FUT 18 Generator LP
Posted by: newbiepunk - 56 minutes ago - Replies (1)

FUT 18 Generator LP : download
[Image: fut-18-generator-landing-page-main-categ...72x833.png]

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  Clash Royale Generator LP
Posted by: newbiepunk - 56 minutes ago - Replies (2)

Clash Royale Generator LP : download
[Image: cl-royale-generator-v2-landing-page-main...72x833.png]

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  iPhone X Giveaway Landing Page
Posted by: newbiepunk - 57 minutes ago - Replies (1)

iPhone X Giveaway Landing Page : download[Image: phone-giveaway-v4-landing-page-category-...72x833.png]

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  [METHOD] 'The Reaper' => 2K+ per Month
Posted by: lessleo14 - 1 hour ago - Replies (1)

I've been lurking around these forums as a spectator for a while and I feel its time for me to give back to the community. I have a method which I have been using for a little over a year now to make decent $. I call this method the “Email Reaper”.

Premise: As any decent email marketer will tell you the hardest part of email marketing is to actually get a list of emails (quality clean lists of active emails that will not bounce) and to acquire this list for free in a continuous manner.

Using the method I will share here, you will be able to get large amounts of active emails and targeting meta-data on the owner of the email (name, age, sex, job, education). And best of all this will be free, and whats more… The owners of those email accounts will be handing you this information hand-over-fist…

STEP 1: Pre-requisites
For this method you will need to get a catch-all email (an email box on a domain that will "catch all" the emails)

STEP 2: Reaping Emails
You need to go on free job posting sites or social media (think Craig’s List, Facebook groups etc..) Create a set of accounts. Each account will be used to promote job offers. Create a job offer for simple jobs that do not require too many educational credentials to apply to (secretary, tutoring, etc…) post the job offers on the job boards / groups you have signed up for and ask potential applicants to submit their credentials / resume via email to your catch-all email address. Your job offers should say something along the lines of “Looking for a math tutor for my 12 year old daughter who needs help with her homework if you are interested please foreward your resume to myemail@address” or “Single mom looking for a babysitter Thurday evenings 6pm-8pm if you are interested in this job send me your contact details via email at myemail@address”….
Then sit back and collect email addresses and meta-data.

STEP 3: Segmenting Lists
Next step is to create segmented lists using the email addresses you have collected. Ideally your emailing lists should be segmented by sex, age, and location. This will allow you to target your promotions.

STEP 3: Promoting
Sign up to an emailing platform (ex Aweber or MailChimp) these will allow you to blast your emails to your list for free up to a certain limit. Then sign up to an email marketing affiliate network and select offers that are appropriate to segmentation that you will be targeting.

Pro-Tip for extra-credit: Rather than sending purely promotional emails, take a little time to create small newsletters (8 articles, 5 lines each) and place your affiliate ads in between the articles. This will have a double effect : first email providers (gmail, yahoo, etc..) will have a harder time flagging your emails as promotional content (spam), second your readers will actually open the emails; which will ultimately lead to higher ‘open’ rates and thus higher conversion ‘rates’.
Send daily email blasts (no more than twice per day otherwise you greatly increase the chances of being flagged as spam). And sit back and watch your email list turn into cash.

In conclusion, a little math:

Email list size: 5 000
Emails sent per day: 2
Days per month: 30
Open Rate: 24.79%
Email average Click-Through Rate: 4.19%
Average Click-Through Conversion Rate: 30%
Earnings per signup: $2 (Adwork Media offers)

5000 * 2 * 30 * 24.79% * 4.19% * 30% * 2 = $1869 per month

Any questions/comments let me know in the comments section below.
Good luck out there. Go make your paper!

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  How i Got My First Samsung Galaxy S8+ With CPA !
Posted by: HeAdWi9H - 2 hours ago - No Replies

nothing to special to brag about my phone which i bought entirely with CPA money ! How it started and what i am doing now so nothin more i just want to inspire those who are starting there own journey right now and i want to tell them no matter what happens " NEVER EVER QUIT "

