Where to buy Yt views
Posted by: KingofCPA - 1 hour ago - Replies (2)

I saw a lot of people rank their youtube videos within few hours/days,
I know that they're using OLD youtube accounts and views.

I've tried a lot - Cry

Purchased old youtube account with old videos (2006-8)
but every time I failed to find the best video views provider. I've tested QQtube, Top4Smm, etc and wasted a lot of money and time..

then decided to write here! Please help me... Neutral

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  Florida ban on smokable medical pot ruled unconstitutional
Posted by: CPATracker - 2 hours ago - Replies (5)

Florida's ban that prevents medical marijuana patients from smoking their cannabis has gone up in smoke.

Leon County Circuit Court Judge Karen Gievers on Friday ruled that a state's ban on smokable cannabis is unconstitutional. Florida's Department of Health said in a statement it has appealed the ruling, which will impose an automatic stay.

Gievers wrote in her 22-page ruling that Floridians "have the right to use the form of medical marijuana for treatment of their debilitating medical conditions as recommended by their certified physicians, including the use of smokable marijuana in private places."

Ben Pollara, who runs the nonprofit medical marijuana advocacy group Florida for Care, said the ruling is a big victory for patients and voters.

Source - http://www.sacbee.com/news/article211957424.html

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  Question: Do the new Privacy Policy Regulations affect CPA Sites?
Posted by: finnishhacker - Yesterday, 08:23 PM - Replies (3)

Do we need to do anything to comply to the new regulations ?

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  A shooter opened fire inside an Oklahoma restaurant
Posted by: Pastorsinot - Yesterday, 07:05 PM - Replies (7)

A passerby shot and killed a man who went into a Lake Hefner restaurant Thursday evening and opened fire.

Oklahoma City Lt. Jeff Flaggert said officers responded about 6:30 p.m. to Louie's Grill and Bar, 9401 Lake Hefner Parkway, where the shooting had occurred.

Capt. Bo Mathews said a man, whose name has not been released, went into the restaurant and opened fire, wounding two people. After leaving the restaurant, the suspect was confronted by a person who was armed with a gun and opened fire, fatally striking the suspect.

Two people were taken from the scene in emergency status to OU Medical Center, said Lara O’Leary, spokeswoman for Emergency Medical Services Authority.


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  Jeuxvideo - anyone know about other traffic sources like Jeuxvideo
Posted by: MakeMoneyCPA - Yesterday, 05:12 AM - Replies (4)

Anyone knows about similar traffic sources like Jeuxvideo

i need more traffic sources like jeuxvideo

if anyone knows about this so please reply me or PM me


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  Cease and Desist - Real or Fake?
Posted by: unknownman - Yesterday, 03:47 AM - Replies (10)

I have recently been forwarded an email by namecheap, from "Supercell OY". I have offshore hosting, and the name of the game is not in the domain.

Another user posted a similar email (with a few modifications) and a different contact email few years ago: https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-For-all...ts-warning

I would like some opinions here, if you guys think this is real or fake? I have already contacted that email, but gotten no response yet.

Here is a copy of the email:

Fondia Oyj

P.O. Box 4

00101 Helsinki



Cease and Desist Demand regarding Trademarks and Copyrights


We represent the Finnish game developer Supercell Oy ("Supercell"). As
you may already know, Supercell wants to encourage its user community
to share experiences, information and opinions about its games and
create cool content around them. Supercell appreciates contributions
to the fan community but there are certain rules that need to be
followed in creating such content.

Some of these rules can be found in Supercell's Terms of Service
(http://www.supercell.net/terms-of-service,) and Supercell's Fan
Content Policy (http://supercell.com/en/fan-content-policy/). The
Terms of Service is a set of rules that all players need to follow and
the Fan Content Policy, on the other hand, governs your actions when
you are creating fan content based on Supercell's IP.

It has been brought to our attention that you have been marketing,
selling, hosting or otherwise making available products or services
using Supercell's intellectual property in a way that we believe is
not OK.

Location of potential infringement:


All intellectual property rights to the copyrights and registered
trademarks in Supercell's games and the Supercell brand ("Supercell
Assets") are owned by Supercell, including copyright to the game
characters and internationally registered trademarks (such as the word
European Union Community Trademarks (no: 011158086, 013641022,
012661864 and 014693469) and USPTO registration no: 4327980). These
rights give Supercell, for example, the possibility to control the use
of copyrighted works and/or trademarks, or a confusingly similar works
or trademarks, in association with confusingly similar products or

We have a good faith belief that your complained use of Supercell
Assets is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the
law. Your use of Supercell Assets is likely to confuse consumers
and/or lessen the distinctiveness of Supercell's brand.

Our demand from you

Supercell demands that you immediately:

1. Stop using Supercell Assets in a way that infringes on Supercell's
copyrights; and

2. Stop any further infringing use of Supercell Oy's registered

We assure that the notification is accurate, and under penalty of
perjury, that we are authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an
exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

This is written without any prejudice. Supercell reserves the right to
claim damages as well as any other remedy under applicable copyright
and trademark legislation, but we hope this issue may be resolved
without any further legal action.

