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March 20, 2013
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I would like to present you with a detailed guide on doing successful and profitable online media buys which I have been doing with Bonadza , a media buying platform which I'm a representative of. The same approach can be used with most advertising networks, you're free to use it anyhwere. Let's start off with the guide

Interest Based Approach for Promoting Offers via Online Media Buys

Let’s be realistic, for any kind of online marketing, making a few generic banners and selecting random placements will most likely result in a major failure.

There is a much better way to get results – by taking advantage of what you know about your audience, and building your creatives and selecting placement around that knowledge. For example: targeting sites with single mothers and create ads such as “Single Mother Dating, the premium dating site for single mothers”. That would surely work better for this demographic than having a generic ad such as “Online Dating in Your Area”. So, let’s assume you are creating a campaign with the purpose of collecting leads for a dating sites.

Here are the steps that you need to do:

Step 1: Define Interests or Common Traits

First thing you need to do is define one or more interests, or common traits that your audience group shares. Which you will later build your campaign around. I already defined one interest in my previous example, which is “Single Mothers”. There are numerous common interests which you can find on a website or a group of websites, here’s just a few:
Particular interest in something (ex. fishing – on a fishing website),
Marital/Dating Status (Widowed, Single Mother, Swinger…)
Ethnicity (ex. sites for African-Americans in the US),
Religion (ex. jewish sites), sexual orientation (ex. gay, bi, trans),
Political (ex. liberal, conservative, democrat, republican…)
And many others, you need to be creative…

The more specific your defined interest or common trait is, the better the chance that it will work. Don’t be too broad with it. If you target a run of the mill US based site and have an ad like “Meet white people in your area”, there’s not much that it will work. Because the trait is too common and doesn’t stand out. Now, if I told you that the same site, is an automotive site with a majority of male visitors, a better example for an ad would be “Meet Hot Gearhead Chicks in your area” and a picture attractive girl posing in front of new Porsche 911. This would be something that could get the attention of the visitors.

Step 2A: Find And Select Placements:

I’m going to use the platform to find highly relevant placements. Since we’re looking for “Single Mothers”, I’m going to go over the categories that are available, and see what matches my target group. There is a “Parenting & Family” category which is perfect for what I’m looking for as shown on this screenshot:

I’m going to select the domain, as well as other similar sites.

Step 2B: Alternative way to do STEP 2A:

You could either follow STEP 2A and select domains relevant to the category, in this case targeting domains that reach out to single mothers, or you could build your campaign the other way around, and build your campaign around a single domain.

For this approach go over our inventory and choose a domain with high volume, aim for a domain with at least 500.000 impression per day or more.

Visit the domain you’ve chosen, to get familiar with what exactly the page is, and what kind of audience it has.

Step 3: Creatives

Proper creatives are crucial for making this work. The creatives must be directly relevant to the niche audience you’re targeting, and it shouldn’t be subtle, in fact it should be blatantly evident to the audience that the banner is relevant to them.

Creating a banner for these needs doesn’t require expert graphical knowledge. Some basic Photoshop knowledge would be sufficient to create a banner.

The banners don’t have to be pretty, thus, there’s no need on spending too much time to make look aesthetically perfect.

The basic elements that are required are the following:
1.A clear and concise headline example
“Date A Real Man That Will Love You And Your Child!”
2.Relevant Photo
3.A Border

Here’s an example:

It is clearly evident that my photoshop skills are pretty poor but the banner I made has the necessary elements that might provoke a response.

Use the same template to create several ads with different pictures and headlines, and also make sure that you have ads in different dimensions. Some dimensions are far more successful than others depending on the placements you’re targeting, thus, having ads in different dimensions is very important. Be sure to have at least one ad in each of the three dimensions:

These 3 dimensions attribute for the majority of display traffic. Having creatives in the other supported dimensions is always a plus.

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat

Scaling the interest-based approach is pretty simple. Just find new interests and follow the steps 1 through 4. With over 40.000 websites available at Bonadza, this shouldn't be an issue.

Some audience groups might be unresponsive, while others might be very responsive. So make sure to try this approach for more than one interest group, since it is one of the most responsive approaches for display advertising. This approach can be used for any niche. If I was promoting a credit report offer, I could say something like "Credit report for Single Mothers etc..."

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