How to Handle Pressure as an Entrepreneur
Posted by: TheDutchLegend - Yesterday 11:54 PM - Replies (1)

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  Who want Paid IG bot for Free?
Posted by: TechBT - Yesterday 10:58 PM - Replies (3)

Hello Guys,

I am very happy to be a part of this CPA forum.
Learned few things here, great Admin, and fellow members.
I was done CPA marketing long back, even with SEO i made some bucks by promoting Paydayloans in 2010!.Now again back to the game.

Anyhow, the hot topic on most of the IM forums now Instagram marketing.
I just found a cracked IG bot, want to share with you.

@HawkEye please confirm is it ok to share here, if not please delete this thread.

VT scan

Original Program also 9 VT Scan detection :)
Use these application at your risk, i am not responsible for any damage.
May be false positives, but better use in VM to be safe

Download Gram Dominator Below

You need Register to see thisOnly registered users can see this content. Please and click "Thanks" to see this content

Thank you.

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  Divergent's SEO Journey to $100/Day (Massive Action Plan)
Posted by: Divergent - Yesterday 09:12 PM - Replies (2)

Hello Elites!

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their Journeys. You inspire me to take action!
Special thanks to HawkEye for such a wonderful forum.
Why do I start with SEO? I think this is a good Free Source of Traffic.

What do I really want?

$100/Day in CPA-Marketing

Why I want it?

To live a full life, to travel, to see the most beautiful places on the planet.
To feel that every day I become better.
I really want to buy a new iMac as a reward.

Massive Action Plan:

1) Niche&Keyword Research
2) Register new domain + Setting up the site (On page SEO)
3) Create content
4) Link Building. Build 20 links to each of posts
5) Affiliate Link / Content Locking
6) Scale&Automate. Create more inner pages / Site categories

Since I am newbie, I will be glad to any advices. Join the discussion, I hope this Journey will be useful.

It's not that simple

Day 0: some details

I have already started my journey a 4 weeks ago. What I did:

1) In fact, in the beginning I didn't understand what to do and so I just created a website in a highly competitive niche. Created one article of 1K characters. Site is indexed Google, but... then I realized that there is no keyword which I can easily rank it.

2) Just read some journeys, tutorials on this forum and take notes on them.
For a quick start I decided to try a niche Game Generators.
- Created account in CPABuild
- Simple Keyword Research. This game looked low competition and I decided to just try to do it
- Registered a new exact match domain
- 1 Page Wordpress Landing 5k symbols -> link to Generator LP.
- Simple On-Page SEO
- Only two BackLinks from new Twitter and Google+ accounts (just to get my site indexed)

2-4 days and my game site was actually indexed, but very low ranked. I was slightly disappointed.

After 10 days I was pleasantly surprised that my site is on page 1 for main keyword.
#10 Ranking for "GameName Hack".

And last week I already got the first leads and earned $ 3.67 in total.

It really motivates me!

But looks that this keyword has little traffic.
Google Keyword Planner shows me: "No data" for this keyword.
Also the site loses the ranking from #10 to #14 Google position and traffic became zero.

3) Started WhiteHat Long term Site with a wide structure and scalability.
(I'll keep the niche in secret)

Most of the traffic I expect to receive from Long Tail Keywords.
In this niche there are competitors, but there are a lot of Long Tail keywords
which have high domain authority and low page authority.
I want to try be targeted on those keywords.

Registered 2 domains: keyword.domain + keywords.domain (plural)

Total Spent: $50 for domains, whois privacy, shared hosting.
Total Earned: $3.67

I think for the first earnings I need to focus on niche games generators. For long-term stable income, I'm going to do whitehat site with a wide structure and with lots of categories.

Must to do (due tomorrow):

For Game Site
I think it's a waste of time and money to do for each site a separate domain, set up a wordpress ... so I have to make one new site for all game generators. I just leave the old site for a specific game (with exact match domain), it does not bring any traffic now and loses its ranking.
- Register new domain & Setup Wordpress
- Configure Wordpress

For WhiteHat site
- Configure Wordpress, On page SEO (Just install the required plug-ins)


Now I use for keywords:
- KWFinder (Free ver.)
- Google Keyword Planner

I heard proranktracker has a free version and want to try it.

What else can you advise? (free tools / SEO tutorials)

Thanks for reading!

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  Saw this video and was like What the hell!!
Posted by: vegetajgd - Yesterday 05:01 PM - Replies (5)

Well this video i posted in another forum (one of the oldest ones aka HF).

And i literally meant what i wrote in the name of the thread.

But there one person pointed out it is fake.
Just wanted more opnions on this so posting it here. Do let me know what you guys think.

EDIT:- Ohh i guess the video encode is not working

The Video

EDIT 2:- i still couldnt embed it . :( can you guys check if you are able to? (for dailymotion.

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  PBN question
Posted by: martek - Yesterday 04:33 PM - Replies (2)

I am trying to start build my own PBN. I have picked 9 WEB 2.0 sites and I am keeping posting articles on them all pointing to moneysite

My questions are :
How much articles per site do I need?
Will u reccomend me more sites?
What else can I do do make my web 2.0 blogs more powerfull?

