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June 12, 2013
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Welcome CPAElites to my full guide on how to be successful at CPA/PPD!
In this tutorial I'll cover all aspects of PPD such as :

1. Finding a good niche
2. Making a good video
3. Ranking a video
4. Good Networks
5. Making a site/blog

But first i'll be going over some terms that you'll need to know.

Niche : The thing that your video/site is going to be about, for example 'free riot points'.
Saturated Niche : A niche that is commonly used, such as free riot points, free Ipads, etc...
Unsaturated Niche : Niche that almost never gets used (this doesn't mean it's bad).
Network : site where you get paid from (FileIce, Adnooka, AWM, etc...)
Niche Site : Site where you promote your niche on (example : ).

Now that that is out of the way, let's jump right into it.

1. Finding a good niche :

This is probably the most important one of all the steps, it determines how much money you will make.
You would want to go for a niche that isn't too saturated, but not completely unsaturated either to maximize your earnings.
To find the right niche you will have to search various websites and check what's popular now.
You can check the following sites :

Various gaming forums (for example Newgrounds)

To find out how many searches a niche has, go to this site : Google Adwords Traffic Estimator (click here)
You would want to go with a niche with around 100k searches monthly, they won't be too hard to rank and they will give you some nice profit.

2. Making a good video :

This all depends on what your niche is, I'll be going over 2 types of niches, Software related niches and hardware related niches.

I'll start with software related niches, these niches are in my opinion the easiest to make videos for.
All you need is :

- A screen recorder (camtasia or fraps is recommended, but not essential).
- Basic coding skills (or a friend who is kind and will code something for you).
- A decent computer (not essential but it's nice to have no lag whilst recording).
- A microphone (doing a commentary is always better and makes itl ook more legit).

For example, you made a niche on a RuneScape gold generator, now to 'prove' the generator actually works, you're going to need to demonstrate it.
You code a random number generator (doesn't have to be random, can also be 5-10 preset codes) and 'use' it in your video.
Example video : (click here)

Now, for hardware related niches, you're going to need a bit more.

- The actual hardware you're going to make the niche about (for example Ipads)
- A fake receipt (not that hard to make in photoshop)
- A decent camera (the HDer the better :D)
- A microphone (for voice-overs)

These niches don't get used very much, mainly because they're less believeable, but they get the job done.
Example video : (click here)

3. Ranking a video :

This is in my opinion the most annoying part, and also the hardest to explain.
What you will need to do is boost your video on YT with likes/comments/favourites/views.
You can use the following sites :

- EnhancedViews (great for likes/comments/faves, don't ever use it for views though)
- Fiverr (You can buy views for really cheap here)
- Vagex (great for views, don't ever use the comments on here, they're LQ)
- u2bviews (I've never used this, I think it's good for views, EDIT : they're mobile views)

Now, for the Title, description and tags.
These are really hard to explain, the only advice I can give you is to use a really good title with the best possible keywords.
Make the description as believeable as possible, NEVER LINK TO A FILEICE/ADNOOKA/ETC... LINK DIRECTLY,ALWAYS USE A BLOG/SITE!
for tags, just use good keywords.

4. Good networks :

The network you're with is very important, some pay out more than others.
I'll give you some of my favourites.

- Fileice (PPD)
- Adworkmedia (CPA)
- Adnooka (CPA)
- Filefire (PPD)

5. Making a site/blog :

For this you'll need to be able to code in HTML/CSS, maybe you'll need to add some other language too it too, all depends on your niche.
It's a really fun part of the process, since you can be creative!
Things that the site will need to have :

- A fitting background
- Logo's from your niche (for example Steam)
- Clickable things
- A nice design in general

DONT EVER add a copyright thing to your site (for example © Activision 1998-2013).
DONT EVER copy someones niche, not only is this disrespectful but it'll lower your and the other persons earnings.

Example site : (click here)

Ending :

Thank you all for reading, I hope it helped you, if you have any questions or you want to add something, please leave a post and I'll get back to you ASAP.


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May 9, 2013
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Caribbean ! :D
Very nice tutorial! Covered most of the bases with nice detail. Very HQ write up. Thank you.


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June 15, 2013
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Great information thank you my friend

No Fear

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May 9, 2013
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You should inform people that u2bviews is mobile views.


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May 23, 2013
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Nice Tutorial man, thanks for sharing. I am very interested in your script, do you mind sharing it? :)

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