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  Any CPA Network that allows Adult with Content Locker/File Locker?
Posted by: sivasuper - Yesterday, 01:14 PM - No Replies

Hi Guys,

can anyone suggest me a CPA Network that allows locking content with tools like Content Locker or file locker.

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  GunsBet offer
Posted by: Munilak - Yesterday, 12:33 PM - Replies (1)

Where is the casino GunsBet offer? I will be very grateful to you

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  Where is the network?
Posted by: miamor - 2020-04-02, 03:37 PM - No Replies

Why did LP stop posting here on Cpaelites? do they even pay?

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  Tracking URL and Global Postback URL Setup
Posted by: BMac - 2020-03-31, 04:19 PM - Replies (2)

Hi everyone!

Can anyone please help me to teach and setup tracking url and global postback url in Cpalead?

I am not understanding them at all, can anyone please help me?

I will pay 5$ for it please.

Looking forward.

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  There is a lot of game traffic
Posted by: Drelardred - 2020-03-31, 12:20 AM - Replies (3)

There is a lot of game traffic, where can I attach it? What offers do you recommend?

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  earn money onlineEARN 50$ in less than 24 hours! NO INVESTMENT!!! New 2020 UPDATED TR
Posted by: arnavgoel7903 - 2020-03-30, 09:24 PM - Replies (1)

EARN 50$ in less than 24 hours! NO INVESTMENT!!! New 2020 UPDATED TRICK!!

I will show you EXACTLY how to make $50
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Follow each step EXACTLY and I guarantee you will earn $50 or
more within 24 hours or less. I did. My 12-year-old son did.
Why couldn't you?

(remove spaces)

Moderator edit: Download link removed, no VirusTotal scan link, no registered marketplace seller, outside the marketplace section (against the CPAElites rules).

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  A question for everyone
Posted by: SecludedOne - 2020-03-29, 08:41 PM - Replies (5)

Hi everyone,

I have few questions and I would appreciate it if anyone of you answer it.

1. I want to know how do you guys do keyword research and find niches these days? Do you guys still use keyword planner or some other software to do that.

2. Is gaming niches still profitable? like making a landing page for some game crack or giving fake beta keys etc.

3. Is youtube method still relevant? Do people still make money uploading free gems/crack/hack videos and earn from it?

Please take out some time and answer the questions as I am getting back into the game again after a long time.

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  CPA + FB Ads
Posted by: RogerM - 2020-03-29, 02:52 PM - Replies (8)

Hi, there guys, I´ve been out for a little while but now I AM BACK!

I would like to get into CPA and leverage the power of Facebook ads to get the job done in regards to driving targeted traffic to my offers.

Wonder, is Facebook still been a bitch when it comes to affiliate links?

If so, what is the best, cheapest and safest way to "mask" or "cloak" (if this is still a term used today :D ) our affiliate links so we can safely run ads?

Any help will be deeply appreciated!


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  Any Good Facebook Automation Software?
Posted by: virtualhost - 2020-03-29, 10:33 AM - Replies (1)

Any elites here know any good Facebook automation software that can auto-join groups, post, and interact with people's newsfeed, etc?..

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  why is this forum updated for so long?
Posted by: leo1in88 - 2020-03-28, 07:45 AM - Replies (2)

For very long time i came to this forum and its still under construction. Is it really death forum?

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  Help with CPAGrid tracking
Posted by: chrixx93 - 2020-03-26, 02:26 PM - Replies (1)

hi i have a problem with CPAGrid Offerwall.

I set my offerwall and added code and postback to my site (GPT site).
When a user do a lead, the system dont't assign it to user (i think because there is no subid).

Link for offerwall is something like this:

virginiafiles . com / script_include.php? id=XXXXX

i set the postback and it works.
How can i add variables for identify the user?
Variable in my sistem is -USERNAME- and i added it to other cpa affiliations and it works without no problem.
Thanks :)

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  Giving away $5 SEOClerks coupon
Posted by: SecludedOne - 2020-03-24, 08:05 PM - No Replies

Hi, I just got approved to give out 5$ coupon for new seoclerks members to try out some services, if anyone need it please leave a comment or PM me. If you want I can also give you 5$ gigs related to cpa or affiliate marketing to try out the coupon. Thanks.

P.S This is available just for new member.

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  Dont rent (...) until they reply
Posted by: lkhoi6475 - 2020-03-24, 07:45 AM - Replies (1)

Dont rent (...) until they reply customer.
They stopped reply me from 18th.
Here is proof

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  advertising network
Posted by: Silverr - 2020-03-22, 04:08 PM - Replies (2)

please tell me the advertising network with a balance replenishment of not more than $ 100

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  Thanks for Checking by
Posted by: SmaiTawi - 2020-03-22, 06:34 AM - Replies (1)

Please I need your suggestion;

So I'm planning to promote some non incentive offers via Facebook. I won't be spamming groups with links but I will be using a female account to promote the offers. I have already bought a proxy and a Facebook account for a test. I will start using the account soon. I will need some advice, recommendations and encouragement. It is going to be in the adult niche.

1. Is this method still working? (I'm really hoping it does)
2. What are the things I need to do/avoid especially with a newly purchased account.

I'm very new to this so I will appreciate your response. I plan to take it up from there when it works out and share my progress on the forum.

Thanks for your time!

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  [Snapchat ADS] Help needed
Posted by: r3ality - 2020-03-15, 05:37 AM - No Replies

Hello everybody ,
I've been trying ads on snapchat lately but all my campaigns keep getting rejected , even if i get them approved they get suspended after some time
If anybody has experience with this network please share some insight on what offers work best / landing pages etc
As a gesture of goodwill i offer to host 50$ free ads for any helpful solution :)

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  Manage Snap account
Posted by: lkhoi6475 - 2020-03-14, 05:05 PM - Replies (1)

Im using a SC bot which can post or delete story every 1hr.
Current i manager 10 SC account manually. ( 7 different picture "pack" )
But some account get more adds ( she hot/white.... ) and some account get less adds ( asian, not hot girl, just a normal girl )
What i need to do ?
10 account using best pack which got best result ?
Or continue 7 pack for 10 account ?

Thanks you

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  Share proof videos
Posted by: memem - 2020-03-11, 07:49 AM - Replies (4)

Proof runs numbers available for guys to shoot videos
Jackpot party
Lily's garden
bingo blitz

LINK download: (...)
...................... TO be Continue

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  A lot Snapchat traffic not converting
Posted by: Rauldd - 2020-03-05, 12:26 AM - Replies (3)

Hi again! This is like my fourth post about this , maybe in this one someone reply :)
I got a lot snapchat traffic 9k+ unique click from tier 1 but they only click & click , no leads
I have tried a lot of smartlink from different nertwork and direct offer but same result , any help to make the traffic convert
Adds come from different social media(Instagram, Twitter , tinder etc)

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  Need some basic knowledge on snapchat
Posted by: mi2 - 2020-02-28, 06:56 PM - Replies (6)

Hi All, actually I am thinking to buy a bot but I am very new in Snapchat, honestly saying I never used this platform before so if possible can you please tell me about its functions and what is must need for CPA. Your advice will help me make some decisions.

what mainly I want to know, every possible way to promote CPA offers using Snapchat? I found we can post a story including a link, this is an option but what other options we have for promoting our offer links?

Also, I have seen in another forum about points, do we need Snapchat points? or If I have many points then do I have any advantages?

Thank you and please don't mind for my idiotic questions.

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