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  help Url indexed :(
Posted by: vip2 - Yesterday 02:46 PM - Replies (3)

hello please help me . my url it not want indexed on google

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  Keyword researching a cpa landing page
Posted by: Tsyed01 - Yesterday 12:07 PM - Replies (1)

Greetings to everybody

Let's try again hopefully I can get some replies regarding my question

Basically I wanna make this very simple as I can without confusing anyone

The question is

If I have a cpa offer, And am creating my own custom landing page, how can I do a keyword research on the cpa offer that I am interested in promoting??

Hopefully everybody is with me so far so it doesn't sound confusing

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  Youtube live videos ranking ?
Posted by: aruncp - Yesterday 09:55 AM - Replies (4)

Just streamed a live video for a niche and it was ranking no where on youtube . i would be great if someone explains how to rank live videos or any hint ?

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  It's working at night more profitable?
Posted by: SnackyCPA - Yesterday 07:29 AM - Replies (6)

It's right now 3:00 AM, i can't sleep..
All i hear is silence... some cars far away..
I have no distractions now, i see the things more clear..

do you think it's relaxing to work on night?
during the day it's so hot here, but at the night you feel the air
and it's so relaxing

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  Tea or Coffee?
Posted by: CPATracker - 08-19-2017 11:54 PM - Replies (17)

I'm too much addictive to tea, Tea is like fuel to me.

Hmm.. Lets have a cup of tea?

What do you prefer Tea or Coffee?

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  Free Monster Super League Hack Generator Landing Page
Posted by: MrShareCare - 08-19-2017 11:45 PM - Replies (3)

Hello People,

I have a landing page to share with you guys.

[Image: monster.png]

[Image: monster2.png]



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  Best Blackhat Niches to Promote?
Posted by: vincenzot_t - 08-19-2017 08:35 PM - Replies (2)

What are for you the Best Blackhat Niches to Promote?

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  Help me get started
Posted by: YoungArt - 08-19-2017 05:57 PM - Replies (1)

Hey guys I am new to CPA. I've been reading a couple posts here and I've decided to try something out. I know how to make websites and all that. However I've never done Affiliate before.

So basically I have created an Instagram account which is supposed to be my main traffic source for now. Now I want to create a website with a landing page.
So far so good, I have checked and found a few offers which are related to my niche. My question is how do I get started now?

1. Create a wordpress landing page ?
2. Link to oddiger offer landing pages as most of their offers come with a landing page of their own ?

Really don't know how to proceed. Do I just contact the networks and ask for their permission? Do I need to apply? Do I get a CPA link which I can place on my website?

Would appreciate any help!

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  Getting big amounts of traffic
Posted by: salaykum - 08-19-2017 03:12 PM - Replies (7)


Im doing CPA for a year but I made almost no money. I focused on wrong traffic source.

I know I need a beautiful LP and desired niche - these steps are easy.

But what about traffic? Where I take it from? :(

PS I said "big amounts" but In fact even small traffic would be fine for me. Im not looking for millions I just need a little bit

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  What is Press release submission..?
Posted by: swatijain2233 - 08-19-2017 02:10 PM - Replies (2)

Hello friends,

I would Like to know that What is Press release submission..?

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  [FREE] LayerSlider WordPress Plugin - NULLED
Posted by: imrichard - 08-19-2017 01:45 PM - Replies (2)

Free LayerSlider WordPress Plugin is a premium multi-purpose slider for creating image galleries, content sliders, and mind-blowing slideshows with must-see effects, even from your WordPress posts and pages. LayerSlider wp plugin comes with 13 built-in skins, and it has tons of options to entirely customize the appearance and behavior of your sliders at the smallest detail.



You need Register to see thisOnly registered users can see this content. Please and click "Thanks" to see this content

Enjoy! More downloadable WordPress Themes and Plugins soon.

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  Youtube ranking
Posted by: Herron - 08-19-2017 01:42 PM - Replies (3)

Hey! So i want to rank my blackhat youtube video and you obviously can't use words like free/generator/hack because the video will get deleted. What do i do?

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  Maxbounty questions
Posted by: Tsyed01 - 08-19-2017 09:33 AM - Replies (5)

Hi everyone ...just posting my 1st msg after intro.

If any of you on Max bounty have the manager called Ryan Macwha, If I was stopper had any questions I would just reach out to him and he would answer my questions sometimes delayed but he would get to it. I am just afraid if I keep asking him like a 100 questions They would ban my account because I'm not or that is I don't know anything about CPA marketing and da step by steps...

My questions r as follows

1. What's the difference between WEBSITE and desktop traffic sources?

2. What is a good example of contextual WEBSITE traffic source??

3. I'm planning to promote CPA offers through seo for now...After selecting an offer to promote I get to choose the creative type ..once I get my affiliate url how do i promote it via seo methods?? Is this like writing articles and such??

4. How do I find the keywords in the landing page to promote the offer ??

I hope you guys can help me achieve success in this elite forum...Hopefully I can return the favor by helping out any of your questions once I get the hang of things.

Thanks to everyone's contributions n answers to my plaguing questions

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  Is there anyway to see preview offers from different countries ?
Posted by: verton - 08-19-2017 07:19 AM - Replies (1)

Hey guys, is there anyway I can preview offer that isn't related to my country ?

I tried to preview US offers( I'm looking for one to promote) with US VPN and some online proxies but it always blocks me.(I'm not from US )

Is there any way to preview offers that aren't from your country ?

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  Best Blog to Rank in Google
Posted by: pioter7 - 08-19-2017 06:38 AM - Replies (1)

What is the best blog site to rank in google that is free hosting. Is it Wordpress? or some google blog like ?

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