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  TikTok banned by Trump in the USA
Posted by: CharlieHarper - 2020-09-19, 12:06 AM - Replies (1)

Trump Administration to Ban TikTok and WeChat From U.S. App Stores

The Trump administration issued new rules Friday morning that will cripple the operation of two popular Chinese-owned apps in the United States.

The Trump administration said Friday it would bar the Chinese-owned mobile apps WeChat and TikTok from U.S. app stores as of midnight Sunday, a significant escalation in America’s tech fight with China that takes aim at two popular services used by more than 100 million people in the United States.

Read more:

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  Adult Content Blog???
Posted by: dontbejello87 - 2020-09-14, 04:58 AM - Replies (1)

Hey Everyone,

I'm Erin, I'm new to blogging and I was trying to pinpoint things that I love in life and what I could blog about and the main things I love is. Stripper, women, hot women, IG girls, and from time to time some XVideos. So I was thinking I could do some along the lines of posting hot IG Girls. These girls on Ig I mean a lot of them have these only fan pages and I heard you can make money through affiliate links with them or even like cam sites. 

[Image: tumblr-nytkfsb-TCZ1uly1uyo1-640.jpg]

Girls like nonnude

Do you think this is something that could work or should I go a different way about it, because I rather not get into porn because I have kids but hot girls is nothing my baby girls mouth would drop about because their mom is just as hot ;)? 

I just want to know is this method used or even manageable.

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  Youtube Like Exchange
Posted by: alexandrumrz - 2020-09-08, 04:06 PM - No Replies

Hello everybody !
Can u give me a good exchange website for youtuke likes .Addmefast play very low with this point and ytmonster is so expensive
Another good site ? Thanks a lot !

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  Creating A Movie Streaming Site..
Posted by: JULEX - 2020-09-08, 11:33 AM - No Replies

Starting My Journey Of Creating A Movie Streaming Site

Recently I have been tossing and turning about creating a movie streaming site, however I honestly have no idea how sites like Putlocker/SolarMovies/123Movies even operate, I understand that they embed movies from secondary sites, so they technically never actually break any copyright laws.

Do you have any knowledge on where to start and how to operate a website like such examples?
Have you had any experience in creating something similar?
Do you have any advice that you think I would benefit from?

I would love to get in touch with anyone who just wants a chill discussion on how I could go about starting this project.

One last question.. Is this a bad idea or do you think I should just go for it ?

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  CPA Networks with rewards
Posted by: sergiu4995 - 2020-09-08, 08:32 AM - Replies (2)

Hello my friends, I want to know which cpa networks give rewards? like cpalead
Thank you

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  Snapchat bot invitation code
Posted by: TikTokMoney - 2020-09-03, 01:54 PM - Replies (1)


I need 1 or 2 invitation codes for Snapchat bot: Money is in the Bot ... US$ 170 offer

Thank you! Khaled

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  GamblingPro - gambling/betting CPA network with more than 1000 offers
Posted by: Gamblingpro - 2020-09-01, 06:22 PM - Replies (5)

Hello friends! We are - a team of experienced publishers and specialists, the best in CPA market in Russia and the CIS countries. We are the top 1 Gambling and Betting affiliate network according to CPALife Awards 2019.

Why is the best?

1. Absolutely free we provide IOS/Android apps for buying traffic to any of our partners!
- Applications with optimization for registration/first deposit
- All apps are themed with good reviews
- Inside the app you can find any offer you need for different GEOs

2. We have a free Telegram bot for sharing mobile apps and Facebook accounts 24/7.

3. Only we have KNOWLEDGE BASE from
What is knowledge base - it is more than 80 cases and manuals that we write so you can easily go to arbitrage. We test all our cases - you no longer need to waste the budget for testing the approach, you will definitely find most of the Top approaches here. We provide our partners ready-made approaches for working with different traffic sources and with different GEO.

4. Our platform is unique and made specifically for working with Gambling offers.
You will see not only standard traffic indicators (CR, EPC, ratio, clicks) in our statistics, but you will receive extended data on your conversions which will allow you to conduct deep analytics on traffic and will reflect such important indicators when working with Gambling as:
- Deposit amount
- Number of repeated deposits
- Activity of your players

5.We have more than 1000 offers for CPA and RevShare in open access, 50+ offers in private and a huge list of absolute exclusives! These are the best offers for different GEOs worldwide and for all possible traffic sources.

6.Another reason to say that we are the best is our support - the best managers in the entire Russian market and abroad. They are ready to accompany you at all stages of buying traffic, starting with the selection of the offer, ending with the regulation of any issues on payments.

7.Our payouts are as stable as a good Swiss watch. If you strictly comply with the terms of buying traffic for a specific offer, once a week you will be able to receive a payment using WebMoney/Capitalist/Wire/Bitcoin, this is your choice.

8.Team is a permanent participant of international thematic conferences: CPALife, Kinza, Sempro, MAC, AWE, ICE, LAC - all this is in our arsenal. More than 10+ reports of our speakers and 15 stands prove that we are always happy to meet in person with each of our partners and will also be glad to see you!

9.We are trusted by more than 30,000 webmasters in Russia and CIS countries - and that means more than words!

We welcome each of our partners - we are waiting for you in our network! And we guarantee that our cooperation will be unforgettably profitable!

