Email submit
Posted by: Bender - Today 07:31 AM - Replies (2)

Hi, i wanna start promoting email submits through IG but im a little confused.

First about email submits
So.. I think i need to send a shortened link that goes to my own pre-landing page, then they click on a button of my prelanding===>that goes directly to the landing page of the cpa. Is this correct ?

Sorry, im still very lost in this game ..

And thanks.

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  script sellfy
Posted by: treyfas - Today 06:16 AM - No Replies

Hi Elites!

I need script
free nulled

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  Youtube still alive for CPA ?
Posted by: GetMyMoney - Today 02:09 AM - Replies (4)

I'm looking any way to earn money . I tried CPA a year ago earn a few money this time youtube bans many my video with hack tool, but a few postion good and earn money . Now good to do it or better looking other way to earn money ?

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  IG link in bio?
Posted by: Chedda - Yesterday 09:10 PM - Replies (2)


Just a quick question regarding links to LP's in Instagram bios.

Do I use a service like and redirect straight to my LP, or do I use, and redirect to say Tumblr which has some JS code to redirect to my LP?

In short, what is the best way of linking my LP in my bio.

Thanks for your time

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  [Rant] YT proof providers help ruin Youtube
Posted by: ElderWolf - Yesterday 08:55 PM - Replies (5)

Not trying to be mean to the video h@ck proof providers or their customers, but this thing is ruining Youtube. Months back, only a few people had proof in their videos because they were smart and creative enough to do it. Now, because of those sellers, their proof videos are EVERYWHERE, especially that long fingered dude's videos.. They are everywhere! Do you have any idea what this thing is doing to the Youtube game? Of course you don't care, sellers and customers alike want to make money. But for the people who figured out how to make these proofs themselves this is annoying. We've spent a lot of time figuring that thing out, and now noobs are buying and spreading this all over Youtube. Imagine how it feels to see the same dude's hands and phone appearing all over search results in all niches. It's bad for everybody's business. Even people looking for those hacks will notice that something's fishy when they see the same person's videos in search results.
A similar situation happened with the unlisted method.. Once it went public, noobs abused and Youtube patched it.
Thank God the new way of ranking videos on YT is not public.. yet. If you haven't noticed, there should be a balance between noobs and pros in the CPA world. Once the balance leans towards the noobs, we are all screwed. Sorry if this sounds mean to the beginners, but it's the sad truth. Work hard, make your own methods and twists, earn and keep your mouth shut! Once everybody finds out how to do a certain thing, it will certainly not be good for you either.
Do you agree or disagree?

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  Need Help of Selling
Posted by: K-Jacob D. - Yesterday 12:44 PM - Replies (6)

Hello guys so i am selling my hitleap account with 3 million minutes on it, and someone is buying it..

How can i sell it to him without refund? i mean how can i make sure that he can't request a refund and chargeback?

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  Any Suggestion Please
Posted by: Elgnawi - Yesterday 07:09 AM - Replies (10)

hi ..
i have blog about snapchat hack and i get traffic from and i use ogads for content locker
but i get leads from offer have a0.25$ and 0.12$
the are a problem in this network
and also cpagrip don't accept snapchat hack niche
and my traffic 80% from mobiler
is there any suggestion and solution for make money from this blog

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  Shopify Creditcard
Posted by: DutchHero - 02-18-2017 11:24 PM - Replies (8)

Hey guys,
I have a question, I started my Shopify shop and linked it to my domain etc. but now I need to buy a plan, but I only see that you can buy a package with a CreditCard, but I don't have one... What should I do? Or is there a other way to bypass this?

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  Earning from instagram!
Posted by: taaha161 - 02-18-2017 10:16 PM - Replies (4)

Dear fellow elites.

I wanted to know that as i have seen many people earn through Instagram i saw some tutorials and all that. People use mass planner to attract followers and then direct them to landing pages where their emails are collected! What do we do next i am confused right here can anyone please help?

