Instagram Monetization ?
Posted by: vincenzot_t - Yesterday 11:40 PM - Replies (1)

Hey guys , just seen on instagram really good accounts with 100-200k followers on various niche (travel, money, luxury etc)

can I ask you what is the best way to monetize a really big instagram account ?

do CPA offers ? or promote good affiliate offers (I heard online sales pro is good atm)

what do you think ? do you have a big IG account now ?

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  Are chess players athletes?
Posted by: herow - Yesterday 10:43 PM - Replies (2)

I was just wondering what u guys thoughts on this quite old subject :P

Can chess players be consider athletes?

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  Cloned a Landing Page, now what to do ?
Posted by: vincenzot_t - Yesterday 08:56 PM - Replies (4)

Hey guys just cloned a full landing page (a good blackhat niche) but I don't understand all programming .

What should I do ? replace the button with my java scritp of my Cpa network (like cpa grip ) ?

I really don't know how to do it lol

Have you ever been in this situation ?

After I paste my cpa code then I just need to upload the landing page to my hosting right ?

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  Name for site like ThisIsWhyImBroke
Posted by: CodeMoney - Yesterday 02:28 PM - No Replies

hey guys,

Trying to blast my brain to come up with a name like

Got some like

any suggestions to come up with?

Thank you CPAElites

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  Snake dragging rabbit
Posted by: siddakrish - Yesterday 09:19 AM - Replies (5)

See how the snake dragging rabbit Cool


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  Ransomware maker arrested in Japan
Posted by: chumban - Yesterday 08:24 AM - Replies (11)

A 14-year-old in Osaka Prefecture has become the first person in Japan arrested for allegedly creating ransomware, the police said Monday.

The third-year junior high school student, who was arrested the same day, is suspected of combining free encryption programs to create ransomware, which makes computer files inaccessible unless a ransom is paid, the sources said.

“The male student apparently learned how to create it on his own,” a source said.

The student, who lives in Takatsuki, admitted to creating the malware program on Jan. 6 and uploading it to an overseas website where he lured people into downloading it via social media, the sources said.

Full news source -

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  Post length in quality web 2.0s
Posted by: Lexar - Yesterday 12:47 AM - Replies (6)

I'm creating some quality web 2.0s (Wordpress, weebly, etc. blogs), which means I'me regularly updating them with new posts.

What should the length of these posts be?

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  Youtube Working top comment Bot
Posted by: niksc - 06-21-2017 09:33 PM - Replies (5)

is there a working YT bot for top comment ? I will buy it

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  How do you grow your Instagram accounts?
Posted by: rinaldohack - 06-21-2017 07:44 PM - Replies (3)

Buying followers and likes? Or doing a giveaway? Or #follow2follow?
Or something else?

I'm kinda lost.

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  Asking for HELP
Posted by: daboov - 06-21-2017 06:33 PM - No Replies

Hello guys,

Just want to know who has subscription/account just want to check something.

Thanks in advance for those who is willing to help.

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  twitter retweet service
Posted by: ashrafaf - 06-21-2017 09:31 AM - Replies (1)

hello all
i search for website that can i retweet any accounts tweets i want website that can i setup about 20 account to retwwt from them

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  Maniac Midget vs Autodidact Kung Fu Master
Posted by: CarolA - 06-21-2017 07:14 AM - Replies (3)

Nice fight to watch :D

Video link :

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  Free Hosting
Posted by: walterzingo - 06-21-2017 07:09 AM - Replies (3)

Hello I'm a newbie to cpa/content locking, please i would like to know how to upload an index.html file to a hosting server and where i can host a domain name with a .tk extension for free. Thanks in anticipation.

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  How can I earn $1-5 /day
Posted by: sunnota - 06-21-2017 01:49 AM - Replies (7)

Hi Sir
I am new here and also new at cpa marketing,
pls suggest me a way to earn $1-5 per day.
Thank you!

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  Average salary in your country
Posted by: Reenadevii - 06-20-2017 10:52 PM - Replies (15)

I am from INDIA, $300-$400 is the average salary people earn in my country.

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  High Quality Asphalt Street Storm Hack Generator Landing Page
Posted by: MrShareCare - 06-20-2017 09:07 PM - Replies (4)

Hello People,

I have a landing page to share with you guys.


[Image: image.png]

[Image: AS2.png]


[Image: AS3.png]

Live Chat

[Image: AS4.png]



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  Some One Help Me ! I Am So Confused
Posted by: 5light - 06-20-2017 06:33 PM - Replies (3)

Hi Everyone.
I am a newbie and I start learning with CpaGrip but when I go to offer website with my link(In this case is flappy bird pinsubmit offer )but I see a get free iphone site.Why that? I use proxy to access offer site because I'm not in offer allowed country.
Somebody help me.I am appreciate that.

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  How to Clone a Landing Page ?
Posted by: vincenzot_t - 06-20-2017 04:47 PM - Replies (1)

Hey guys just wondering, have you ever cloned a landing page just to tweak it and make your own ?

If so what programs did you use ?

I've found Httrack, is it good to use ? Thanks

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  CPS (cost per sale) is over?
Posted by: Rablezeeshee - 06-20-2017 03:54 PM - Replies (2)

Hey every body, i am working on CPS (cost per sale) since last 6 months, and earning a good amount every week. But last 2 months i haven't earned a single dollar. I have invest on Adwords and get traffic for CPS offers. I have tried 40 to 50 offers. But none of them converts as well. just got 1 or 2 sales. Now can you tell me what is the reason? Why market down? And how much time it takes? Or if there is a problem with CPS then surly plz guide me as well. Thanks. :)

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  Skype Down ?
Posted by: kueras - 06-20-2017 03:47 PM - Replies (5)

Since Yesterday i have really big Problems with my Skype ... I know skype is working to fix this but i want to ask if this is just in Germany a Problem or in other Countrys to ? I use Skype Daily and u ?

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