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  Where to find prelanders for Crakrevenue
Posted by: billion - 5 hours ago - No Replies

im very confused at how crakrevenue prelanders work .

cos when i emailed them about they said just add a link at the end of your url

however when i login to my dashboard i dont find any links for prelanders anywhere

anyone kind enough to explain share and explain in detail

on where to find them and how to use them for A/B testing ?

thanks a million guys

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  Facebook banned my landing page url - need help
Posted by: GhostxScripter - 2020-01-26, 05:27 PM - No Replies

Hello there guys.

I have tried to add my CPA landing page to my Facebook bio and about section, but after 5 minutes it banned it immediately. How can I add my website to the fan page?
I'm not spamming it to posts. just on the bio and about section.

Thank you!!

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  DMCA in other counties?
Posted by: h33ven - 2020-01-24, 07:31 PM - Replies (5)

Hello people,

I'm very interested in the subject DMCA.

I have a question about this subject and can't find it anywhere.

The most people already know OnlyFans. OnlyFans is based in the United Kingdom and works with DMCA. But DMCA is an American law. On the dmca page on OnlyFans they say : "Although our website (“Site”) is not based in the United States, we respect the intellectual property rights of copyright holders, and thus have chosen to voluntarily comply with the Notice and Takedown provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”)."

Let's say I am posting content of Onlyfans models on my adult website (that's offshore and based in Holland) and I ignore their DMCA takedown requests. Can they do then something about it? (All content is from third parties).

Hopefully somebody can answer my question.

All the best,

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  Merge few articles for one spintax?
Posted by: Jayan - 2020-01-23, 01:11 AM - No Replies

Hey, I have a technical question, I got 5 articles for my niche:
-Article 1
-Article 2
-Article 3
-Article 4
-Article 5

Looking for method software, which will put spintax format in these option to make software choose randmly between them:
{Article 1|Article 2|Article 3|Article 4|Article 5}

I know, that is possibility to do it manually, but sometimes you can mess something, also if the future would like to test format like this:
{Spinned Article 1|Spinned Article 2|Spinned Article 3|Spinned Article 4|Spinned Article 5}
so putting these manually might be even harder. Do you know any software/trick which might be useful? Thanks

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  [Looking] Xvideos Channel Account
Posted by: exodus - 2020-01-22, 02:22 AM - Replies (1)

Hey guy´s

I'm currently looking for an xvideos channel account.
Does anyone have one lying around ?

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  Friend adder bot limits
Posted by: CharlieHarper - 2020-01-21, 01:45 PM - No Replies

Snapchat "Friend Adder" bot limits

During the first 3 weeks of the year 2020 people asked me constantly: "How many friends can I add per day wity a Snapchat Friend Adder bot like Let's Snap it!?"

Until the middle of December 2019 it was possible to add tens of thousands friends per day. So you were able to import a freshly created Snapchat account with 0 friends into the bot, upload a bulk file with 5.000 to 6.000 usernames, start the "Friend Adder" process and watch this Snapchat account growing from 0 to almost 6.000 friends during 10 to 12 hours. Until mid of December 2019!

Due to the massive Snapchat spam attacks, caused by the known thread at another forum, Snapchat had to raise their security limitations. People tried to add 15 users manually by using their physical smartphone, and they experienced Snapchat account "locks" or even total account "bans". If people tried to repeat this process with too many Snapchat accounts and the same smartphone, they even experienced complete "device bans". So they were unable to use this smartphone for any Snapchat activity.

As of the 21st of January 2020 I can confirm that it's still possible to add thousands of friends per Snapchat account per day. The actual amount of friends is something between 1.500 and 3.000 friends per day and Snapchat account, to stay on the safe side.

Notice: I don't talk about the manual friend adding process with a physical smartphone, but instead about a classic "Friend Adder" module running 24/7 on autopilot for you in the background of a Snapchat SaaS bot, e. g. Let's Snap it!

But you have to follow certain guidelines to achieve this ...

CPAElites "Expert Knowledge" thread:

(Paid CPAElites membership upgrade to "VIP Legends" required to access this content.)

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  What is best network for incentive CPA
Posted by: xavier - 2020-01-19, 05:06 PM - Replies (12)

I am trying to do CPA marketing using snapchat. I guess this more or less fall under incentive CPA. What are some good networks you suggest?

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  Bug Bounty Program Report
Posted by: SnapchatPro - 2020-01-18, 02:18 PM - No Replies

(2020-01-18, 01:36 PM)CharlieHarper Wrote: As long as this known thread at another forum is up, the whole world will spam Snapchat to death. The side effects you describe above are the result of the increased Snapchat server limitations.

Somebody sent me this link at Discord a few days ago. He suggested to report all threads regarding this spam method directly to Snap Inc., to make them force this other forum to remove the content:

"Snapchat Bug Bountry Program"

Report link:

The creator of the known thread, @Goddissee tried to spam CPAElites also:

He also requested the closing of his thread at this other forum (screenshots exist), but the moderation staff decided to not close it, make it sticky and promote it at their newsletter at the 12th of January 2020. So the moderation staff removed his wish to close his thread from his message (screenshots exist).

At CPAElites we respect members and close their threads immediately, if they want us to close them.


