Incentivized offers
Posted by: editify - Yesterday, 04:21 PM - No Replies

I'm trying to find good incentive friendly offers, if you can call it that.
Any recomendations?
So far I only find non-incentivized offers

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  Which PPI network is good and trusted?
Posted by: imonambot - Yesterday, 03:23 PM - Replies (1)

Which PPI network is good and trusted?

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  IG and CPA
Posted by: midastou4 - Yesterday, 03:10 PM - Replies (1)

How many total number of followers is enough to start promoting CPA offers using landing pages?

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  Do you collect anything? Like anything?
Posted by: Ishraa - Yesterday, 02:59 PM - Replies (6)

I do still collect old coins and special coins. Do you collect anything?

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  How to index links?
Posted by: DakerP - 2018-10-21, 09:38 PM - Replies (1)

Hello, I have problem with indexing my links. They just don't appear in Google. Are there some good indexers or tutorial how to index links?

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  [Question] CPA High Paying Offers
Posted by: editify - 2018-10-21, 08:51 PM - Replies (2)

I'm trying to build a small reward network (for my community) in which users complete an offer that I post there and get rewards in return by referring other users.
But for that I wish to only post high paying offers , the problem is there are no high paying offers for my country (searched CPALead and Previously blacklisted on other forums, owing users from a different network money. ).

Any tips?

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  Would you star in an adult movie?
Posted by: fionix - 2018-10-21, 03:46 PM - Replies (6)

Would you star in an adult movie?

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  Where should I register offshore domains
Posted by: Owaish - 2018-10-21, 08:45 AM - Replies (2)

I am looking for good offshore domain registar. Please suggest me

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  Single domain for multi niche site
Posted by: sinzoo - 2018-10-21, 07:49 AM - Replies (3)

Is this a good idea?

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  Which network is best for mobile and PC traffic?
Posted by: Speed23 - 2018-10-20, 11:09 PM - Replies (1)

I'm getting lots of mobile and PC visits. EPC is low on my currently network. Which network do you think I should switch to?
Please only recommend the current one you are using.

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  300 BLACKHAT Premium Tools
Posted by: cradlemarius - 2018-10-20, 04:47 PM - Replies (1)

300 BLACKHAT Premium Tools

Get them now!!


Hit the Thank button if you find these tools useful!

Moderator edit: Link to cracked software incl. forum promotion removed (against the CPAElites rules).

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  Craiglist traffic
Posted by: jerryme - 2018-10-20, 02:25 PM - Replies (2)

Does spending time on craiglist worthy? Is the traffic converts?

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  Ads network suggestion please
Posted by: jadoogiri - 2018-10-20, 02:16 PM - Replies (2)

Which ads network is best for movie streaming sites?

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  How Many OS Have You Tried?
Posted by: king007 - 2018-10-20, 02:14 PM - Replies (10)

I have used 4 OS till now, what about you?

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  [GET] CPA Cruise Control Full Course
Posted by: Jannat - 2018-10-19, 08:49 PM - Replies (1)

One of the best CPA course for beginners. It will help you to understand basic of CPA, CPA marketplaces, offers, traffic source, live ad campaign etc. Just Click on Thank button to see access link for free.

Course Access Page:


Have a great success in your life.

Moderator edit: Link and "hide" tag removed (against the CPAElites rules).

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  New iPhone Password Bypass Bug Let Anyone Access to Private Photos
Posted by: lingapalm - 2018-10-19, 11:18 AM - Replies (6)

Recently, a Spanish amateur security researcher, Jose Rodriguez discovered a nasty bug in Apple's iOS 12 that lets anyone bypass iPhone’s passcode and gives physical access to private photos. The Bug also works on Apple’s latest iOS 12.0.1

Prior to this new vulnerability, a similar bug was also found on iOS 12 and that let attackers have access to an iPhone and see all the contacts and photos. However, the bug was fixed by Apple last week in its iOS 12.0.1 update release. And talking about this new bug, it still works perfectly on iOS 12.0.1.

According to Rodriguez, iPhone users are advised to disable access to Siri when your phone is locked to be on the safer side. And to do that, just head to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Touch ID & Passcode’.

This latest bug doesn’t need much of an effort to exploit. With some basic steps, anyone can gain access to your private photos on the phone.

