How to increase click to conversion
Posted by: p4r4d0x - Today 12:50 PM - No Replies

I have been running a Facebook ad for a few days now to a landing page with the OGADS captcha locker and when I check the OGADS app it normally tells me I have anywhere between 70 - 100+ clicks a day but only 1/2 conversions or maybe even none at all on some days.

How can I improve this? Why are people not following through? Any tips?

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  Facebook vs YouTube
Posted by: Chax - Today 04:25 AM - Replies (1)


I already setup my CPA Website. Now here are my questions....

How to advertise my website or promote it?

Is it safe to spam my websites to different facebook groups?

Or should I create a video in YouTube and put my link in there and that youtube video is the one I will post to different facebook groups?

Is it ok to create backlinks to my websites index?

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  VIP access
Posted by: marrak - Today 04:03 AM - Replies (6)

I want to buy a VIP access.I am beginner with zero experience.
Y'a t it in the vip section , tutorials step by step for newbie like me.
In addition I do not master English well, I just use google translate.
Please be indulgent with me as I want to learn.
thank you

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  What to do next?
Posted by: Chax - Today 03:10 AM - Replies (2)

This is my first time to do CPA. I need suggestions and comments to guide me for my CPA Journey.

What I have now:
1. Unsaturated Niche (Game)
2. Domain (.pro)
3. Web Hosting (Unlimited and reliable)
4. CPA Networks
5. Facebook Groups where I can easily advertise my website
6. Facebook Group auto poster

Need help on this:
1. How to setup content locker to my landing page?
2. Is there a way I can get free landing page and I'll just edit it and put my content locker?
3. How can I earn? If someone answer the survey on my website?

Thanks! You can mentor me if you want I have skype and hangout

If you know Taylor Swift tell her I LOVE her.

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  Fake Pokemon Go Pokecoins Hack Generator Landing Page
Posted by: MrShareCare - Today 01:34 AM - Replies (3)

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to share a very popular niche landing page of Pokemon Go Pokecoins Hack Generator. It is my first contribution into this forum and i will share more stuffs in future.

Below is the demo of the landing page

[Image: 15zjbli.png]

Download Link -

Virustotal Scan Link -

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  Question for German Peoples
Posted by: Xenobier - Today 12:10 AM - Replies (3)

Hey guys. I want to buy a car and all the second hand car in my country are from Germany because is more cheap. All people buy from Germany and sell in ny country (business) and I want to know some websites or some good auto park. I know just and but on both website the price is aprox like in my country and for some cars is high so I think the people who buy from Germany knows other website or they buy dorect from private seller.

Can you give me some websites other than mobile and autoscout? Or some auto park?
Thank you in advance!

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  French members here?
Posted by: Mufin - Yesterday 11:13 PM - Replies (1)

I would like to ask some FR members If I can get an advice about what are kids (10-15 old) watching in FR TV now? I need this for IG traffic, also you can send me PM. Thx

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  Advice requested with OGAds-Airpush Campaign
Posted by: awesome1 - Yesterday 04:03 PM - Replies (1)

Just run the first test campaign (think with some mistakes) on Airpush with a content locker URL for example: ""

All my traffic was driven to this URL only.
Targeted GEO locations were France, Germany, UK, and US.

I noticed Airpush delivered 90 clicks and 360+ impressions from my Airpush dashboard. But when I logged in to my OGAds dashboard I see all ZERO!
No click, no conversion. Couldn't figure out what my mistake was.

Can anyone please give me clear instruction on this?

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  Must Read for Beginners: Procrastination and how to Overcome it!
Posted by: Mr_Burnham - Yesterday 03:06 PM - Replies (4)

Procrastination and how to Overcome it!

