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September 29, 2013
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I have recently found this this guide and thought of sharing with the Forum
the original guide link is http://--- Forum discussions and pr...seo-guide-in-thread-tips-strategies/[/CENTER]


Greetings, this guide is for those who are new to either PPD or CPA, this doesn't debar good earners to have a look, there's always new things to learn. In this guide I will be leading you through the PPD world, teaching you all the basic information, tips you should know, definitions and some of my strategies. You won’t make 100$/day just by following the guide, it all depends on your cleverness.
Let us begin​

I prefer asking, who was I? Well, I was just like you, a user killing to find my way into the PPD world, I read tons of frustrated eBooks and Guides, passed hours searching, trying and learning. Until finally, reached my aim, I may not be earning hundreds per day, but found the golden way to. Simply, my earnings are good enough to teach you my knowledge.​

Getting Started
How To Find a Niche
How to Setup the Niche
How/Where to Promote the Niche

Pay Per Download is nowadays, in my opinion, one of the best methods to make money online, and even a living. In order to enter the PPD world, you will have to register first under a PPD website host. You can find lot of PPD websites online, each has his own features and ratings, and usually they take ~ 20% of what you earn.​

List of suggested PPD websites:
File Ice
Share Cash​

I personally prefer File-Ice, actually it's my main PPD website. You will have to get manually accepted in order to join their site, regarding a brief description about yourself. Let me know if you need help in getting accepted.​

This is a list of the mainly terms/abbreviations you should know before getting started:​

# Pay Per Download: Known as PPD. It's self explanatory, Pay Per Download, publisher of a file gets pay for every survey a user accomplish in order to download the file. PPD is a middle man between CPA and publishers. Users may prefer PPD on CPA for the features and simplicity.

# Cost Per Action: Known as CPA. Is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified action (a purchase, a form submission, and so on) linked to the advertisement. PPD websites takes their surveys from CPA websites.

# Survey: Specified action a user must complete in order to reach a destination ( download file, unlock web page , ... ). In general a Survey is a detailed study of a market to gather data on attitudes, impressions, opinions, satisfaction level, etc., by asking questions.

# Niche: A niche is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing. The file you upload to the PPD website is your Niche. Ex: Gaming Niche, i upload a League of Legends Riot Points generator.

# Saturated Niche: When a niche go viral, and everyone start using it as a PPD niche, the niche gets saturated. Note that saturated niche make the best income if you was on the top of your opponents. You will need to SEO in order to reach that. Will explain about SEO later.

# Click: An integer. Every time a user click on one of your surveys, you get a Click. On CPA only, clicks are counted by Unique clicks ( Can't get more than 1 click from same user ).

# Lead: Once a user complete your survey in order to obtain the file, you earn a Lead. You will get payed by number Leads you get. Most of PPD pay an average of 1$/Lead. Lead Ratings are regarding the survey form completed and Countries the Lead was from. A lead from France worth much more than an Indian.

# Referral: Almost every PPD website has a Referral program, it will generate a Link for you that lead to the Registration page of the PPD website, once a user register using the link, you will be his referral and earn a % of his earnings for a lifetime. Usually 5-10% depend on the PPD website

# Widgets: Is mainly a Popup window that contains surveys, it can be used as either a Content locker for your website or simply as a survey manager.

# Conversion: It's the average of your Leads in %. It's calculated by the following formula: (Leads / Clicks) * 100

# EPC: Or Earnings Per Click. It's the total earning divided by the number of clicks. It's a merge of the Conversion rate and payout per download/lead.

If you just registered on a PPD website, i suggest having a look around, checking their features, viewing the forum, just to get more used to it. all of the PPD websites, kind of have the same features.
I will be explaining some of the most known features, using File Ice's features.​

-The Payouts tab: Simply at is, it's the most joyful feature to use. There you can ask for your monthly Payouts. Each PPD website has his own minimum payout amount, File Ice's is 50$.

