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  TIK TOK Guide to $300 Daily
Posted by: Zenit - Yesterday, 03:52 PM - Replies (1)

Great guide to make decent cash. Unseen for me and probably hard to get saturated.




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  Snapchat friend adder MoneyIsInTheBot
Posted by: SnapchatPro - 2020-07-01, 05:20 PM - Replies (4)

My Discord doesn't work at my Mac anymore, weird, so:


Does your Snapchat friend adder module at your Snapchat SaaS bot still work like before? So almost like 2019 by adding a few thousand friends per day?

Do you plan any further promotion sale?

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  applications mobile
Posted by: Thordinrad - 2020-06-30, 09:45 AM - Replies (1)

what affiliate program can provide applications for working with gambling

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  Armorica - E-commerce CPA Network | Direct CPA and RS offers for All GEOs | SmartLink
Posted by: DecentCPA - 2020-06-26, 05:39 PM - Replies (1)

[Image: 5iOKVvn.jpg]

Let me introduce Armorica - E-commerce CPA affiliate network with dozens of top CPA and Revenue Share offers from direct advertisers

The minimum amount for a payout is just $100. We support PayPay, Neteller, Wire, Skrill, Webmoney, and Bitcoin. Feel free to contact your affiliate manager if you wish to use another payment system.

In addition, we provide smart tools to get maximum from your traffic.
Ad Rotator allows promoting several offers within one banner space. You can add offers you want to cover all GEOs you need. This tool will display the banner of one of the included offers that accept the GEO of the visitor.
OneLink works on a SmartLink basis - you can include several offers into one single link. This link will lead a user to the offer that accepts this particular GEO of the user.

Get assistance from your affiliate manager if you need any creatives, landing pages, or looking for the most suitable offer for your traffic. Also, you will receive newsletters with information about new offers, tech updates, etc.

Here at Armorica, we offer a referral program - you can get 3% of the earnings of your referrals.

Sign up and monetize your traffic!

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  If i had access to many (...) accounts
Posted by: Jazzmataz - 2020-06-25, 08:47 AM - Replies (1)

As the title says, hypothetically if I had access to a few hundred (...) accounts


Moderator edit: Advertising of aged accounts removed (against the CPAElites rules).

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  MaxBounty can ask AD detail
Posted by: SupremeWarrior - 2020-06-24, 12:38 PM - Replies (1)

Heard so many things about maxbounty shaving ( advertisers shave them? ) and this is one of those many things:

If the traffic sent is legit and the advertiser pays, do the CPA network has the right to ask for images used, ad creatives and every nitty gritty detail and if dont tell they dont pay amount?

Please listen to the full video without skipping before telling opinion.

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  [GUIDE] FREE Tools to help you get started on CPA
Posted by: Cloaked - 2020-06-23, 05:45 PM - Replies (3)

Hai there!

I decided to get back into CPA a couple of months ago and at first, it was a bit overwhelming to start re-learning everything after years and years of break. However, through intense trial and error, I managed to scrape the surface and start earning some little average $s daily. I now have the means to scale it up and invest more but what got me here were the free tools I found along the way.

For a lot of people, this may be common information in a way, but I'm hoping that this could prove to be a good helping hand for everyone just starting out with CPA or coming back to it and not knowing what how to begin again.
These tools can be used for most advertising methods such as: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and so on.

NOTE: The way you use these tools is entirely up to you. I will not be sharing methods, I will not be sharing niches. I am only sharing the tools that give your ideas a launching pad.
Using these tools you will be able to have the foundation to create a website, get free social signals, views, likes, follows, subscribers and so on.
After reading this, it will be up to YOU to figure out a way to properly use them for whatever ideas you may have.

You will find both referral and non referral links. It's up to you whether you want to use the referral link or not. It's only there in case you want to show some appreciation.

Now, let's start with the beginning. You need to start CPA for the first time, or perhaps get back into it.
You need a domain, a hosting.

Here's what I recommend to go for;

Where to get a domain: Namecheap

Link: Click me!

