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October 14, 2013
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Start your own business with this website
The whole idea is starting your own business selling CD-Keys. The CD-Keys on this website are very cheap and you could sell them for a 5-10$ profit on a forum or eBay with each order. Not much else to say. The rest is up to you to expand your business and such. Or you can even just buy the CD-Keys for your personal gaming. Best of luck!

Starting Out​
A good way to start is out with FIFA 14. On the website its 35$. You can sell it for 45-50$ for a good profit. I did these and made over 50$ with it. You can profit off of pretty much everything on this site and make a good business with it.


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July 5, 2013
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The Baltics
Thanks for this, not interested in purchasing anything, but I got a good idea for PPD website.
Best of luck spamming this! (If your not, my apologies)
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