-The Statistics tab: The main feature to track your leads, how many downloads you're getting per day, which countries the downloads are coming from, how many clicks you're getting per day, ... from there, you will have multiple options/features , on File Ice you can have an Overview of your Downloads, a Daily Breakdown and a Country Breakdown. This tab will be obviously useless before getting Dowanlods/Leads.

-The Referral tab: As explained before, thereat you check your referrals stats, how many referrals you got, how much each made you earn, who's active or not ....

-The Files tab: This evidently the mainly tool, from there you upload your files, check your files stats ( number of downloads, clicks,...) some websites even allows you to Set up a landing page for each file. Once you upload a file, a url for the fill will be prompted.

Those are the mainly tools to use, everything else is self explanatory. Let me know if you need any help in using any of the tools.

This is the most asked question on PPD, "How/Where to find a niche", while it's the easiest step. I will try my best to answer your question.
There is two type of niches, Saturated ( explained above ) and Non-Saturated.

Tools we will be using:
Youtube Keyword Tool:
Google Keyword Tool has been replaced by Keyword Planner:[/LEFT][/CENTER]

How/Where to find saturated niches:

Saturated niches are the easiest to find, they most likely are Gaming/Hacking software. Youtube is the perfect place to find saturated niches.
Head up to youtube and search for example: "Key generator" ( Key generators are one of the most saturated niches )

We found over 105k results ! There is lot of generators on youtube. Lets go deeper and search for a specific generator, i'll go for "Black Ops 2 key generator"

Youtube found over 35,500 results ! Yep, this is for sure a saturated niche. You got over 35 k competitors. It's not impossible to get over the first page, using good SEO you will achieve this. Try being the first to upload the video on youtube and SEO it.

How/Where to find unsaturated niches:
Here goes the hard part, unsaturated niches are much more harder to find than saturated ones. I do not suggest going for niches that you know they will get saturated soon, like a game that will be released soon ...
Think outside the box, most of PPD users use saturated niches ( Gaming,KeyGens,Cracks,Hack tools,... ) and note that most of them, not if all of them are fake tools. As i already said, think outside the box, yeah , i know you keep hearing this sentence "Think outside the box" and never answered your demands. I will teach you how to think outside that box:

Everyone is using gaming niches, most of gamers don't trust surveys anymore, since most of the tools are fake. This niche is dying.
Stop thinking like others, go through your own way. Anyone on the internet will do anything to get something for free, including surveys. Which gamer wouldn't complete a survey for a free "Razer Mouse"

I personally would complete a survey to get that mouse. So yep, we found a niche, 'Free Razer Mouse giveaway'. It's an electronic niche, and not gaming. Head up to Amazon or Ebay and search for the most wanted items there. Here is an example of a Galaxy S3 giveaway:

After you found a niche, head up to youtube and search for her keywords, example: "Free Razer Mouse Giveaway" then head up to Google Keyword ( link above ), yes google and not youtube, you can find youtube videos on google, but not google searches on youtube, that's why always go for google keyword's, once their search for the keywords and enhance yours from the results.

Always go outside the box, don't follow other's example, PPD niches are unlimited and can be used anywhere. Think, be clever, and as soon as you find a niche set it up, even if you're not sure about the results, you will learn from your mistakes.

I will be glad to answer any of your questions about niching, just post them below and i'll answer them asap.

Once you achieved the hardest part, finding the niche, everything else will be super easy to do, but require some time and patience.

I made an image reverse engineering a lead. To reach the Lead you will have to know how it works:

In order to get a lead, user most complete the survey, obvious , for the user complete the survey and spend his time, he must gain your confidence ( by knowing this is not a spam, showing proofs ) and trust. Surely, user must visit your website first. For the user to visit your website, there is 2 ways, either by desire,need to , or you make him visit your website through advertisements. Both of the ways, came from user Search. Conclusion, SEO.