You can buy always buy cheap domains on Namecheap and there are always some discount coupons ready to be used.
Be sure to always check: to see a list of discounts that they currently have available. For example, I got a .com domain a few months ago for $5 from them.
Please note that there are places where you can get free domains and hosting as well and if you really don't feel like investing for the moment, these are great alternatives as well but I would strongly recommend paying for those two if you can.


• Cheap domains with coupons
• Good support response


• DON'T buy hosting from them if you plan on advertising greyhat / blackhat niches. They can be tricky about it and suspend both your hosting and domain. It's okay if you get just a domain. I've been using blackhat niches with their domains for many years with no issues.

Where to get hosting?: Host-Stage

Ref-link: Click me!
Non-ref link: Click me!

I've been with Host-Stage for many many years and they've always been fair to me, even when I couldn't pay for almost a FULL month. I sent them a ticket and they completely understood and let me keep my service until I could pay.
They've been great and they're off-shore. That means they fully accept blackhat and greyhat niches and you're more than safe with them! :)
They also have some pretty cheap prices for their hosting services.

Now let's move on to the tools.
After you get these two and set up your desired landing page, you may want to get some social stuff for your method or videos, right? Well, here are some places you can get those for FREE
(IMPORTANT NOTE: The quality of these free services is not extremely high. If you feel like your methods could use some better quality signals feel free to invest in better services)


YTMonster is a great way to get free retention views, likes and subscribers for your YouTube channel and videos.
They are a free exchange website with the possibility to buy a premium membership for faster delivery and credits earnings.
You can leave tabs opened to generate credits automatically by watching videos or you can manually like and subscribe to other channels for points. They will also provide YT comments soon again.

Ref link: Click me!
Non-ref link: Click me!

- Great views - I've had good success so far with ranking videos using their views and judging from the YT analytics page, they stick and the retention is okay.
- Good for likes and subscribers
- You can also check your videos for optimization and see if there's anything you can improve
- You can check your video ranking
- Low drops in views, likes and subs. They seem to stick.

- Delivery can be slow if you're not premium
- Price surges can happen sometimes often - That means that due to a lot of people using this services, sometimes as a free user you might have to spend 2000 credits instead of 1500 for them views or likes.


Ref link: Click me!
Non-ref link: Click me!

AddMeFast, just like the previous tool, has been on the market for years and has provided a lot of goodies. You can use them for all sorts of social signals like: YT likes and subs, FB post likes, shares, followers, Pinterest, Twitter, and so on.
There's a lot of things you can get from this website and if you're creative enough, you will find a way to use it to your advantage.
However, I wouldn't recommend using this service for YT views, likes and subs unless you really want them at a fast rate. They don't stick that well. If you sent 50 likes for example, only 30 will stick. So, use at your own discretion.
As a small hint, I use this service a lot to pump in some Facebook and Twitter shares for my videos. They're great.

- Good for social shares when it comes to FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
- Credits can be earned fast, however the system is still buggy and some interactions might not be registered properly.

- Very bad for YT views
- Not okay for YT likes and subs unless you really need to add them fast.
- Watch out if you do interactions very fast and switch between doing interactions on FB, then Twitter, then Pinterest and so on. The system might ban you for a few hours for being too fast.
- No automation, have to do it all manually.


Ref link: Click me!
Non-ref link: Click me!

Like4Like has been a huge help to me for YouTube comments and socials shares. Just like the previous two, it's a points exchange website and just like AddMeFast, it's great for social shares but bad for YouTube views and maybe likes and subs.
I wouldn't recommend using Like4Like for YouTube views, likes and subs unless you really want them fast.

- Good for social shares when it comes to FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
- Credits can be earned fast, and interactions register very fast.

- Very bad for YT views
- Not okay for YT likes and subs unless you really need to add them fast.
- No automation, have to do it all manually.


Ref link: Click me!
Non-ref link: Click me!

ViewGrip is awesome for YouTube views and likes, which is all it has to offer at the moment. I haven't noticed any big drops in any of them but I am weary with the views. They come in very fast and I'm not sure yet what effect that has on my videos.