This all started 3 yrs ago. I wanted to buy a simple PS4 Game and my dad wont allow me to buy said it was too costly that day i knew i had to earn something to buy my own thing without asking for money and permission. I searched online like any other idiot on Google "How to make money online"
what came on top of results is "NEOBUX" one of the worst websites ever seen in my entire life.Tried it for 3-4 months , could not earn a single penny those fake bots clickers and shit, next came the swagbuck , i belong to a 3rd tier country everybody know i think starts with "I" and where most of CPA conversions take place , so swagbucks i looked that i could earn more money but how i live in this country and its not possible , VPN (USA) came into power i made acc and boom every 3 days  a GC collected like 100$ got 30 SB acc banned somehow i managed to buy GTA V over AMAZON.COM . Now i looked and saw if i could earn this much i could even earn more so i turned to SB survey ,nnaaahh too tiring and time consuming , by the way i was 16 yrs then , and i had to study too i searched and searched finally found CPA something "One guy had bought a Phoenix drone and uploaded video to YT worth 2k $", this made me jealous yes very jealous now i looked and looked and Finally found CPAelites Best forums i Ever found in my Life , Soon reading and reading  YT back then was easy not telling its hard now but real easy back then, so i made worst ever vid with clash of clans and Upload it to YT ,even that 1st lead made my day 1.64$ USA , got a bot and kept spamming , realized quality over quantity does matter, what i did was learnt PS,After effects ,Camastia and what not made vids and keyowrd searching and upload and buy views and likes boom #1 in 3 hrs real easy back them :'( . Made 300$ in 2 weeks. after that i got real sick Got Conjunctivitis IDK how ,took 3 months to heal , worst time of my life, made just 1$ then Doctors took all my money and medics , then came s8+ launched in April 2017 and at night 3AM i saw the press conference and that infinity display real good just wanted that April to Oct 2017 worked on and off as i stay in hostel bcz i study in cllg , collected money i was sure i could do it , Uninstalled whatsapp,insta,FB since i joined CPA knew this is only shit and does not help .

One last thing guys This Forum has given me lot of information and i would like to thank everyone on this forum. Remember to  "NEVER QUIT and KEEP TRYING". what i do now is "YT+BH niches" not doing now bcz i have lot of exams and have to study but yeah i got what i wanted 

some screenshot if u want to see Click down
For Images

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  Google dance
Posted by: martek - 6 hours ago - Replies (4)

My serps getting in and out since 3 moths. Do u know the solution for this?

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  What are you doing right now
Posted by: CrypticEagle - 11 hours ago - Replies (13)

So, WHat exactly you're doing right now. I am here writing in the forum, feeling little bored after doing quite a lot of work.

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  SEOclerks Affiliate link builder
Posted by: Warriorcpa - 11 hours ago - Replies (2)

Build your affiliate link for any product page on SEOclerks, simply position yourself on the targeted page, enter your affiliate ID in the box, and click generate, then click on the "copy" box to copy your affiliate link, you are now ready to share your link and earn 10% commission for life with the referral program.

Download below:

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  I can scrape over 100k email perday from facebook, how can i monetize them?
Posted by: sujankhan - Yesterday, 11:45 AM - Replies (2)

Title says it all 

i can scrape over 100k to 150k public email address and user email address ( not that Facebook.com | all are real email and registered email) from various kind of group /page/post/share/like and comment also from event 

i can scrape 100K at least a day , no duplicate 

suppose you have a weight loss products or a reduce belly fat products.. now what can i do is i can found all the big group about weight loss or belly fat and there all guys are sucking for how to reduce their belly fat and weight loss right ? so i will select all big group that minimum have 100k member ,and imagine i select 20 group , and like that i can scrape all page named with weight loss or belly fat and can also scrape all fans email ,also who comment and liked their post , i can scrape also them email , so what do you think , is not it targeted ? 

my problem is i can not send them offer, its a huge big list like 100k email under 24 hours , i can not make a server , design email template and others ...

my question is how can i monetize it?

science people are talking about that bulk email marketing are entirely dead

and i am also very noob at email server handling and other email stuff 

asking for suggestion from our fellow and successful member , thanks

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  Why paxum closed my account everytime?
Posted by: mdsajib - Yesterday, 09:12 AM - Replies (2)


I am from Bangladesh.I need your help my mate about Paxum account.

I recently reached my payment threshold in Crakrevenue ($100).And i don't have any choice without paxum for payout my money.

When i first create a Paxum account and submit my National id card for verify my Paxum account but they closed my account after review without any cause.And the next time i create again a Paxum account and send my national id card and my bank statement but the problem is same they closed my account.

So, mates what can i do now with paxum? Can i use unverified paxum account for money receive and sending?

Thank you.