Feel free to contact us at ip-team.supercell@fondia.com, if you have
any questions.

Respectfully on behalf of Supercell,
Supercell IP Monitoring & Enforcement Team

Supercell Intellectual Property Monitoring & Enforcement Team
Fondia Oyj
Contact: ip-team.supercell@fondia.com
Office: P.O. Box 4, 00101 Helsinki, Finland
[FT Innovative Lawyers 2014 Award Winner]

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  100k+ Users On CPA Elites
Posted by: HawkEye - 2018-05-24, 09:57 PM - No Replies

Hi Elites,

I'm here to say a big thank you to everyone that has helped this great forum grow so much. CharlieHarper has been helping us out with updates regarding the 100k mark here: https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-There-h...er-100-000 - Next week I will be offering up free VIP for a whole day, keep your eye open via the forum for that as I'll open a thread regarding it.

Thanks guys!

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  how to rank youtube comment in 2018 what i actually need to do ?
Posted by: sujankhan - 2018-05-24, 05:55 PM - Replies (5)

hello all

may be it will be a silly question but i need to know , may be its not works like before ? i got plenty of upvote like , 30k per day

so youtube really lot of change now a days like their algorithm changed a lot , is it possible to do rank a comment to the top only with upvote ?

or need to do other things link , reply the comment or anything else ?

please help me , any tips and tricks should be far appreciate , thank you

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  Please help me to choose watches for my wife
Posted by: Tannik - 2018-05-24, 05:51 PM - Replies (3)

Hey guys,
I need your help. I am planning to buy new watched for my wife.
It will be surprise. My budget is 80 pounds.
I have found whollow via google search.
What are your views on this UK brand? Is it ok? Any alternatives?

I am looking at these women's watches - are they good? Which one would you recommend me to choose?

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  FB Group Posting With CPA or ClickBank?..
Posted by: virtualhost - 2018-05-24, 05:02 PM - Replies (1)

Whats up Elites members,

I was wondering if anyone here still doing Facebook group posting with either CPA or Clickbank products affiliate marketing?..

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  There he is: member # 100,000
Posted by: CharlieHarper - 2018-05-24, 03:09 AM - Replies (23)

Member # 100,000


[Image: 0OLDVbP.png]

Congrats CPAElites!

Countdown thread: https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-100-000...is-running

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  Amazon banning shoppers who return items too often
Posted by: baymaxy - 2018-05-23, 04:12 PM - Replies (8)

Amazon's flexible return policy may not be as risk free as you think.

The company bans shoppers for violations, which include returning items too often, according to The Wall Street Journal. Some users aren't told what they did wrong.

Amazon boasts free and easy returns for several of its items, which has pushed many brick-and-mortar stores to offer the same policies as they struggle to compete with the e-commerce giant. But it turns out Amazon's return policies may come at a price.

Isn't it is a good step?


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  Some motivation for my fellow Elites
Posted by: MilijasBoss - 2018-05-23, 07:38 AM - Replies (15)

Hi elites, i have never bragged nor posted my earnings recent or opened any journeys, i have been browsing some pics on my PC and thought to share some with You guyzzz. Feel free to talk and or upload pics of what You have bought, how You were spending moneyzz etc.

Im 20 Years old and from Serbia btw.

Cars that I have changed in last two Years:
[Image: Y4A8iPN.jpg]
[Image: UrdFBC0.jpg]

[Image: 2BUdul1.jpg]
[Image: lJKYEFw.jpg]
[Image: So1jEjc.jpg]
[Image: RxVLO44.jpg]
[Image: ESsgjZn.jpg]
[Image: 8vQAea0.jpg]
Some Moneeeyz (I almost never take pics of money, but needed to pay for something)
[Image: zlmVfNU.jpg]
[Image: HnGUL7g.jpg]
[Image: o2rodBa.jpg]
[Image: v025NEE.jpg]
A nice watch i got also :D
[Image: LGj7RuU.jpg]

All from CPA earnings, will post pics of og ads, cpa grip etc.
Dozens of other things i didnt pic, and some i did but Phone went dead in the sea D:

Post pictures of Your earnings, things u bought etcc..

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  [Need Help] What am I doing wrong with Paid Advertising?
Posted by: grahammiranda13 - 2018-05-23, 03:25 AM - Replies (1)


I'll let the pictures (screenshots do the talking):


[Image: BING_ADS.jpg]


[Image: ADWORDS.jpg]

All I did was use Spoofing (Clocking) to cover up my ClickBank links and directed them to a ClickBank offer (The offer said it was AdWord/Bing Ad Safe page:

Google sent me to this link. Click Here or go to https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy...gn=7410599

Any help will be appreciated. What am I doing wrong????