You have been procrastinating lately, haven't you? 'Well, don't worry, there are
solutions. 'Procrastinating 'is something 'that a 'lot of people do. Yes, it is bad,
yes it can hold you back from reaching your full potential, and yes it may even
destroy your life. 'But, 'don't 'focus on the negative. 'Solutions 'on the issue of
procrastination do exist. 'But some 'of them are counter-intuitive 'and 'hard to
find on your own so keep reading!''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''​


Writing down a 'Must-Do 'list 'can 'help 'you, 'on 'the 'one 'hand, 'realize 'what
tasks you have to do and 'on the 'other hand serve as a reminder, so you don't
forget about them. 'Write 'your Must-Do list on a piece of paper and stick it on
the wall. 'Notebooks and 'text 'files don't 'work 'because 'once you 'close them,
they can't keep 'reminding 'you' what you have to do. 'A 'piece of paper with a
detailed 'Must-Do 'list 'stuck 'on 'the 'wall 'will 'do 'the trick. ''Create a new list
every day so that you 'can 'keep 'up ''with 'your goals. ''If you 'fail 'to' prepare,
prepare to fail. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''​'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''


You will have to do the most important things first, 'no matter if they are hard
or not. 'Starting 'your day 'with 'the 'most ''important tasks is great because it
boosts your confidence 'and 'energy and 'that makes 'you 'finish 'all 'the 'other
work way 'more 'quickly. 'And 'after all, learning how to 'perform the necessary
tasks 'is 'what 'will 'bring 'you 'the better 'results. 'Doing 'important' things 'is
what makes a man important.''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''​'''''''


Performing 'dull, '''unimportant 'tasks ''lowers '''excitement, '''confidence, 'and
energy. 'And 'that 'in 'turn, makes people numb, lazy and unwilling to perform
what 'is 'of importance. 'But, 'if 'somehow 'you 'are obligated to do such tasks,
try to 'outsource 'them. 'You don't ''want 'to ''be ''the ''one ''doing, ''worthless,
unimportant 'tasks. 'You 'want 'to' be' the 'one 'doing ''the ''important ''things
because as 'we 'said' before: 'doing' important' things, 'is 'what 'makes 'a man


Physical health is crucial. 'An active 'approach 'to daily 'tasks 'requires a 'good
level of physical health. 'If you' neglect physical health, performing 'numerous
tasks daily for months and 'months will feel 'impossible. 'Set 'your priorities in
your Must-Do' list 'correctly 'and 'I 'am sure you will find time to work on your
physical health. 'Killing your time 'with 'internet entertainment is relaxing but
at 'the 'same 'time 'mentally 'tiring. ''On ''the ''other 'hand, 'working 'on 'your
physical 'health' is 'relaxing 'and 'boosts your 'energy too. So when working on
your Must-Do list, set your priorities correctly.'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''


Taking breaks is essential 'to refresh your 'mental energy.' Your 'breaks 'should
be 'peaceful and' not 'involved in gossip and internet' entertainment. During a
quiet pause, you 'get to 'calm down 'and 'remind 'yourself 'what 'you 'consider
important and 'what not. 'A pause, 'although ''it's related with inactiveness, is
not' 'inactiveness. ''In 'fact, 'the 'break 'is 'an ''essential 'part 'of 'a 'productive
lifestyle. 'People 'that 'work without breaks, 'often lose their focus and end 'up
wasting their 'time with 'worthless tasks. 'Take 'several 'breaks during the 'day
to refocus on your goal. It will save you 'a lot of time and make you reach 'any
goal more quickly.''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''​''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

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  Free PSN Codes Generator- Landing Page +CPALead and CPAGrip
Posted by: krachoff - Yesterday 12:46 AM - Replies (2)

[Image: a588be53ec224819bf850948a231a1b4.png]

online demo

You need Register to see thisOnly registered users can see this content. Please and click "Thanks" to see this content

Virus total scan -

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  Is a 10 Euros Bing campaign worth anything ?
Posted by: Jeff Hanneman - 03-25-2017 09:47 PM - Replies (4)

Hi guys, alright i'll try and make it short. I have a very HQ and elaborated site on a niche which is pretty saturated, and French.

The thing is that i have that from back in the days where i could invest 200€ and not give a fuck cause i was making so much, but now things changed. I'd like to know if a 10€ campaign on Bing could actually be a benefit or if that amount is way to low to even expect anything ?

I never did any campaign like that on a Search Engine and i barely know how it works. I just know that it's some kind of bid in which you kinda set an amount for certain keywords and the highest paying advert is the one who's gonna be shown up on the page ? I don't know the ranges of these amounts but let's say it's 0.10€ per click that would be 100 clicks in total, and knowing that 1 lead will actually refund me, and 2 will made me a benefit of 10€.

