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This is the Quality FAQ archive and here all the frequently asked questions related to CPA/PPD will be elaborately answered by Quality pros. Usually, most questions asked in the helpdesk will be added here for easier access. Please do not post the question in the helpdesk which have already been answered here. Read on!

1. What is the difference between PPD & CPA?
A: PPD stands for Pay Per Download sites. Usually in these sites, user uploads files through an uploader and a unique link is generated for each file. User is required to promote this certain link. If any people visit this link, he or she will be required to complete an (or multiple) offer(s) in order to access the file. Some PPD sites also offers link lockers & widgets. ShareCash, DreamCash, FileIce, FileFire are some good examples of PPD sites.

CPA stands for Cost Per Action sites. Some incentive content locking CPA sites (like AdWorkMedia, CPALead, Adnooka etc) offers all the features of PPD & also offers some other features such as API, postback etc. However, CPA is not limited to incentive promotion. There is non-incent CPA sites too (LeadKitchen, MaxBounty etc) where you can promote a certain offer to gain profit. In these promotion, you are not allowed to provide any incentive items to the people completing the offers.

Usually CPA pays higher than PPD sites as CPA directly takes offers from advertisers & PPD takes offers from CPA. So, PPD actually work as a middleman. However, PPD sites accumulates offers from different CPA sites & private sources and optimize them to provide best result. If you are not familiar with offer optimization or you are a newbie in the CPA industry, it is highly recommended that you go with PPD. Also, most CPA sites won't allow fake promotions but PPD sites are much more flexible with it.

You can visit http://www.affpaying.com/ to see reviews of different PPD & CPA sites.

2. Where to find PPD/CPA niches?
A: PPD/CPA niches are usually divided in 3 types. First one is super saturated niches. These niches are easiest to find & tends to have good amount audience. However, be advised that you will face tremendous competition when ranking on these niches as most people will be using them. If you are a newbie, you can start with these niches, but I highly suggest you to advance to less saturated niches later on. upcoming games' beta key generators, PSN hack, Minecraft Hack, RuneScape Generator etc can be the example of these niches.

Second type of niches are semi-saturated niches. These niches are a bit hard to find but usually these niches have good amount of audience and lesser competition. These are the niches which are recommended to start with. Facebook game hacks, different tools, different premium ebooks can be the example of these niche. You can also take a look at Google Trends to get ideas of latest trends and convert them in profitable niches.

Third type of niches are unsaturated niches. These niches are hardest to find and the audience amount varies from one niche to another. Usually a good unsaturated niches with a big targeted audience are gold mine as there are least amount of competition. You need to tweak your brain to get examples of this type of niches.

3. What does the different payment schedules stands for?
A: Most CPA/PPD networks pays their publishers on a pre-defined schedules. There are different criteria for different schdules which caries from one network to another. Here are the meaning of the different payment schedules -

NET X: This is the most common payment schedules offered by most networks. Here, X stands for a certain day of a month and all the income generated on the previous month is sent out on the X day of the next month. For example, NET 30 means that all your income till (supose) June 30 will be sent out on July 30. NET 7 means that it will be sent on 7th July. NET 0 means that it will be sent on the first day of July.

Bi-weekly: Some networks provide Bi-weekly payments. This means that you will be paid once every two weeks. So, a total of 2 payments per month.

Weekly: As the name says itself, weekly payments are those paymetns which you get on a fixed date of every week.

Early/Special/Instant: Some networks allows you to get payout instantly if you provide a valid reason.

4. I am new to CPA/PPD and I want to know where to start?

A: You should start out by reading on the forum for a few days, grabbing all the bits of information you can find. Then when you find a method that you find appealing you can start out, while experimenting with the method. Remember, nobody never got rich by doing exactly the same as somebody else. If you want success you should find you own approach.

Of course you can still test out the tutorials that are shared here, a lot of them will bring in some income if you are actively working on your promotions but, it is strongly advised to you to test out your own approach, and figure out what converts for you.

The easiest place to start out, is YouTube or Facebook. Check out the tutorials on our forum and you will quickly get the hang of it.

5. What is the difference on pinging and indexing?

It is a service that sends a signal to the search engine that your website is updated and that the search engine should send a crawler to check the content.

Crawling is the process in which Google bots gives a visit to your blog and crawls every single page of your site using sitemap.

While crawling if Google bots finds your post unique and helpful, it can store that link in its database and shows it on search results when particular related keyword is searched. Indexing is a fatal step in all SEO. It is VERY important to get all of your backlinks indexed.

6. Where to Ping/Index your backlinks/videos?


Indexing services:

http://www.indexification.com/ -18$ montly fee, but very good results.
GSA Indexer - one time payment of 20$

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