Hopefully B*W will take action now, enforced by Snapchat!

My report:

(I took the text from somebody else and modified it only a little bit)

[Image: KcNK8yQ.png]

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  Phone verification ( danish numbers)
Posted by: zerobyte12 - 2020-01-16, 10:07 PM - No Replies

Hey guys ,

Hope someone can help find a sms verification service that has danish numbers. I've been looking for them for a long time and im losing hope.

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  help me
Posted by: Yggndis - 2020-01-13, 09:34 PM - Replies (2)

There is a lot of traffic from Facebook, the audience is female, how can you monetize?

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  LetsSnapIt snapchat bot
Posted by: CPALegend2012 - 2020-01-13, 01:25 PM - Replies (3)


i wanted to buy the largest LetsSnapIt snapchat bot package "premium" for 3.000 euro .... was ready to pay ..... just had a few questions.

added them at discord 3 days ago ..... but they didn't accept my friend request after 3 days.

[Image: vgGLNDo.png]

cap elites why do you promote the dead discord username everywhere here? they are not available!!!

i started a deal with MoneyIsInTheBot now ... ..... they answered on saturday ... discord: MoneyIsInTheBot#3310

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  Make $50 - $200 per day autopilot
Posted by: roliviu - 2020-01-10, 04:11 PM - Replies (1)

This is the method that made me around 8 $ per hour in ETH.

I left this overnight and made around 90 to 100 $ just from doing nothing at all.

This method includes a Telegram bot which is 100% legit and has proof of money sent out to people. This Telegram bot pays ETH for you to view ads.

You need to open this bot link, and you must use it in the telegram web version so that we will be able to use the script to automate the process


Right-click on View Ads, inspect element, click on console and put the script:

function $0() {$('.reply_markup_button_wrap.reply_markup_button_w1').find('button').click(); } setInterval($0, 31*1000);

After pressing enter

it will take about 1 minute for the bot to start working, and automatically click the adds every 30 seconds.

Leave your browser window open and come back to see later your ETH balance by clicking on Account

Bonus tips:

Leave your pc running the script overnight and make a decent amount of ETH

Moderator edit: Referral spam link removed (against the CPAElites rules).

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  Getting back into CPA (Previously big earner)
Posted by: peter12321a - 2020-01-10, 12:38 AM - Replies (3)

Hi Guys,

I am finally getting back into CPA. I have previously made around 30k running pin submits but then have taken a long break due to personal reasons.

I have been researching heavily the past few weeks and see some things have changed since I last was running offers.

I can code and I am very interested in automation/spam. I am wondering if anyone that has the same interests as me we would share some ideas. Money


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  Looking for a CPA Script
Posted by: Curtis95 - 2020-01-08, 09:14 PM - Replies (5)

Hi CPAElites,

I came acroess a few sites which I would love the script to if possible.

It seems that they are so similar so they have either coded it themself and pushed it out on multiple domains or there is a script going round.

The sites are called -

1. PointsPrizes (Google it)
2. PayPrizes (Google it)

If someone could help point me in the right direction or even put me in contact that could help me create such a platform that would be fantastic!

Hope to hear from you soon,

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  Your experiences with Google Ads on promoting CPA offers?
Posted by: Sparko - 2020-01-07, 06:11 AM - No Replies

Hi, please share your experience if you found google ads profitable with cpa offers?

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  @Goddissee, realgoddissee, therealgoddis, ...
Posted by: CharlieHarper - 2020-01-07, 01:46 AM - Replies (1)


Please kindly check your PM at @Goddissee (CC to @therealgoddis ). It seems the email address you used for the registration of @therealgoddis is somehow down.

I sent you some important information.

Thank you in advance!


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  YouTube Accounts Question
Posted by: kderow - 2020-01-06, 06:24 PM - No Replies

Hi guys,

Happy new year!

I wanted to ask those who are ranking on YouTube, when you buy an aged account, do you use it from your computer with your IP or via some private Proxy?

I'm thinking if there's a difference like Google banning some IP's, so they don't rank properly. I noticed some videos (having same title/description/etc...) rank on certain accounts and some just don't.


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  CloutPay Landing Page
Posted by: Twenty4 - 2020-01-05, 01:52 AM - No Replies

Does anyone know what script CloutPay, and InfluencersEarn are using?

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  Low CPI on OGads?
Posted by: zigglr - 2020-01-02, 01:44 AM - Replies (1)

I'm using OGads however I am getting a very low CPI. Around $0.05 for most countries, US is $0.4 which I would expect to be $1+. Is there any way to increase this, and if not are there any alternative CPI networks with higher rates?

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  Happy new year
Posted by: CharlieHarper - 2020-01-01, 02:17 PM - Replies (2)

Happy new year!

May all your wishes and project plans come true!

The year 2020 will be the year of significant CPAElites changes. No matter how long the "missing material case" - caused by the previous CPAElites admin/owner H*wkE*e - and his fraudulent after-sales behaviour and his permanent forum attacks will continue. We can't wait until every legal case against him has been completely won.

So, please make sure to follow these new forum sections:

- CPAElites Essentials (2020):

- CPAElites 2.0:

The first information will follow on 7th of January 2020.

Background information about the "missing material case" of H*wkE*e:


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