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  Really Simple Facebook Tool & Tip to get Traffic..
Posted by: SwiffJustus - Yesterday, 06:56 AM - Replies (7)

I'm pretty sure most of you probably  know how to access this type of info but for those Newer Guys who may not be aware of how to but who use posting on facebook as a means OR in hopes of getting some traffic, you can use this simple tool to find the best pages to suit your needs .. PLUS I left a lil Tip to help Sharpen your S PAM ING , I mean, POSTING Skills in the process Wink

[Image: FB_STATS_1_ED.jpg]

[Image: FB_STATS.jpg]
[Image: FB_STATS_-_EDIT.jpg]


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  Any YouTube Method?
Posted by: adidam - Yesterday, 01:28 AM - Replies (3)

Hey, I am planning to do come-back into the CPA. But is there any YouTube method working these days?

When I was here last time, We were ranking YouTube videos very well.

But nowadays, I am not sure if the HQ Retention Views are still able to rank the videos?

What do you use to rank the videos now? How do you rank the videos now?

And which YouTube Account seller is so far is doing good for you?

Please share some information.

Thanks. :)

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  Create AdWords account by calling Google
Posted by: kderow - Yesterday, 01:08 AM - Replies (10)

Hello there!

I've heard that you can create an AdWords account by calling Google. Means that they will create the account for you. Is that true?


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  Which language you like most
Posted by: Test3r - 2017-12-14, 11:13 PM - Replies (10)

I like english language as it is very easy and sounds great to me. What about you?

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  Pokemon Go Hack Generator Landing Page
Posted by: iBrobot - 2017-12-14, 05:58 PM - Replies (3)

Hello elites,
I am back with another landing page. Hope you guys like it. 

Landing Page Demo:

[Image: Pok.png]

[Image: Pok2.png]

Download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/tvoioxc00d2gnx7/Pok%20Go.zip

Virus Scan : https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/cdfa62.../detection

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  Get Unlimited Traffic With Web Bot
Posted by: Aboutmoney - 2017-12-14, 03:18 PM - Replies (3)

Hello everyone! Here's a decent web bot which gives you unlimited traffic to your wanted websites. As you're visiting yourself also the website of other users, I wouldn't recommend using this for youtube videos! This is just for the sake of your own youtube account's safety to ensure you're not getting in trouble! :)

Have a very nice day everyone and let me know if you've any questions!
This isn't my software! I've been using this on and off for about 2 years. All good no issues. You can submit your site 3 times or 3 different sites. 3 times same site if you use link shorteners (go to tweet your site and copy tweet link making t.co or goo.gl / bit.ly ow.ly etc..)

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  What is your goal in life?
Posted by: kderow - 2017-12-14, 03:38 AM - Replies (3)

Mine is: make money, be healthly, make my family proud and so on... Before I die I want to be happy with what I've done in my life.

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  [GET FREE] Stuna Traffic Bot PRO.. Included Stuna Proxy Bot PRO
Posted by: gabilaza - 2017-12-14, 12:45 AM - Replies (3)

[Image: flWP2S.jpg]

N.B We all know that blackhat bots have false positives.. I have submitted this bot and all our free bots and paid bots to these antivirus companies..
If you want you can run this bot in VMware or a Windows VPS if you worried about the false positives.. Note all popular antivirus report CLEAN!!

We used to sell this bot here and made a lot of sales.. No Problems to mention with it..



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  In Dire Need of Some CPA Help
Posted by: Vicari0us - 2017-12-13, 11:08 PM - Replies (3)

Hey Elites! 

So I have just started out with trying my hand at CPA offers. 

I am using maxbounty at the moment. I have picked an offer that I believe is pretty easy to convert. But apparently I suck...

The offer is just an email submit to be able to win a prize. Very reputable brand with awesome landing page. 

I used fb ads to drive targeted traffic to my landing page. The landing page is clean and straightforward. 

I  am getting almost 20% CTR on my fb ads. So I have many clicks but 0 conversions.

It seems a bit strange to me... 

Anyhow, I was hoping somebody could have a look at my funnel. I am willing to pay someone to help me out a bit and point out what I am doing wrong. 

Any cpa experts have some extra time to help out a guy in need?

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  What was your childhood dream?
Posted by: emirasor - 2017-12-13, 08:10 PM - Replies (9)

Every child has some childhood dream, But after growing up things might get changed.

So, what was your dream? Are you what you wanted to be?

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