why
Posted by: Bazingaa - Yesterday 06:45 PM - Replies (3)

Did any of you guys watched 13 reasons why on netflix or somewhere else?
I saw it on netflix for a while but only decided to watch yesterday since there are lot of talks about it and I finished it on same day lol

What did you think about the show?
I found it pretty sad and fucked up at the same time

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  What Is Your Opinion About An Online Movie Streaming Site + CPA ?
Posted by: imrichard - Yesterday 05:20 PM - Replies (3)

I saw a lot of websites streaming out there and they are showing a true movie on the website. What can you say about them?

I'd just need an opinion or advice before starting on this niche. But I would prefer CPA and NOT Movie Streaming Site.

How much could I earn on Online Movie Streaming site? And How about the duration or time until I could earn unto it.

All ideas are WELCOME. Thank you. Have a great day!


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  I need someone with a virtual machine.
Posted by: Harrington - Yesterday 03:12 PM - Replies (1)

Hey, I wanna try out the installers of a few payperinstall networks to see if they even pay. Since I'm not on my computer I can't simply download a 1gig iso file to run in a personal vm.

Installers of poi networks are usually full of adware so I can't simply install it on my own machine (+ I have a mac, not a windows pc).

Anyone with a virtual machine willing to help me?

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  What is the Best Horror Movie You Ever Seen?
Posted by: zenious - Yesterday 12:53 PM - Replies (2)


What is the Best Horror Movie You Ever Seen?


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  [IMRichard] Journey's on IM - ADSENSE + AUTOBLOG (High CPC) - $0 To $100 Per Day
Posted by: imrichard - Yesterday 10:10 AM - Replies (7)

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who is posting their journeys in internet marketing. As of now, I will start this SMALL journey of mine.

I've started already my journey last March 30, 2017 until now. I've called this journey as ADSENSE + AUTOBLOG (High CPC Keyword)- $0 To $100 Per Day

What I did was;
► Purchase Domain & Hosting
► Created a Wordpress Viral Blog using BoomBox Theme
► Setup everything on the theme
► Optimized all the pages
► Setup Cloudflare FREE for Loading Speed of the website
► After 2-3 days, i putted my Adsense code on the website.

That's all fellas :). I will update my daily earnings :). You can also copy this journey. Enjoy!


Today so far:

Page views: 142
Page RPM: $.50
Impressions: 324
Clicks: 7
CPC: 0.01
Page CTR: 4.93%

Estimated earnings: $0.07

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  Ogads vs cpabuild
Posted by: wxp100 - Yesterday 08:02 AM - Replies (6)

Hi everyone
I have question
Which is better network ogads or cpabuild

I think for start yt traffic sourc like game hack

Which I join network ?

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  FB Account lock
Posted by: TrendSetterz - Yesterday 05:15 AM - Replies (1)

Has anyone here faced a FB account lock where they ask you to upload a photo clearly showing your face?

Just had it , uploaded a legit pic , and in few minutes ,account was disabled ,

So if anyone gets this problem , dont jump ahead and upload it.

Strange fact : The pages associated with the disabled account are still active and my friend , a moderator on the page can access it as well . I am the admin on the page

Could this be a temporary disable?

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  Can I SEO a WordPress page?
Posted by: iSee3D - Yesterday 03:41 AM - Replies (4)

I run a WP blog (xxxx.com), but I want to SEO my page (xxxx.com/xxxx) - is that possible?

Also, if someone could help me check if my page was indexed, it would be great.

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  Man Sentenced to Death in Saudi Arabia for Being Atheist
Posted by: holkapolka - Yesterday 02:11 AM - Replies (4)

A Saudi Arabian man has reportedly been sentenced to death on charges of apostasy after uploading videos on social media renouncing Islam and the prophet Mohammed.

The man, identified in local media reports as Ahmad Al Shamri, was first arrested in 2014 on charges of atheism and blasphemy and held in prison for three years.

At the time Al Shamri entered an insanity plea, claiming he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol when he made the videos. Nonetheless, he was sentenced to death in February 2015.

Source: https://heatst.com/world/man-sentenced-t...g-atheist/

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  Free CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Hack Landing Page
Posted by: MrShareCare - Yesterday 01:55 AM - Replies (5)

Hello People,

I have a landing page to share with you guys.

[Image: 2czdpxv.png]



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  Internet Marketers, Do you agree with this image?
Posted by: cohzynes - Yesterday 12:33 AM - Replies (3)

The meme is similar to my life. I totally agree with this. GrinGrin

[Image: IMmeme.jpg]

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  Tips for Growing a Facebook page ( viral photos/image)
Posted by: khelgor - Yesterday 12:30 AM - Replies (2)

Hello guys,

i want to grow a facebook page simiral as viralnova and others.

Do you have so tips for reaching an audience quickly ? like a software or trick for invite people for liking/joining my post ?

I'm also looking for some sites for ideas of viral videos/photos i will post everyday.

thanks a lot. Tips for Growing a Facebook page ( viral photos/image)

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