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  PBN links
Posted by: susann12 - 02-18-2017 07:26 PM - Replies (3)

hello guys
to those who are doing seo
are the PBN links working or not ?
In new google update does the PBN links matter ?
I use to buy PBN links but do they work now for ranking ?
Also can any one tell me how to rank better
I have been doing web 2.0, social bookmaring , web directories and article only backlinks are increasing but i didnt see any keyword on the GOOGLE. Some body please help...

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  Organic SEO
Posted by: shopieasy - 02-18-2017 04:08 PM - Replies (1)

How to improve website traffic using organic SEO?
Suggest how to increase traffic for the particular website using organic SEO.

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  Help Me Paypal Please!!
Posted by: K-Jacob D. - 02-18-2017 11:27 AM - Replies (8)

Hello guys i have paypal account with $200 balance on it but it got limited and now it's 180 days paypal call me said: Your FUnds is available to withdraw now.

how can i withdraw it? i only have payoneer account with different name so.i dont know if i can add it

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  Adworksmedia iFrame?
Posted by: OldManJenkins - 02-18-2017 10:54 AM - Replies (4)

Does anybody know how to setup adworksmedia with iframe?

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  Social locker for sites?
Posted by: henhen10 - 02-18-2017 04:40 AM - Replies (4)

Hi all,
just checking my sites and it seems one of my sites is ranked on google and generating ~700 visits a month (mostly US).
I want to make a FB page that will collect the likes and this way I will be building some nice source of traffic.
I want to oblige everyone who visits my site to like my page.. I have this kind of social locker on my other sites, just that it is a plugin, and as you know site don't let you upload any plugin you want...

So, do you guys and gals know of a way of inserting a like locker into these kind of sites?

Thanks in advance for the helpers :)

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  Amazon Affiliate Journey - Whitehat SEO
Posted by: Just A Beat - 02-18-2017 12:28 AM - Replies (4)

Hello guys, Just A Beat here. I am a 20 years old guy from Romania who's been in the field of internet marketing for quite a while now. Oh well, even though I've been in this for ~4 years or so, I have never had any considerable success. Of course, I've hit a few 1000s of dollars, but nothing sustainable or that would make anyone wonder what kind of witchcraft I am up to. When it comes to online marketing, I'd say that I've spent most of my time in the grey zone: I would always worry about not earning money and stuff of this nature, but I would never work.

In the last 1-2 years I've went nuts when it came to productivity, valuing my own time and kicking procrastination's ass. I can wholeheartedly say that I've made it. I am quite good when it comes to goal setting, being aware of how I waste time and fixing it, setting good habits in stone and pretty much evolve every single day in most of the areas of my life that I truly value (there is never enough time in a day to actually work towards every single value that one has).

Even though I started reading for 90 minutes/day, consistently, and hitting the gym every single training day, meditating, cutting back on sugars, learning Arabic (this is what I am studying), taking cold showers, and so on and so forth, I've figured that something was missing. I was (and still am) feeling hollow and I didn't know why. Then it hit me. Among my core values there are: financial independence, financial abundance and the ability to use my time however I want. That is why, for me, internet marketing is the perfect fit. I know of no other field that allows such a freedom With this in mind and the fact that I feel like I am neglecting a big part of my life, here I am writing this journey.

Now that I've bored you to death with my little backstory and what seemed to be a brag about how cool my time management skills actually are - not to mention making you my own psychologist when I complained about not pursuing the internet marketing thingy - let's get into why I chose Amazon affiliates, what do I have to do to get started and what I am trying to accomplish.

So... why Amazon affiliates?

