[TUT] How to Keep Your YouTube Videos And Accounts Safer

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March 20, 2013
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Sup guys, you may or may not know that I'm WebmasterExpert from Fileice and I'm a Legends earner, I contributed quite a lot of guides to their forum so I will share them on here as well. Back when I was relying only on YouTube with PPD, I would have to get round such things as making videos more secure. However, this was not my method someone else suggested how to keep the videos safer and stuff.

I wrote this guide because I knew it would help others out, your best bet however IMO is to master SEO as I have now.


[TUT] How to Keep Your YouTube Videos And Accounts Safer

The trick to securing your Youtube videos and most importantly your accounts from being deleted, as mentioned by others already on this network. Is to protect them so they are less likely to get deleted compared to using direct survey or websites that host the surveys.

If one of your videos does happen to get deleted even with the Mediafire after time, the account will only get a strike against it, meaning that all the other videos will still be live, this is much better than having the whole account banned including all the videos I think you will agree.

Things not to put in the video descriptions

1. NEVER place a survey link in your video description.

2. NEVER link back to a website/blog/forum that hosts surveys.

3. ONLY use filehosting sites such as Mediafire! Simply place your website link in a notepad call it "Read me" or "Password" what ever you like. You can just add your direct survey link inside the text file instead of your website it's up to you. Lastly just add the notepad text into a winrar file zip then upload it to Mediafire and add the link in the video description.

How To Make The Secure Accounts

1. Reset EVERYTHHING cookies, brower history, passwords, EVERYTHING!
2. Reset the modem as it changes my IP "Dynamic" - This is very important, if your not dynamic you can request the change with your provider.
3. Make new Hotmail email account.
4. Signup on YouTube using the Hotmail email account you just created. Do not use VPN or anything at all.
5. That's it!

"I use this method and my accounts are never deleted, you get 3 strikes mostly before accounts are removed"


If someone flags your video with bots 100 times the videos will of course go bye bye, however if you have Mediafire links and are not direct linking, you have a lot more chance of the videos staying live.

Lastly if the video is taken down, the account will still be active, you will be punished based on not being able to upload more videos but that's it. Your other videos on the account will still be live you see.

"If you follow these simple yet informative steps, it really is the different between making $.0 to thousands on a monthly basis."

I do not take credits to this what so ever, in fact it was others that educated me on this. However I do feel that this thread is necessary, because I see so many members crying about videos being deleted on a daily basis in the chatbox.

In fact I hope this thread will be made a sticky to be honest, just so it cuts out the problem from happening over and over again.

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