Tackling my first saturated niche.

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June 2, 2013
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Hey guys , I currently have 3 niches up and running , and earning me a solid $8-30 per day and with at least 12% conversion rate. I've been lazy these past 2 weeks with the exams and projects and all, but I'm trying to slowly get back my motivation to work even harder! :)

All my niches are currently on page 1 on Youtube.

This week I'm trying to tackle a niche with over 45k results, and this is my first time to rank a niche that is over 15k results.

What can you guys suggest on how to rank it? I'm planning to either let a video sit for over a week, dripfeeding views likes and comments slowly , or just max boost it in a span of 3 days. The second option sounds more risky though, in terms of it getting flagged down by competition. I know this is possible because there is a video that's just 3 days old on the first page, though I don't expect it to last long if my fears of the rough competition are true. I need to know your opinions and suggestions guys , thanks a lot! :)
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