Techfreak's Journey - Help me and Keep me Motivated !!

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May 20, 2013
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Hey CPAElites !

Am Bhargav from India . I have been trying PPD and CPA . I worked pretty hard - tried my own stuff - earned 20$ with FI and 36$ with AWM in my first 2 months. I then had to stop all this because of exams .
Now am back i wanna earn some decent money !
I have accounts with - FI , FF , AWM , Adnooka ! Am planning to work with AWM and Adnooka.
I will post my previous stats below !
Please do help me with the current trends .

This is my blog stat - ( I last posted in Jan )



I never promoted my blog in Youtube or anything . Just commented in another site a few times - actually spammed my blog link ;)

My AWM Payment -

Give me your Ideas ! Will keep this thread updated on my plans :D


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May 19, 2013
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Good luck for your success Techfreak. Their are lot of methods here in the forum try to stick to one thing and you will be earning soon. Good Luck
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