How can i use my 7 years skills in CPA
Posted by: X_ZombiE - Yesterday 10:52 PM - Replies (3)

Hey everybody !
I'm new in CPA but i have a 7 years of experience in networking and pentesting so i have ability of getting databases and email adresses of targeted countries . My question is can i use these skills in CPA and earn money.
Thank u so much for your help.

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  help for LP please
Posted by: vip2 - Yesterday 05:48 PM - Replies (8)

hello please i want delete this link siteweb in this LP generator but not found this

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  [VIP METHOD] Earn $50 daily Giving Purchased Products For Free
Posted by: Zenit - Yesterday 05:02 PM - Replies (7)

Great guide to make decent cash. Unseen for me and probably hard to get saturated. I got a few payments so far.
If anyone know the way to automate everything please reply.

[Image: 0Z5Lcjz.png][Image: YDdtsC2.png]

[Image: xAqvASk.png]

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  whats your favourite traffic source these days Elites?
Posted by: readmylip - Yesterday 04:14 PM - Replies (4)


Wat works for you?

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  Your thoughts on President Trump?
Posted by: readmylip - Yesterday 04:12 PM - Replies (6)

Wonder what you guys think about Trump?

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  How To Make 900 Link Per Minute Projects In GSA Search Engine Ranker!
Posted by: shaunm - Yesterday 04:05 PM - Replies (2)

Morning guys,

Here is a tutorial I made a few weeks back based on making projects in GSA Search Engine Ranker.

I personally used it for indexing but I have seen a few threads on here about using the tool for churn and burn so I thought this might help a few members.

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  Earn $100/Daily - Instagram + OGAds/CPAGrip
Posted by: Royal_Wolf - Yesterday 03:14 PM - Replies (8)

[Image: SJPmBdr.png]

I had seen quite a lot of threads about earning through Instagram so I decided to give it a good try. My plan is to earn $100/daily stable for one week using Instagram. I have already read quite a few methods on the forum but they are quite old but I will still give it a try.

I will make daily work targets and will try my level best to complete them. If I am able to complete my daily targets then I will be able to get somewhere pretty quickly. I will be using old Instagram earning methods available on the forum and will try to improve them so that I am able to get good ROI.

Instagram is not my main source of income, it will be my secondary source of income. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask them.

[Image: C3SBJpP.png]

My current plan is to find a method that is able to make me $10/daily on average, I will be investing all earnings back to this method till I am able to achieve $100/daily stable.

I currently have a guy that run my accounts on his VPS, I basically pay him $8/monthly and he runs my account on his instagram bot with his accounts (mass planner) 24/7. I find this quite cheap so I will be running my accounts on his server.

[Image: wIUZguQ.png]
Register domain and get hosting [Done]
Create 5 HQ landing pages
Make HQ homepage
Run 5 Accounts
Follow 5,000 people/each account

[Image: cJATNqY.png]
$10/Daily []
$25/Daily []
$50/Daily []
$100/Daily []
$700/Week []

Update 1:
Created one landing page and currently running one account on safe settings. I will be using safe settings for 2-3 days and then normal settings.

Total Expenses:
Domain: $17.99 (With $5 ID protection)
Hosting: $6.50
Total Paid: $24.49


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  any working facebook fake script landing page?
Posted by: Fierce - Yesterday 02:52 PM - Replies (4)

i cant find one working on google. i found a non working one. cant seem to find here on cpae too. can anyone link me?

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  Question About Social Signal ??
Posted by: runzun - Yesterday 02:29 PM - Replies (3)

Is there any software like rankerx GSA ,to send social signals to my website.

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  The Ultimate Guide To GSA Search Engine Ranker [17,000 words]
Posted by: shaunm - Yesterday 03:20 AM - Replies (2)

I posted My Ultimate Guide To GSA SER a while back but I have made a number of revisions and updates since then so thought I would share it again :).

Hopefully it will help any members who are new to the tool.

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  Did you start to work out?
Posted by: Nem - 01-20-2017 10:52 PM - Replies (7)

Hey guys I know it is winter now and summer will come very soon, so my questions is "Did you start to work out for summer"?