I did the exact same thing someone on YouTube Did.

I've added the screenshots as attachments.

Thank you,
Graham Miranda

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  (YT+CPABuild) Pre-LandingPage or Direct LandingPage
Posted by: pinkpunter - 2018-05-22, 10:00 PM - Replies (2)

Hello to all masters,

i am just starting a new journey on YT + CPAbuild, previously coming from android blackhat experience now venturing into cpa. May i ask,

The landing page is created in CPABuild and upload in free hosting(or paid hosting), do we need to shorten the url? Where do we post the url in YT, description? comment? or watermark in video?

Should we create a pre-landing page? Or just directly host the landing page link created from cpabuild?

Much appreciate your enlightenment

Thank you in advance

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  2 years Chassing the dream ... any success ?
Posted by: Noximilien opes - 2018-05-22, 07:53 PM - Replies (12)

Hey everyone Noximilien here,

- 2 years ago I dropped out of college, fueled by Gary V, Tai lopez, Grant Cardone, Alex Becker I decided to become an entrepreneur at the age of 19, and here how my journey went:

-Now at the age of 21 and reflecting on this decision, I want you guys to learn from me and benefit from my experience, my trial and error.

- At first I tried fiverr, realizing the only skill at the time i had was translating from arabic to french and english, i didn't rank high so no one hired me and i made no money Cry .

-I then decided to go create content on YouTube, supersize I didn't make it either since i was quick to give up and there was no pay off Cry Cry Cry Cry

-After that I wanted to learn SEO, and same happened after a while I gave up again. Cry Cry Cry
-After that i wanted to get into CPA or affiliate marketing but supersize, back then i had no money or capital so yeah ... things went bad again and i gave up!

- this goes on and goes on for a very long time of me trying something and giving up time after time, it was hard guys, but then i decided to try dropshipping and stick to it for over a year a made no dime, I was in a labyrinth of giving up and then go back at it, starting stores and closing them after no success, until I hit it....

-I noticed that the main reason a was failing was because i wasn't even trying, i had the illusion that i was working but what i was doing was surfing facebook group and youtube all day, and taking no action at all.

-With the experience I had as a video/photo editor, basic SEO and marketing experience, and hard work creating offers and ranking them, optimizing them, seeing what works and what doesn't, I finally made it, within 10 days I started making about 50 dollars a day, I optimized it and built upon it and i started making 300 dollars 1 month later.

- with my little success in hand I started helping other people on facebook groups, soon business owners started contacting me and offering to pay me for consulting/managing their ads/ creating their offers, ect ....

And now I make 15000 to 25000 dollars per month as a drop out from a third world country. only 21 years old, I had no access to any mentor, I was just addicted to porn and lazy.

If i'm able to do it, you can do it too, i believe that everyone have the capacity to turn their success switch on. if you have any question please do no hesitate to ask me I open to answer any question you have.

peace out.

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  Comcast website bug leaks Xfinity customer data
Posted by: TheCpaMaster - 2018-05-22, 06:46 PM - Replies (7)

A bug in Comcast's website used to activate Xfinity routers can return sensitive information on the company's customers.

The website, used by customers to set up their home internet and cable service, can be tricked into displaying the home address where the router is located, as well as the Wi-Fi name and password.

Two security researchers, Karan Saini and Ryan Stevenson, discovered the bug.

source - https://www.zdnet.com/article/comcast-bu...RSSbaffb68

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  WTH ?..Google at it again!
Posted by: SwiffJustus - 2018-05-22, 10:01 AM - Replies (2)

Good evening Elites!
Maybe in your spare time you can have a look at this ?
Gave me a few ideas  Cool

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  CPA illegal
Posted by: Niko1992 - 2018-05-22, 06:57 AM - Replies (13)

Hello all,

I worried about CPA is illegal ? Can I get into trouble if I promoting fake game generator websites with content locker ? Thanks for all

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  Traffic Laundering Method
Posted by: CashBuddy - 2018-05-22, 05:59 AM - Replies (10)

Hi everyone!

Anytime I join a forum, I like to start a new thread with a neat tutorial in it.

Over the past few months, I've been using HitLeap (hitleap.com) and Jingling (ipts.com) to "launder" bad traffic.

Programs like HitLeap and Jingling generally provide pretty shitty traffic.  Not always, but most of the time.  You certainly can't send that traffic to a website with ads on it - or you'll get into a bit of trouble with your ad networks.

So, instead, I will "launder" that traffic through AdXchanger (adxchanger.com).  Here's how it works:

I send all of my Hitleap and Jingling traffic to AdXchanger.  For every hit I send to them, they send the same amount of traffic to the URL I provide them with.

Around 90% of the traffic AdXchanger sends is real (non-proxy) traffic that's accepted by ad networks.

So, that's essentially how I've been getting a bunch of traffic to my websites and earning more money from ads.

Anyway, I'm glad to be here and look forward to sharing more posts!

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