Back in the days when I used to earn money, I was doing it with YouTube and blackhat niches. For some reason that didn't feel right. Now don't get me wrong, I don't give a damn about a kid who'd get his ass whooped for using his mom's credit card to cheat Clash of Clans, nor do I care about people who didn't receive their Bra**ers passwords after completing a survey (Torrents people. Torrents.) but there was something else. I don't know about you, but I want my stuff long term. I don't want to worry about it not being sustainable. And since SEO is kinda cheap compared to other ways of advertising, here I am. Besides this, I have quite some knowledge about SEO, thanks to the time I've spent learning (i.e. running away from practice as much as possible) and the internship I've been in, at an SEO Company.

What do I have to do?

Since we are talking Amazon, SEO and long term, there will be huge amounts of words coming out of my fingers. Don't judge, I am poor. I have to get by and since time is my only commodity, I will use that as my leverage.

Phase one: choosing a niche

  1. Find 5 potential niches
  2. Find products for each of them
  3. Keyword research for every niche
  4. Competition analysis for each niche
  5. Choose the best niche

Phase two: content creation

  1. Write 20 artcles as fast as possible (to get the website started)
    • 5 articles
    • 10 articles
    • 15 articles
    • 20 articles
  2. Write all the way to 60 articles
    • 30 articles
    • 40 articles
    • 50 articles
    • 60 articles

Phase three: starting the website

  1. Buy hosting and domain + setup wordpress and find a good theme
  2. Install the plugins
  3. Setup Google Analytics and Google Webmasters Tool
  4. Create essential pages
  5. Last mile...
    • Buy a logo
    • Setup social media accounts
    • Post the 20 articles

Phase four: link building

Stay tuned for this one...

All right guys, that is pretty much it. I will come with more information as I keep going with this journey, so don't worry about that. As for the updates, I will update every single day for now, but I am not sure I will keep it that way. For the moment I need something to hold me accountable and the thread is quite a good excuse I'd say (I hope).

Journey starts on Monday, February 20.

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  Turn Website Visitors into Facebook Page Likes
Posted by: losdivinos - 02-17-2017 09:51 PM - Replies (7)

Hello guys!

Just yesterday I wrote a detailed article explaining a very effective method referred to as 'like jacking'. In the following article I explain to you how you can get real, active, niche & country targeted Facebook page likes using your website traffic. The method if fairly safe to use (speaking from experience with more than 2.000 generated likes so far).

These likes can obviously be used to generate leads in CPA but also for lots of other things. I teach you how to get these targeted likes for as low as $0.9 per 1.000 likes.


Hope this was useful for you guys! Cool

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  Custom API Setup With Instagram
Posted by: OGAds - 02-17-2017 06:47 AM - Replies (6)


1) unzip this
2) replace %LOCKERID% with a locker id from
3) upload to your ftp server
4) make bank with the new custom IG api landing page which brings back real user info




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  How To Add Content Locker To Weebly ?
Posted by: Denis - 02-17-2017 06:07 AM - Replies (2)

Anyone knows how to do that???

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  locking streaming video hosted somewhere?
Posted by: Denis - 02-17-2017 02:16 AM - Replies (5)

Im really newbie here.I have idea to find a site with streaming videos(movies),get a embed code and to lock it with video locker,how can i do that?

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  Free Windows and Linux VPS Method
Posted by: pavle93 - 02-17-2017 02:04 AM - Replies (10)

Hello, I've been around for a while reading stuff, but have not exactly implemented nothing yet, however there are few ideas that I will try to.

In that name I'd like to redeem myself to the community and share the way how to get a free VPS for a month, a renew it afterwards for another month as well.

Something about this tutorial:

  • I am the creator of this method, and it was entirely private, was only me who used it, so feel free to Please, keep it clean this type of discussion does not belong on CPA Elites. it!
  • You do no need credit card
  • It might take 24hrs (but probably less)
  • You get free VPS of your choice for a MONTH!

I've also started a blog about methods how to obtain free VPS, but wasn't sure if I could just post a link to the method, so I will upload PDF file here.

You need Register to see thisOnly registered users can see this content. Please and click "Thanks" to see this content

Spoiler: Virus Total

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