So actually all of that to ask, can i expect anything off a 10€ Bing campaign on a FR saturated niche ? Smile

Thanks !

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  Got Followliker! Need help :)
Posted by: f1rew1re - 03-25-2017 04:38 PM - Replies (4)

As thread title said i just bought followliker so i need some answers...

1) How many IG accounts per IP?
2) Where to buy proxy?
3) Can anyone share best settings?
4) What is VPN and do i need it?

Any advice is welcomed :)

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Posted by: warrensandre25 - 03-25-2017 07:31 AM - Replies (3)

Hi Everyons CPAelites !

I have ask i need Landing page for 8 ball pools !!!

Thank u Nerd

I WANT LIKE THIS LANDING PAGE *** Don't post links that could belong to Elites users ***

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Posted by: Q757 - 03-25-2017 02:38 AM - Replies (1)

*** Closed ***

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Posted by: thelittlecrap - 03-25-2017 01:26 AM - Replies (3)

I have one acc, 2500~ followers, 2 days ago it asked for PVA, ok, tried with 1 sim, never got the sms, tried other sim oher operator, didnt get code, right now tried other operator, still no code, if i try to login manually its asking for pva, wtf is going wrong?

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  Free iTunes Gift Code Generator Landing Page
Posted by: doggz000 - 03-25-2017 12:40 AM - Replies (10)

Hey Elites,

Today I am gonna share a quality landing page of iTunes Gift Code Generator.

Below is a quick preview of the Landing Page.

[Image: cuxeb.png]

Download Link -

Virus Scan Link :

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  E-Commerce VS COD (Cash-on-Delivery): why affiliates hate doing business.
Posted by: Stacy_AdCombo - 03-24-2017 09:06 PM - Replies (4)

[Image: 9291227443.png]

E-Commerce VS COD (Cash-on-Delivery): why affiliates hate doing business.

[Image: 2769320317.jpg]

A good thing about e-commerce is having everything whitehat. I mean, you sell whatever you want, you control prices, products, ads, shipping and so on. It is believed that doing e-commerce grant you all the freedom of money making on the internet. They say that e-commerce is much more like a real business, and that’s the main advantage of it.

Now let us look and compare if a whitehat e-commerce is really better than COD or other Affiliate practice. Let us see.

The truth is the advantages of the e-commerce are the point of argue.

1. E-Commerce is absolutely whitehat.

But whitehat product never guarantees that you will not be banned. It is abuses what makes your account flagged. So if you try to sell some stuff from AliExpress that has a real price of $2.00 or $4.00 with your own price $19.99 – it seems that people will be abusing such shops on Facebook and one day you will be banned.

The second thing is that whitehat schemes usually do not give a 3 digit ROI. Having 40-50% is luck in E-Commerce, so it definitely loses in this very way.

2. You can run any product you like.

It gives you not only the choice but also troubles. So, AliExpress has millions of products you may try to promote. But you never know which one will do well. So you need to run it at your own risk.

As for the affiliate products (especially COD ones) – you always deal with the offers that have been tested by the affiliate network. COD-products are tested at first, then added to the interface.

If the product is not competitive enough – the network will stop it or will not be running at all. Of course, they can never guarantee that a product will be suitable for you personally, but at least they give you a tested product.

3. E-Commerce is a stable income.

It isn’t, in fact, because your income depends on a product you are trading. If purchases depend on seasons or other conditions – your total volumes will not be stable at all. By the way, you can never say “stable” about business.

They also say that if your online shop is a success – you can sell it for reasonable money and that will be additional income. Well, creating business for a future sale has nothing similar with media buying. I suppose it’s quite a different niche of business, so I can’t comment it.

4. You are creating a real business.

But in most ways, people hate doing “real business”. Affiliate Marketing is the way to make money without having all the troubles of real business. When doing E-commerce you have to work with supplies, shipping, finances, taxes, salaries, hiring employees and so on. This, in fact, is the coin of two sides. From the first sight, such skills are useful for the marketers. But most people deal with the affiliate marketing because it is easy to start. Having your own e-commerce product means to have LOTS of things under control while doing Affiliate Marketing is just an easier version of online business.

