Reason "why you get your video removed"

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May 19, 2013
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Let me tell you the main reasons your video are deleted, if single one if true then each time it will be removed.
  1. Your title/keywords are straight copied from someone else
  2. Your video isnt original, thereby copyrighted
  3. You dont have a copyright mark(even some stupid shit like copyright by 94389hj)
  4. You're making a LQ video on some hack without voiceover(it's true, apparently if it's flaged it wont get taken down if it looks and sounds legit)
  5. You've been mass flagged or reported by few people for either Copyright or Spam and your account is fairly new with most fake subsribers.
  6. Likes/dislikes doesnt matter, however if you have a LQ video and tons of dislikes, it might happen to be a reason along the way.
  7. You're being stupid and buying HR views or whatever from fiverr, --- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. Please use the "Report" button below to report this message. --- etc. Aint saying there arent good ones, but mostly you'll end up receiving junk traffic which hurts your video a lot more than you realize.
  8. You're using "backlinks" from China programs and low PR sites, thereby de-rank and spam your own video.

To avoid your video getting removed.
  1. Verified Gmail and YouTube account.
  2. Make your own video with voiceover.
  3. Add proof of whatever happens e.g. a key redeem
  4. Add Copyright.
  5. Dont spam the shit out of description with useless keywords which doesnt help at all.
  6. Have a legit Title such as "Free PSN Codes | [Voice] [Proof] |Working As Of August" not too much text, not pointless text.
  7. If you have 100 likes, have 10 dislikes.
  8. Dont be stupid with views, funny fact is I have a FR niche ranked 1st with around 80k views, the 2nd one has almost half million, does that make any sense to you?
  9. It's about quality not quantity, dont upload the same video 10 freakin times, you really think that helps? It does if you know how to bounce them.
  10. HD and Partnership accounts have better ranked videos? A mistery, have no clue you might wanna try.

If you like it post to keep it alive for others!
If you have other reason post them here! :)



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August 29, 2013
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MarlboroBlue said:
Does putting keywords on your description really doesnt help? i doubt..

That's not clear , some people will say that work, others no.. but from my experience this is still working.. i put between 4-8 keywords depends how long is my description.If i have good description with keywords inside i will put only 3-4 "Extra Tags"

Anyway this thread contain good info , people must to understand that youtube is not something that you can cheat.If you don't use private proxy, high quality videos and verified accounts the chances are big to have you video deleted.Even if you have dynamic ip you can have troubles with videos (my experience)

Thanks for info.
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