Now, how to set up the website regarding the above image:
1) We will be needing a website ( Domain name+ Hosting ), i wont teach you how to get that, just google search. Let me know if you need any help.

2) Website Template:
I suggest installing wordpress on your website, that's what i always do. Wordpress has tons of free templates you could use, plus a great Content Managing System, to track your traffic. You will gain users Trust and confidence with a good wordpress template.
You can install wordpress following:
You can find wordpress at:

3) Proofs:
In order to earn visitors trust and confidence, Proof play a very big role. showing the visitor a proof, either by a video of you doing it or by pictures. This is a must make step. Anyone with good photoshop or movie maker knowledge can do this, no need to be a master at.

4) Facebook Page:
Last but not least, you always, ALWAYS make a facebook page that you will force users to Like before continuing. Doing that, you will have a targeted traffic, where you could advertise your other niches and even sell posts.
Here is an example of a website doing that: ( this is not mine )

Once your website and proof ( either video or image ) is done, it's time to promote your niche.
I will suppose our niche was not saturated ( I recommend not to work with saturated niches ).
Actually, this is the easiest part, and plus my method is rare, usually everyone go for Youtube boosting and stuff, you only do that if your niche is saturated.

Yep, that's all it requires, and i guarantee your satisfaction.
The only method i will be teaching you ( need no more than that ) is SEO.
Since we checked our niche using Google Keywords and found that it had a low competition ( not saturated ) SEO is the perfect thing to do and make our niche ranked in the first page of Search Engines ( Google,Yahoo,Bing,...)

How To SEO your Website:

1) Write, write and ... write
Always create a page on your website where you will fully explain your product, inserting keywords about your niche, make a full page writing about 500 words. The more words you write the more better you're ranked.
Search Engines track your page content ( text ) to find the keywords.

2) Backlinks
Get links to your pages from other websites. Better if website was trusted. ~20 links are enough. I post my website on all kind of online text stores ( Pastebin,...) use this link :

3) Meta Tags
These are pieces of code behind the scene. The code should look something like this: It should be placed directly under the title tag code
<title> Your site title</tittle>
<meta name="description" content="your site description">
<meta name="keywords" content="keyword1, keyword2, keyword3">
Your keywords meta tag should contain between 5-10 keywords or keyword phrases that are also found in page content. Also your description tags should contain information about the page's content so you can persuade search engine users to visit your web site. They should be between 25 and 35 words in length.

4) Site Map
It's important to use two site maps for your website--an XML version and a static version. The XML version can be created by sitemap generators tools such as The static version should be a HTML page that contains links to every other page.

More SEO tips can be found at :

Always put your PPD file in a password protected rar, that user must complete another survey in order to get the password. win-win
Post 2-3 posts / day on your Facebook page, and make users Like and Share your content in order to increase Talking About
Try multiple PPD websites and find the one you're the most confortable with.
Paying someone to advertise your niche for you will always return good benefits.
Don't use only youtube for your videos.
Always have a backup for your niche ( if it gets deleted )
Your youtube comments shouldn't always be positive. Some 'disappointed' comments will make the video look more legit.
I do not suggest to choose a saturated niche if you're note good enough at SEO, even though the saturated niches are the most earners.
Always find a new opportunity to learn more about PPD and ask others.
Never get demotivated !
Last but not least, "You will learn from your mistakes !"

I wish this will help you

Thanks for reading Good earnings[/align][/align]​


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August 21, 2013
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Nice Basic Tutorial, It will help peoples who are very new into PPD/CPA.


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August 25, 2013
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Îñçrëdìßlê said:
andrewg03 said:
all the links are dead

only google and youtube keyword tool link are dead
and this one

4) Facebook Page:
Last but not least, you always, ALWAYS make a facebook page that you will force users to Like before continuing. Doing that, you will have a targeted traffic, where you could advertise your other niches and even sell posts.
Here is an example of a website doing that: ( this is not mine )
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