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August 30, 2013
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Hey guys,

Maybe you already know about this tool but I thought I would share this awesome tool anyway. With this tool you can see if your sent e-mail is read by the receiver.

I use it to track e-mails I sent to anybody (even my grandma) but you could use it in many different ways (e-mail marketing etc.)
It is free, very easy to use and web based so no download needed!


Info from their website:

1. Know when your sent e-mails were read

2. Know your sent e-mail reader's location

3. Know how often your sent e-mails were read or forwarded

4. No registration required, immdiate free usage

5. 100% cloud-based service: No download nor installation

6. 100% privacy & personal: No revealing of your e-mail address nor your receiver's e-mail address

7. Clear your tracker history anytime

8. Also tracks & reports on any web content access, e.g. forum posting popularity, data access security breach, etc.

9. Mobile friendly: Set tracking & get report 24x7 worldwide
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