Question about Adworkmedia
Posted by: COBNET - 5 hours ago - No Replies

Hello there people... So just wanted to ask people which are on awm how thing are on there? I'm curently on mgcash and I dont know, for someones traffic mgcash is the way to go, have nothing against them to say, nem is best support for sure but my traffic doesnt work there as I planned so decided to move somewhere else... So I saw on auto shout out chat on awm that people are earning good there and conversion is not bad... and to note: I'm using link locker and traffic us mainly from usa, france, gb, germany...


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  Free Shadow Fight 2 Hack Generator Landing Page
Posted by: MrShareCare - 7 hours ago - No Replies

Hello People, I have a landing page to share with you guys. 

[Image: dqnkoh.png]

[Image: 2hnbbcg.png]



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  New to CPA trying to create a keygen
Posted by: vla2110 - 10 hours ago - Replies (2)

Hello guys, 

I'm new to this site and want to become the next legendary earner .
I'm trying to build a keygen but I don't really know much about creating a good keygen.
I've searched allot on this site and find some handy info about virtual basics, but I still don't know everything.
I was wondering if somebody could help me out and maybe teach me a few new things.

Thanks in advance.   Smile

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  Life as an internet marketer...
Posted by: krmr - Yesterday, 10:20 AM - No Replies

[Image: BDNyOxP.jpg]

rate my meme

post cpa memes

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  [HELP] Quality Youtube Views
Posted by: cracklings1017 - Yesterday, 06:28 AM - Replies (3)


Can someone please help me find a quality youtube views seller? 
I've been buying different types of youtube views for the last 2 months (ranges from 0.25-1.20 of price per 1k views) but non of them sticks in rank even drip feeding. I bought from different SMM panels but looks like they are from the same provider. Even if they are private views sellers please message me.

Please feel free to PM me or reply here. Thanks in advance!

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  About Current YouTube Ranking
Posted by: kderow - Yesterday, 01:36 AM - Replies (1)

Hi there!

I didn't rank on YouTube for 2 years now and I'd like to know, what matters nowadays when it comes about ranking on youtube?
Account age, views, likes, shares, etc...?


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  Is it safe to donate blood
Posted by: DanaCr - 2017-10-17, 11:40 PM - Replies (9)

Is it safe ti donate blood? I have donated blood twice in my life, Now I am thinking if it is safe to donate blood again.

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  [JAVA SCRIPT] Need someone to make me an executable!!!
Posted by: CagelessBrain - 2017-10-17, 04:09 AM - No Replies

I need someone to make me an executable program from a script I own.

If there is anyone here who knows how to do this, let me know. 

The script runs 2/3 in Java script and 1/3 in HTML.

It's a simple basic script with around 14 lines. It's already written and it works, no needs for upgrade.

Thanks in advance!

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  What Is The Best CPA Company For Me?
Posted by: shervin - 2017-10-17, 03:48 AM - Replies (10)

Im new here
I want to ask what is the best CPA company for me??
What is the highest company paying for app installs??
And without waiting 1 month to start the weekly payouts??
Thank you!

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  IG journey by Hypebeast [100/day goal in 1month time]
Posted by: Hypebeast - 2017-10-17, 12:44 AM - Replies (7)

Hey guys going to be keeping a logbook of my Instagram yourney


[] 1/day
[] 2/day
[] 5/day
[] 10/day
[] 20/day
[] 30/day
[] 50/day
[] 100/day


IG bot
10 proxies
18 aged accounts
Premium landing page

Some questions i have (i will update my questions with given answers in my thread)

how many accs should I use per domain? (using cloaker) unlimited?

how much should I be making per account?

using previous accounts I had them warm up for 14 days but when I added a domain using weebly as prelander I got instant bans is this due to weebly or is there something else I did wrong?


16 oct 2017
changed the username on my 18 accs and started adding them in my IG bot, started warming them up on 200 follows/day

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  Smoking is very bad and unhealthy habit
Posted by: reshamanair - 2017-10-16, 11:10 PM - Replies (11)

Quitting smoking is very hard for most of the smokers like me, Lets discuss some best steps to quit smoking in this thread. Do share your tips.