- Good for YouTube views and likes.
- Credits can be earned fast, and interactions register very fast.

- Can't do likes interactions for very long since there's a limit.
- Don't expect to get 500+ views and likes daily, there's still a low/medium population on this website.

And now, as a special treat (which unfortunately doesn't work well right now).


Click me!

YTRank is a great tool to check the ranking of your YouTube video for up to 6 keywords in any country you want.
It worked really well when I first found it, then it stopped working for a bit but I contacted the owner via E-mail and surprisingly he responded and took care of it.

That's it!
I hope this guide can help you in your journey with CPA and as I get more knowledge, I will update this thread and add into it.
If you have any questions related to what was written here, let me know in a reply!  :D

Now go ahead, work hard, and create your own luck! Don't expect the luck to come to you.


Hope this will benefit all of you!  Grin
I'll update the list when I find more.

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  buy traffic?
Posted by: Cemeena - 2020-06-18, 03:35 PM - Replies (4)

Where do you buy traffic?

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  Valar Discord impersonation - Snapchat friend adder
Posted by: CharlieHarper - 2020-06-16, 11:26 PM - Replies (5)

I have been told that somebody of Valar's "famous" Valar Solutions Discord scam group members tried to impersonate me.

[Image: valar-solutions-klique-20200616.png]

Click to zoom this screenshot:

Don't buy anything from a person impersonating the Let's Snap it! distribution company, a CPAElites staff member or even me personally!

I don't have exactly the information that has been posted there, but I have been told that this impersonator released details about a working Snapchat friend adder: How to add around 5.000 to 6.000 Snapchat users per day to a freshly created Snapchat account without any history, and without the Snapchat account receiving a lock or ban, even after weeks and months.

Although it's clearly possible to realize this, and a working Snapchat friend adder solution with this high capacity does exist here - we call it "Snapchat Friend Adder 3.0" internally - there is no public offer for this.

There is a reason why nobody ever created a Lets's Snap it! sales thread, not even at CPAElites. Too many users would kill the reverse engineered iOS app leaks we use for our combination of multiple methods.

So please don't fall for any shady Snapchat friend adder offer that could jeopardize your Snapchat accounts!

Please remember, Valar Solutions is the reason why the previous CPAElites admin/owner H*wkE*e had to restrict the sales of "aged" accounts. Valar Solutions sold hacked, phished and illegaly obtained accounts to honest CPAElites members.

More info:

- www . - (pleae remove all 4 spaces)
- www . - (please remove all 4 spaces)

And some of the Valar Solutions Discord scam group members have been banned here also:

- klique alias KooKlique: (Discord identity verified)

"The user KooKlique is banned permanently for the following reason: Staff disrespect, public scam accusations, fraudulent activities, public misinformation about CPAElites membership upgrades"

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  How to redirect user after completing survey with cpa build
Posted by: mathewocomy - 2020-06-16, 02:06 AM - Replies (1)

i want to know How to redirect user after completing survey with cpa build movie template ?

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  Is Geminii Worth it?
Posted by: totoypro - 2020-06-15, 10:56 AM - No Replies

Hi i’m thinking of getting “Geminii” and software that lets you build landing pages. Form anyone that bought it, is it worth it?

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  private beta for CPA Elites 2.0
Posted by: Required - 2020-06-07, 11:30 AM - Replies (1)

Hows the private beta for CPA Elites 2.0 looking? :D

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  CPA network alternatives (one time sms payment solutions?)
Posted by: kach - 2020-06-02, 01:06 PM - Replies (1)

Hello i'm looking for alternatives to monetise traffic.

This is how i want flow to work.

Step 1
Users send an SMS with a keyword, such as “CREDITS”, to a short code like 4321.
Step 2
Next, they will receive an SMS confirming the payment, for which they pay the amount stated, which will then be deducted from their balance or phone bill.

I don't want sms subscriptions. Only searching for ONE TIME SMS payment solutions. There are many networks on google search that offer exactly what i need but they all look like a scam. Can someone suggest network that is suitable for my needs?