If you want to work with us, please text our manager on Telegram @Gamblingpro_Max

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  Youtube + CPA, Need help
Posted by: fairchild - 2020-08-28, 10:41 AM - Replies (2)

How are people promoting an offer through YouTube, What kind of videos do you make?
Do you record yourself, do voiceovers etc or what and how long videos should be? Thanks please help brother in need

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  Software to Find (...)
Posted by: styx - 2020-08-27, 10:33 PM - Replies (3)

If you need (...) for your projects (SEO, PBN etc) then this tool might interest you.
Mainly used them for PBNs to rank fast and i also flipped some for profit already that i could register for the original registration price, actually made 1000% profit on some!
The software is called (...)!
Here is a demo video:
Hope its useful to some of you!

Moderator edit: Advertising removed, outside the marketplace section (against the CPAElites rules).

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  Could you help a German creative guy make a little bit of money?
Posted by: LeadHunter - 2020-08-22, 05:02 PM - Replies (3)

Hey Elites!

So I've known about CPA and internet marketing for years now. A friend of mine made about 30,000$ in a month with a gaming niche back in 2015 and is currently still doing CPA and making big money. We had a few projects where I designed websites, logos, fake software, etc. - but currently he's doing his own thing.

So I tackled a few projects by myself during the years, such as making my own landing page for a gaming niche and promoting it with FB ads, promoting offers in facebook groups (was able to buy a macbook from it lol), advertised credit card porn offers on live chat sites, did amazon affiliate on my german youtube channel, and other things...

But these were all short-term projects. I want to create a constant income and I would be happy with making about 20€ a day. From there I could then invest in things like dropshipping, since I know another german guy personally who's making about 4000€ a month with a dropshipping niche site which he started about 4 months ago, but he said you need a bit of money first of all to experiment with different products and facebook ads to see what works best.

Thing is, I could have been very successful with internet marketing long ago, but I never did one thing consistently because I was always impatient and have stressed myself too much for years. So I stupidly stopped myself from doing things properly and making progress. I could have spent a lot more time reading about internet marketing and trying things out. My friend who's now making big money started from scratch, we both knew each other when he was poor.

I'm currently studying and doing music production in my free time and want to create an income since I'm in the age where I need a bit of money to live, invest in bigger projects and support my parents since they are like the nicest people on earth and they both don't have a lot of money.

That maybe sounds arrogant, but I know I'm a fucking smart guy and there are people not smarter than me making thousands of dollars a month. I could have already been there, but I haven't kicked my ass hard enough and that makes me frustrated.

So my problem is, I'm overthinking EVERYTHING. Here on CPAElites there is a lot of free content which helps you to get started. I'm seeing so many possibilities what I could do and I'm struggling to start with something since I'm always looking for the "best" or "savest" method - I tried out a lot of things which didn't work or were outdated.

Can anybody help me to get started and to get back on track?  Embarrassed  I'm really good in designing things and making things look legit. I designed multiple fake software such as fake app installers, fake hacking / unlock tools, etc. Since I'm German, I can also write german texts and do other things except voice overs. So I could probably also help somebody here out.

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  Hello everyone ! where i can sale (...)
Posted by: hasabet3 - 2020-08-21, 10:39 AM - Replies (1)

Hello everyone ! where i can sale (...)

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  Snapchat dalate my story.
Posted by: Tolithar - 2020-08-14, 11:57 AM - No Replies

Hi, I have problem with snapchat, today i try add new story but after this snapchat dalate them and none see this. After relogin my story desappair. I try many times but still the same result. I open new account but there i have the same problem. What should i do with this, anyone have this sort a problem?

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  hey im new!
Posted by: benneli45 - 2020-08-13, 03:46 AM - Replies (2)

hi, i am looking to pay for someone to guide me through cpa, let me know!

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  assistance in traffic
Posted by: coly16 - 2020-08-10, 09:49 PM - Replies (3)

good day
lm a newbie,l need some help or assistance in promoting offers.l joined some CPA networks like CPAGrip and Mylead..The problem that l have is mainly in traffic,thus l tried to use paid traffic method like Popads, got thousands of clicks but not leads.May you please help me with an advice on what to do or best strategy/method to use or how to promoted offers using cheaper paid traffic like popads or trafficjunky etc.
thank you

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  Landing Page (Download Page Media Fire)
Posted by: AliAbdrrazak - 2020-08-07, 07:24 PM - No Replies


Please whoever has the landing page (download page Media Fire) put its link here
Because I searched for it everywhere and did not find it

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  CPABuild Account Banned
Posted by: nethsaras - 2020-08-02, 04:05 PM - Replies (1)

When I try to log into my account , It says Account Banned or Locked.
What is the reason for this?
How to solve this

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  Huge click but zero leads
Posted by: Cpayad - 2020-07-29, 10:44 PM - Replies (5)

Hi for all

Please I have about 200 or more clicks but ZERO leads  : Confused  Confused

Please help me.

All traffic of me are paid from popcash and targeted

What is the problem and how can I solve it.

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  Mobile (...)
Posted by: applicmobilefb - 2020-07-27, 03:12 PM - Replies (1)

Hi everyone!
My team and I (...)
Top affiliates have (...)

Moderator edit: Network advertising removed, no registered network, outside the network listing section (against the CPAElites rules).

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  How to make petition site including CPA offers?
Posted by: lazar5 - 2020-07-26, 04:13 AM - No Replies

Hello elites,
I want to try a new idea I have in my mind, but because I don't have much experience in CPA Marketing, can someone tell me how can I and CAN I make a site for Petition and there to add some offers? Thank you in advance. (FYI - I am using OGAds). Grin
Best regards,

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  i've managed to make MONEY from affiliate marketing
Posted by: chamara - 2020-07-25, 11:09 AM - No Replies

?Finally, after months of trying... i've managed to make MONEY from affiliate marketing! ????

I'm now making over $12,000 every single DAY! (check screenshot below for **PROOF**)????

It's all about finding the perfect products and knowing where to promote them!

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