I am already working out, just wanted to see how much active users we have here :)

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  help problem with google search
Posted by: vip2 - 01-20-2017 06:46 PM - Replies (5)

To: Webmaster of http: //.com/,
We've detected informative content on your site that has little or no added value. This undermines the relevance and quality of our research results. This is a major problem, which can affect the ranking of your site. Therefore, we have applied a manual action because of spam to. To remove this manual action from your site, you can modify your content to comply with our guidelines, and then submit a request for reconsideration. If we consider that you follow our instructions, we will cancel this manual action.
To solve this problem today:

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  how i can change this ??
Posted by: vip2 - 01-20-2017 06:09 PM - Replies (8)

hello how i can change this in my generator * png

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  Best Desktop Traffic sources ? Download install (Desktop Only) offers
Posted by: shafideaf - 01-20-2017 06:01 PM - Replies (7)

I will Plan to Deposit but I don't know what are the best traffic sources that would work for Antivirus & DOWNLOAD INSTALL OFFERS but not mobile!

I need Desktop only

Which Traffic Source?

PPC, PPV, banner ads, pop under?

eg. Popads or Bing ads or Native ads(mediavenus) or infolink? or other?

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  [TUT]Use Simple PHP to Receive Postbacks from CPA Networks
Posted by: rpkrocks - 01-20-2017 05:41 PM - No Replies

Getting data is the most efficient way to increase your CPA earnings, and POSTBACKS play a major role in it. In this tutorial, I'm going to teach you how you can use your hosting and simple PHP to receive postbacks.

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  Do You think CPA has relation with Anxiety & Depression
Posted by: TarmiRicmi - 01-20-2017 02:05 PM - Replies (2)

An interesting topic, i do think that those things relate. After all those things dont depend that much on failure or success, constant work / being in one place / overthinking too much are just common things included in business, if one does not have other activities it can get hard. Your opinions ?

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  Starting cpa
Posted by: manuelj2582 - 01-20-2017 10:24 AM - Replies (3)

Hello friends, I have several days in the forum reading, I am very interested in cpa but I am newbie, which method I recommend to start, it does not matter that I do not win much, to earn my first dollars. : Sonrisa:

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  Journey to $1,000 a Day [CPAGRIP]
Posted by: Znipe - 01-20-2017 06:21 AM - Replies (26)

Hey guys Znipe here.

I'm a fairly new CPA marketer. I've had a lot of success with amazon affiliates and adsense websites, but in terms of CPA I only have a little bit of experience from doing it when I was a kid.

I like to consider myself as a pretty good marketer and I have a talent for convincing people to purchase my products.

With that said, I just started CPA marketing on CPAGrip about 4days ago. I'm having really great success already, maybe because the offers are really well optimized or my landing pages are great at attracting people?

Anyways here is my journey to riches with CPA.

Quick stats update. I'll try to post one each week.
[Image: 1E8xGrD.png]

50$/day [ x ]
100$/day [ ]
500$/day [ ]
1000$/day [ ]

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  CPA Marketing w/o Website
Posted by: Zyron - 01-19-2017 10:35 PM - Replies (4)

Hello Everyone! Would like to introduce myself but i'll head on over to the introduction section after this post Smile

I'm new to the CPA world and was looking into it before getting started. I believe I understand the basics (get a promotion via Network and generate traffic for commission) but I don't have a website!

Can anyone here guide me in the right direction as to what my possibilities are without a website to have traffic from? I've done a little research as far as mailing lists and using paid traffic, i'm just not sure how well paid traffic turns over in this industry.

Thanks in advanced! Off to the intro's page Nerd

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  Need a good Proxy Service for many IG Accounts Creation
Posted by: Kadir456 - 01-19-2017 04:58 PM - Replies (4)


Is there a Proxy Service (Paid) that i can buy, which changing the Proxy every day?

I need that, for many Instagram Account Creation.

Is there a Service like that? Do you know a good private Proxy Service? Maybe is there one that changes every Day / week?

Thanks in Advance

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