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  Unlimited Google Drive Storage FREE
Posted by: mrnikbd - 2020-06-02, 11:30 AM - Replies (1)

Hello, Guys are you out of storage in your Google cloud drive?
if yes, then you can try this method to get
unlimited cloud storage in your Google Drive
the proven method almost everyone getting this
try yourself first to get one

Moderator edit: Advertising removed, no upgraded VIP Legends member, outside the marketplace section (against the CPAElites rules).

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  Growing A Money Site Network To Over $25,000 A Month!
Posted by: shaunm - 2020-06-01, 05:26 PM - Replies (38)

[Image: FIqwFtXm.png]

So my actual journey has been going for a while now and I managed to earn almost $6400 last month from the Amazon Affiliate program as you can see in the image above. Although I am yet to break the $10,000 a month mark yet, I have set myself the goal of getting to >$25,000 a month as I am trying to scale as rapidly as possible and want to document the process along the way.

The majority of my current income is from two sites that were not affected by the Amazon commission changes, I also have two sites still well within the Google sandbox too that should start aging out over the coming months, and another site that has been hit by Google updates and Amazon commissions that only makes around $200 a month now. I am spending most of this week trying to fault find the Google May 4th Algorithm update to plan for future domains as I want to try and outsource a domain as much as possible in August 2020 with the team that I am building.

The vast majority of my income currently comes from the Amazon Affiliate program but I am starting to diversify as I am overexposed to Amazon cutting their commissions as they did in April 2020. My current main project is mainly a display ad site and I am looking to add some stuff based around ShareASale and CPA networks to it too as it breaks my income sources up.

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  Networks with good Turkey CPI offers?
Posted by: 21Opposite - 2020-06-01, 03:49 AM - Replies (3)

Any networks that has good turkey cpi offers? Please let me know

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  Basic tips for cpagrip
Posted by: avijitpalit3 - 2020-05-31, 02:36 PM - Replies (4)

Hi all, I am new in cpa marketing but have a decent experience in affiliate marketing(clickbank). I successfully joined cpagrip. As I said I am very new in cpa marketing, I have few question and I will really appreciate if anyone help me.
1. What is the best free traffic source for cpa marketing
2. What is the best niche for cpa in 2020? (I guessed, Dating, Gaming and Wealth)
3. What type of lead magnet should I use for content locking?

Thanks in advance.

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  Internal delays due to CEO absence
Posted by: CharlieHarper - 2020-05-29, 11:46 AM - Replies (1)

Unfortunately some administrative tasks have to be postponed (e. g. software reviews of pending marketplace threads, payment related questions etc.).

Reason: The CEO of the CPAElites owner company is unavailable since the 17th of May. The background is unknown.

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  YouTube Ranking Questions
Posted by: Cloaked - 2020-05-29, 09:45 AM - Replies (1)


I have some questions related to the YouTube ranking algorithm. I just got back into CPA a couple of months ago and I've been eating up a lot of info as I test things out.

1. I have a video ranked on the keywords I want but I'm mostly getting traffic from Brazil, Indonesia, Poland, etc. I'm barely getting any traffic from the US and UK. Is it possible to have the video ranked in those countries and not in the US and UK? The vidiQ extension shows the video as ranked, and so does another tool I'm using.
2. In another thread here, DrKent spewed up some good wisdom when by saying he's also leaving comments containing the main keywords. Does that affect ranking as well? Is the content of the comments that important as well?
3. Over time, some of my videos are losing rank. Re-uploading them seems to do the trick in getting them ranked again. Does that mean that buying views (for low / med searched keywords) is kind of useless right now? Does buying views ensure a long term ranking anymore?
4. Will a constant daily flow of views, likes, comments and shares keep the video ranked for a longer period of time?


I know these questions might mean giving out a tricks out so if you feel like it does, no worries. I won't hold it on you if you don't want to answer. It's all fair game after all Grin

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Posted by: kderow - 2020-05-28, 11:57 PM - Replies (2)

Hey guys,

I would like to know your opinion, from your experience, what is the optimal comment/views ratio per video? Let's say your video has 5000 views, how many comments would you put?

Best Regards

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