What is more, when you start doing E-commerce – you can’t give in. You cannot stop the process immediately. Otherwise, your loss will be high. As for the affiliate marketing – you may switch your traffic between the networks, split test, try more offers or just give it up in a moment. And you will not be losing money.

5. E-commerce is a marketing freedom.

Running an e-commerce project allows you to play your own game. So you set the price, create a landing page, pre-lander have everything under a total control. This is quite a good thing when you are well-experienced and your plan works. Of course, you may use an e-commerce platform to build your online shop for free, but there is no platform that will be creating angles for you. You will have to create angles on your own. You will have to compose pre-landers at your side and so on. The total responsibility about the traffic is yours. As for the affiliate marketing especially COD niche, you are given the most effective landers and creative materials, well-converting ones. At the same time, you are allowed to create any new angle at your side.

As for the products and prices you’re going to use: the price is economically tested by a network and the advertiser. I mean, you are given the terms which are the most suitable to meet both the demands of a network/advertiser and the affiliate’s. You do not need to test it on your own. Either you are provided with the effective creative materials and landers. The only thing you are in fact to do is just media-buying. And that’s it.


To sum it up, I just want to specify that e-commerce is a hardcore level of CPA-marketing. It is quite a good way to do your business, but there is plenty of stuff you need to have under control beside media-buying. Running e-commerce cannot guarantee you any success. To be honest, running COD does not guarantee any success as well, but at least you will be using a proven method.

The market of Internet marketing is growing faster than we can imagine. There are tools for spying, advanced tracking tools, tools that construct landers and pre-landers. There are also services that combine everything within a single interface. Very soon the market will change and e-commerce niche will become even more popular and effective. But nevertheless, COD model for affiliate networks will remain effective just because of the advantages mentioned in this text.

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  [FREE] Teesrping Amazon Integration - No investment guide !!
Posted by: brandonx - 03-24-2017 08:09 PM - Replies (6)

One of the greatest ventures that the web has seen has been Merchandise and this part has been developing by ludicrous numbers year in and year out. I have never truly been somebody to purchase much as far as Merch however barely a year back, I got myself engaged in the business. This generated myself and business accomplice clearing countless dollars. Offering Merch permits you to be innovative and furthermore business disapproved!

In this guide I will go over today, we will be talking about one of, if not THE greatest thing to happen to the Merch scene all year: Teespring incorporating with Amazon. This will permit you to offer a huge number of items on Amazon with ZERO stock, and ZERO cost with ZERO welcome required. In the event that you are a Merch by Amazon dealer and are tired of the breaking points they are putting on you and need to scale quicker, or are simply getting into the diversion and need to have the capacity to offer your outlines on more than just T-shirts (sweatshirts and tanks anybody?), then this guide is for you. In the event that you are hoping to hit a 6 figure benefit this year, you will need to tune in up!

Before we get into the meat of this post, we should be clear. This is not going to be a get rich overnight plan. This is a genuine business that will permit you to offer products on Amazon without spending a dime and see achievement on the off chance that you put in the diligent work, put in the examination, and put in the hours. Putting it basically, this should be dealt with as a business where you set aside the opportunity to discover what you should do keeping in mind the end goal to enter the market. You may need to advertise your merch however in the event that you put in the work, you will see the prizes. How about we dive into every one of the subtle elements of precisely how anybody can begin today offering on Amazon without confinements or impediments.

This guide is going to go over how to sell Merch on Amazon without spending a dime. There is no more excuses of why you are not selling to the massive audience available to you.


detection rate: 0/56

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  Payoneer or Paypal? I live in EU
Posted by: BlackCat0_0 - 03-24-2017 06:01 PM - Replies (5)

I need to get payments from cpa networks and in the future for different affiliate programs. What is the best payment processor? Safest and cheaper taxes? I heard also some of stories about paypal blocking accounts with thousands of money in. And if I start earning 4 figures a day in the future there will be any problems?

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  Watch This - Freestyle Football Skills Old Man Prank - [Grandpa Joke Video]
Posted by: HawkEye - 03-24-2017 04:28 PM - Replies (7)

I watched this earlier and actually he has some really amazing skills:

Check out: 1:46 that skill trick is amazing!

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