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The original adventure of a --- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. Please use the "Report" button below to report this message. --- nerd

Concept : The idea beside the thread is simply to share with you my little nerdy life from the money that I make only, the different projects that I am working on to simply the little discoveries that I made and the people that I meet. This might sound useless for some people and some other will possibly learn some new things. I don't think my life worth more than yours, but I do think that it deserves to be shared.
I will try to update this thread every week or two, and I hope you will enjoy the reading.

Probux Journey : I recently started to be into Probux (a PTC websiste for the people that don't know much about it). I follow this Probux Strategy to try to be successful. I will give you some of my stats :
  • Number of Rented Referrals : 200
  • Number of Direct Referrals : 0
  • Rented Referrals daily clicks average : 390
  • Autopay Status : On
  • Account Upgrade : Normal Member
  • Main Balance : $9.9528

I plan to make some good money to be able to pay a Gold Upgrade then invest little by little to reach 2000 Rented Referral it should take me 4 or 6 months.
I click everyday and don't use any kind of bots, because it is not worth to take the risk, I highly advice you to do the same.

League of Legends : I also play a lot of League of Legends on the EUW server. I play since 2011 but was not able to play during the year 2012 because I was exchange student in America. So I started Bronze V a month ago and I just reached Silver III yesterday.
I also decided to play almost only Nidalee to reach Gold. I don't stream but I am open for some friendly games with anyone on the EUW server. (a wordpress niche website) : I created 3 weeks ago a niche website using Wordpress about dating, self development and sex advice. I chose this niche even if it's highly hard to rank because I know how/where to pormote. I will use the ads network CrakRevenue and ClickBank to do affiliation.

  • Domain name cost : 8$
  • Hosting cost : 5$
  • Money made so far : 0$

I start to get people liking my Facebook page and sharing my article so this is a good sign, and I also got my first visitor from organic research.
The website is available here

It's written in French but I hope it could help you to get inspired if you want to start a real marketing business.

Also the guy who made the awesome header/logo is this --- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. Please use the "Report" button below to report this message. --- user

He really did an awesome job in my opinion.

CouchSurfing : I used CouchSurfing (which is a website to travel and host people) a week ago, I hosted two Latvian girls called Ildze and Daarta they are 19 and 20 years old, and I have to say it was an amazing experience. They cooked me and my family an awesome Latvian cake and teach me how to play some very simple guitar songs. I showed them how to juggle and breath fire and we spend 4 days together to the beach/swimming pool/concert and all. They left now, but invited me to visit them in Latvia whenever I want. If you are open minded people I advice you to try this at least once !

PPD/CPA : Registered on and now I am learning the VB basics to be able to make my own fake program, it will be quick because I already have some knowledge into programming languages. My first niche will be about "Fast and Furious 7" I just stole a video and change the MD5 hash then boosted my views/like using addmefast/hitleap/vagex then getting HQ comments using ub2views. (I won't tell the other) but I want you to know a little more information as I am a newbie here like a lot of other people and I hope I can motivate some others.
I will create a landing page using blogger for my next niche and will probably share this one too.
For this moment I made zero lead and got only 2clicks on my ShareCash link but my video keep getting ranked better.

Optional Information : I bought a GoPro Hero 3 camera, because I plan to open a personal website about the people I meet and the country I visit. It cost me 300$ but I am pretty satisfied with it, I tried to record some video under the wated it's pretty awesome.
I also bought a VPN from ScopeVPN, and I have to say it works pretty good for the price, allowing me to do bypass some website security.

See you next update guys :cool:

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Thanks mate for your feedback, I will update in time when I get some new stuff going here :)
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