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  Make 1500$ per month by selling coins from Fifa 19
Posted by: BigEarner - 2018-10-19, 10:47 AM - Replies (6)

So its very simple, we will Make coins on Fifa 19 and after that we will just sell them to someone or to a Website, you can make coins on fifa with 0 knowledge, you just have to rent a bot that will cost you around 10$ per month , and you must have an account with market unlocked, I will explain you that
The bot Will connect to the EA website and he will trade card from there , YOU DONT NEED A PS4 or FIFA 19

So here's what you have to do :

1) Find a good bot that can Trade fifa card players , just search it on google, its very easy , I will not advertise any bot here
You don't need any knowledge to configure the bot, you just have to change some settings
Choose a bot with a community ( with a forum) so you can ask any questions about setting
You will be able to configure the bot within 5-10 minutes ,its very very easy ! no knowledges is needed
The bot will cost you around 10$ per month
Choose very carefully your bot, some bot are scam , read their TOS

2) Find fifa 19 webapp unlocked account : If you want to trade card you must have these account, the advantage of these account is you don't need to have Fifa 19 or a PS4 ( or xbox one, Nintendo...)
The bot will use these account to trade card . You can use multiple account if you want to make more profit . I Strongly advise you to use account from PS4, the market of fifa in ps4, is so far the best market
You can use it on Xbox one
Don't use it on PC, the market is totally crazy on this platform
A webapp unlocked account will cost you 20-30$

3) Now we have The bot and the account, all we have to do now is to tell to the bot what players to trade , you have to choose players yourself , ITS VERY EASY to do that
Just choose 2-3 GOLD RARE PLAYER from Premier league or La Liga with price this price range : 3000-10 000
2-3 players are perfect, don't use more than that
To find players and their prices Range : FUTBIN or FUTHEAD ,these website have a huge data of all fifa players and their prices, I advise you to use FUTBIN

4) You will make 50 000 to 100 000 credits per day even if you are a newbie ,100 000 credits in fifa 19 cost 10-15$ , you can resell your coin to a chinese website for 10$ per 100 000
Or you can simply sell them to someone , there are a lot of fifa players

5) Run 5 account and you will make 1500$ per month

6) You can bot any game and make money, you can even pay someone to develop a bot for you for a specific game and make money

P.S I found this method on B-H-W

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  Fb groups
Posted by: sorsabata - 2018-10-19, 10:40 AM - Replies (1)

I am trying to start with facebook group spamming to get traffic, How many groups should I join per hour/day.

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  Is Link sculpting important?
Posted by: ghana - 2018-10-18, 06:35 AM - Replies (1)

I've read something about link sculpting here (...). However I do not know how to apply it in SEO. Can anyone help me with this? Your insights would be highly appreciated..

Moderator edit: Advertising removed (against the CPAElites rules).

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  Want to make $50k by December 2018
Posted by: cpacrusher - 2018-10-18, 03:22 AM - Replies (3)

Hello Elites,
Greetings !!

I have been a member here since 2016 and learnt a lot of things from this awesome forum. I even made my first income online by implementing a method I learnt here. Using the same money, I bought CPAElites VIP. Then, in 2016 and 2017, things started working out for me and earned a lot of money with CPA and affiliate marketing. So, a big thank you to all the members here and admins for creating this wonderful knowledge-sharing forum.

But I have been away from CPAElites and affiliate marketing in 2018 because I fell sick and got involved in family things.

Now, I have decided to start at it again and hit it hard and devote the rest of this year fully into earning money online using CPA and affiliate offers. As we have upcoming black friday sales, christmas and new year, traffic will be plenty.

I am planning on using this opportunity with paid as well as organic traffic and make the most of these high traffic events.
My goal is to earn $50,000.

I will use this money to buy a home and start my own digital marketing business in the coming year.

Current status : I have been inactive since 1 year so currently no traffic and income. So, today is day ZERO.

I will create a separate Follow along journey for this and keep it updated everyday. I have approved accounts at CB, Maxbounty, OGAds, Crakrevenue, Ad-Center and Amazon affiliate.

I need your suggestions and tips in creating a roadmap to achieve my goal. I have ranked many niche websites earlier. But I have no experience with paid traffic nor a big budget right now.

If I create keyword-researched niche websites and create good content, can it be ranked in 1-2 months ?
Which paid-traffic platform should I start with a low budget and what products to promote ?

If you read it till here, thank you and kindly leave your suggestions . I will mention my journey link here tomorrow.

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