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  How to Prevent and Protect yourself from Negative SEO
Posted by: LB'Decoy - 2017-10-16, 10:38 PM - Replies (9)

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  [Help] cpagrip pin offer denied!!
Posted by: sidhesha - 2017-10-16, 09:53 PM - Replies (4)

Hey elites, I am kinda new in cpa n thus  starting with cpagrip....I created an URL locker about a homework file...which i guess is white hat...I asked for pin approval ..but I was denied...does it means that's pin offers from every country is denied ?? Or is it just fr pin submit offers?

P.s:that locker was in German language ..intended for only German traffic.

Tnx in advance

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  Facebook Groups Help ?
Posted by: amara2dmr - 2017-10-16, 05:34 PM - Replies (2)

Hi, when i create a new fb account and i start join groups and post on them i get fb checkpoint (block). Please any one can help me!

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  [JOURNEY] Instagram Massacre - Let's do this! [CASESTUDY]
Posted by: OGLegend - 2017-10-16, 05:09 PM - Replies (9)

Hello Elites. I am OGLegend and i want to start my journey here! I am going to start with eCommerce Instagram. 
There are many ways to go with Instagram. I am looking forward to start with the best methods to start with instagram. 

So let's begin with this!  I am going to use and try several methods. Instagram affiliate marketing, Instagram eCommerce, CPA. 
My first shot is going to be Instagram eCommerce. I am going to make a online shop where people can get valuable services or products for themselves. 
I am going to use instagram bot's and aged accounts and proxies in order to succeed in my journey. Since i want the best results i need to use the best tools to get those. 

While i have not described here much i'll develop it further when the time comes. So basically this is scratch and i am going to step for step develop until the point when i have reached my goals. 

So let's go one by one what i have to start. 

50 Aged instagram accounts. 
50 Instagram proxies. 
a VPS 
Instagram Starters Ebook 
Instagram automation bot 

So basically the important thing to succeed in everything is to have knowledge about it. So i have. I have skills and knowledge and now i only need to apply those. 

My Goals with eCommerce 

Hit 1 Sale 
Hit 3 Sales
Hit 5 Sales 
Hit 10 Sales 
Hit 20 Sales
Hit 25 Sales
Hit 50 Sales 

How am i going to drive traffic? I am  going to drive traffic through my instagram accounts.  First of all i am going to grow them then i am going to drive traffic through them to my websites which will be promoting my products. 

Do you have any suggestions or questions? Please let me know! also wish me luck and if you can provide anything which will help me i would love it! 
Also subscribe to this thread since i am going to do my best to provide updates with which i am going to try to help the elites! 

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  Question about CPA & CPI
Posted by: 5light - 2017-10-16, 11:58 AM - Replies (4)

Hi everybody!
I working with Ogads about 1 month, If I set up the locker with CPI priority then CVR is quite good that much better than CPA priority. I know pin submit offer could charge the visitor but email submit is free, right?  Does Cpa offer too hard to complete?
I asking that cuz CPI offer is too low payout ( I got ~0.3$ for 1 conversion)
Thank you!

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  Looking for affiliate network!
Posted by: gezhu - 2017-10-16, 10:14 AM - Replies (1)

I have a team looking for affiliate network that allow chat traffic with weekly/bi-weekly payment terms. Inbox me!

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  Three Powerful Strategies to Hack On-Page SEO
Posted by: LB'Decoy - 2017-10-16, 12:59 AM - Replies (7)

Three Powerful Strategies to Hack On-Page SEO
Note: This article isn't mine, credits are mentioned at the end of the thread.

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  Working Tier1 and PBN Backlink indexer?
Posted by: trafficbeast - 2017-10-15, 08:22 PM - Replies (3)

Looking for indexer with 100% success rate of index.
want to use them on money site (huge posts a day), tier 1 and pbn

need 99% accuracy of indexing..

need cloudbased indexer only


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  [GET] Use Instagram from PC & MAC
Posted by: Killbane - 2017-10-15, 03:25 PM - Replies (3)

[Image: Pr3pwQ1.png]

The browser that lets you Upload photos to Instagram directly from Your Mac or PC

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