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May 25, 2013
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My video which earned me around 20$/day got deleted so I decided to reupload it with new HQ Description HQ Tags and HQ Title.
It's already got ranked in many keywords on youtube to the first page but didn't generate much downloads at mediafire, so not much clicks.
It's an unsaturated Niche but I know this niche is really often searched on yt. My old video got around 100 clicks/day this video generates me only 10 clicks/day...

I'm using the following method:

Youtube > Mediafire > survey ( not the password method a secret method but yeah it's this )

Should I do this?

Youtube > Landing Page > Mediafire > Survey ?

How to rank in different Keywords on 1 video in youtube?
How you read I have ranked my video in different keywords on the first page but now I want it to rank it in different keywords on the first place, but how?
With Vagex? Can you gave me some tip's?


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July 4, 2013
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Give it some time, it probably has not ranked for the keywords you were getting clicks.
How long has it been since you uploaded the video?
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