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Posted by: xikone87 - 2019-10-19, 03:44 PM - No Replies

cpalead  minimum payout in bitcoin

20 dollar or 50 ?

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  video ranking
Posted by: mdsihab808 - 2019-10-19, 04:36 AM - Replies (1)

which the best pvn site for youtube video ranking?

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  CPA redirects help
Posted by: cheema - 2019-10-18, 06:01 PM - Replies (1)

Hey guys i have couple of questions regarding cpa..

1: So i am planning to promote cpa offers through youtube and instagram and not all the traffic will be coming from one country.. So if its USA offer that i am promoting, How do i redirect traffic coming from other countries? I know cpa networks do the redirects but they will just redirect to any random offer which is not good.. I want a way to redirect traffic to my own selected offers? How do i do that please?

2: Second question is, I need to find a network offering weekly payments to NEW affiliates? Any recommendations?

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  What's going on then?
Posted by: DeepDown - 2019-10-15, 01:35 AM - Replies (3)

Hello all,

I got back to IM again and visited this forum and noticed all these things happening with it, however i read around etc, the last update on what's going on was nearly one and a half month ago tried to find some more info, but unsuccessfully, so if anyone could shed some light for me it would be great..

Glad to be back,


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  (help) cpagrip video locker on click
Posted by: ziop - 2019-10-09, 12:37 AM - No Replies

how to put cpagrip video locker on click

meaning after the visitors click video play button the offers show up.

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  CPA (Australian traffic)
Posted by: vlasmelnyk - 2019-10-08, 06:13 PM - No Replies

Hello guys, can you help me. I'm advertiser and i'm searching some good CPA networks with Australian traffic.
Tell me some please.

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  Journey to $1000 in Fin niche
Posted by: cafeRacer - 2019-10-07, 05:37 PM - Replies (3)

First! - sorry for my poor English, I do my best
Second! - it's my first journey which I describe on a forum
Third! - I have some experience in custom writing niche and amazon associates

So let's begin
I'm writing this journey to beat my lazyness and to reach my goal. I' appreciate yout interest and your advice


Heard some news that famous local bank opens in UK soon. It promote itself in diffrent ways and use affiliate marketing. Here are some affiliates who were able to earn some cash, approximately $500/monthly. So I try to do same on UK market.


I only bought a domain - that's all for now

To Do

1) Gather some info from Reddit and Quora ( I have beautiful method to parse quora Q&A and get list of questions, urls and amount of answers
2) Analyze pinterest to discover my competitors and theirs behevior
3) Search for relevant forums

After I do that - I'll create a strategy which I'll describe here.

Good luck

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  [Tutorial] How To Earn $200+ Per Day
Posted by: rokie11 - 2019-10-07, 10:45 AM - Replies (1)

(...) is a url shortner, that helps you in shortening your long url. and also our system is smooth and will help you with earning extra cash.Our CPM ranges from country to country. each country has different rates, (example: US, UK, Canada: $4, Netherlands: $7 France: $9 and so on)

Join (...) Url Shortner

Moderator edit: Advertising removed (against the CPAElites rules).

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  affiliate network for insurance/ loans offers
Posted by: nk4 - 2019-10-07, 12:01 AM - No Replies

guys, please advise some affiliate networks with insurance and loans offers, with easy registration
I would be very grateful

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  Phone verification
Posted by: zerobyte12 - 2019-10-05, 01:07 AM - Replies (2)

Hey guys ,

I have a serious problem with phone verification I'm looking for a service that provide french and Swiss numbers , does anyone know a reliable website or something like that ?

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  snapchat ads and insurance/loans offers
Posted by: nk4 - 2019-10-04, 04:50 PM - Replies (2)

hey guys, i heard that insurane and loans offers good in snapchat ads, anybody work with this niche using snapchat ads?

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  What is the best Paid Traffic source for Content locker?
Posted by: Abis2019 - 2019-10-01, 05:41 PM - Replies (4)

Hello Guys,

I have been trying to drive traffic to my Content locker landing pages, but I wasn't that lucky.

I have tried Bing Ads, and It was doing well, 1K clicks per day, but then suddenly decreased, and I get only a maximuim of 100 click per day, which gets me no leads.

I have also tried Google Ads, But they disprove my ads because of their policies.

Now. I'm thinking about Facebook ads.

Please if you have any suggestion tell me. because I'm a newbie in Content locker.


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  (...) offers
Posted by: Rauldd - 2019-09-28, 04:43 PM - Replies (1)

If you got (...)

Moderator edit: Content removed (against the CPAElites rules).

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  Best backlink indexer?
Posted by: kadaj7794 - 2019-09-28, 03:32 AM - Replies (3)

Hello, wish you good forums.

Can you write the best and free backlink indexer sites you know?

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  What do you think of my website, how can I make money from it?
Posted by: Frenzied - 2019-09-27, 07:16 PM - Replies (1)

Website: (style puffs dot com)

Thinking of buying a dropshipping plugin for this.

It's a relatively small market, how do you think I could market this? I'm thinking of DMing on Instagram people to be part of an affiliate program and giving them a % of sales. Would this be viable or is it too much of a niche item. Would people accept an affiliate program without actually receiving the physical item itself?

Any professionals/people who've delved into ecommerce and succeeded before can give me tips? Would be much much appreciated :)


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  LetsSnapIt bot experience
Posted by: Sedativ - 2019-09-26, 10:54 PM - Replies (4)

Hello I have just received the trial for the letssnapit bot and I wanted to ask you guys what do you use to get the most of it?

I currently use adverten smartlink but not so big experience in CPA and wanted to hear some experience from you guys!

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  expertmobi, any review?
Posted by: jyciap11 - 2019-09-26, 11:50 AM - No Replies

any review about expertmobi? Someone use this network?

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  Kik messenger shutdown
Posted by: CharlieHarper - 2019-09-25, 01:23 PM - Replies (1)

The famous Kik messenger will be shut down in 2 days:


That's a little sad, because it was a great source to automatically get some contacts to follow your accounts at Snapchat.

The "crypto currency" thing seems like an excuse to me, I guess they got sued too many times due to illegal content (CP etc.).

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  Bought Bing Coupon but I couldn't use it!
Posted by: Abis2019 - 2019-09-25, 03:25 AM - No Replies

Hello Guys!

I have bought 100$ Bing Ads coupon that should be used on a fresh and new Bing account.

I have tried to create a new Bing ads account many times using different browsers and emails.
but whenever I create an account, when trying to add a payment methode so I can add the coupon, My account gets blocked and they ask me for a lot of info about my business. after answering all their questions. they tell me that they will review my account and I will get a response in 24-48h . is there any way That I can create a new bing ads account and add the coupon without adding a payment method?

PS : I have tried to add paypal and credit card ( using different browsers and accounts ) and both ways my account got blocked.

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  [HELP] cpagrip content locking
Posted by: Droidy - 2019-09-24, 03:35 PM - Replies (1)

hey guys i am working on cpagrip on content locking ( niche mod apk )
i always have clicks but no leads
PS : i disabled all CC submit and i let just email . pin submit and mobile installs

can you give me some advice to help me

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