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Many people come to me and ask how to I make all of this money and the truth is that I don't do anything special or anything you cannot find a guide the internet. The only thing that it comes down to is are you willing to work? Are you willing to be dedicated enough to succeed in this game or not? People think they can just upload a video on YouTube and think it will make you money, no. So that's why I am creating this guide lesson today, this will not go into how to find niches and whatnot. What it will consist of is how to monetize off your niche and put it in place.
Things you will need
  • Youtube Accounts
  • Recording Software
  • Editing Software
  • Boosting Credits
  • Landing Page (For this lesson)
There are many ways you can promote with YouTube, and many people will probably disagree with my methods. A absolute must is recording and editing software, and I suggest everyone if they are new or not to create a nice landing page.

To start, obviously you are going to need to create a landing page. What I would suggest to everyone is to buy some hosting, and a domain. It doesn't matter if it is a .info IT IS A DOMAIN. People will think .info is more legit than .blogspot.com, but if you must then I hold nothing against you. If you buy a domain and hosting (can use free) I recommend installing wordpress and just adding a theme and add your own tweaks.

Now onto the video, after you have all your landing page done and finished you'll need to start working on your video for your niche. Game niches I usually don't do anything special but showing a trailer and then show my landing page and show how to get w/e the niche is about. When you are showing your landing page it really does help to narrate your viewers what to do step by step. Lets say it's like a steam key generator, I would personally find a video or even buy a real steam key, and then record you entering in a key or w/e the niche is again :P. Then what you should do is show you getting the code from your website so they see that you are getting a code from the website you are advertising. The conversion rates all depend on how good your website looks and also how good the video is. Even a few zooms and pans make a huge difference and makes your video look higher quality than the other half ass videos on YouTube.

I won't go into every detail on how to pick keywords and such, but I will say that you need to find as many as you can. Don't just use phrases use single words misspelled words (not to the extremes). When you upload your videos I suggest 1 video per channel, 2 videos is meh and 3 videos is really pushing the limit. Don't just upload one video per niche, and don't just upload mass amounts and boost them 300 views and that's it. Use different keywords and different descriptions for each video, I suggest having like 4-5 videos up per niche IF it has proved that it is bringing in a decent amount of money.

Boosting your videos is a vital part of YouTube success. In order get traffic to your videos you must boost your videos with views, likes favorites, comments you name it. When boosting comments I suggest that you make them all custom and make sure that you don't have two people saying the same comment. Also one suggestion that I recommend everyone is don't invest for credits for views, if your trying to buy views buy them from someone directly preferably non mobile and high retention. If you are working on a video that gets huge amounts of searches and you were able to rank it in the past but it got flagged (This goes with any niche really) let your videos age. I know many of you are not patient and that will be some of you guy's downfall. I like to let my videos age for a month or two before I start boosting. If you are in a rush to start earning you can upload videos and boost them, but at the same time be aging other videos so when those videos that have been boosted get removed you have videos already up and aged a bit (Depending on how long your last videos lasted).

Basically if you have a nice landing page, have a legit looking video that looks better than 75% of all the other videos on your niche and you can rank it. You should be able to generate money off of it, it's not how you work, it's how smart you work.

More personal Tips for YouTube
  • Invest in YouTube accounts they really resolve a lot of hassle
  • A good program is Share Youtube Videos, if you buy a membership buying likes is very good
  • Work Smart
  • Put your own twist on videos, don't use this guide exactly how it is

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
What you need
  • Time
  • Money
  • Good english skills
  • Able to Bullshit your way through shit but do a good job
  • Ability to grasp information quickly

YEOP I am going into SEO, most people don't like sharing their methods for SEO but they are honestly doing nothing special.

Before I go into stuff DON'T USE FIVERR..

In my opinion wordpress is the best platform for SEO, there are so many plugins that you can use to help you do a lot of all the SEO goodies. To get into SEO I suggest you get a TLD (Top level domain) such as .com,.net,.org. Basically all you need to get into SEO is a TLD, Hosting and time.

I am only going to get into how to SEO wordpress sites because that is what I am familiar with :p. Basically SEO is a lot more work than YouTube, takes more time than YouTube, takes more effort than YouTube. To start off you will want to get a theme, a good theme to start with i'd go with Table theme by ThemeJunkie. It's a nice sleek theme that is very easy to customize. After you have installed the theme the next thing you should do is get some plugins. First one I would get is SEOPressor, I believe it is a paid plugin but you can get it for free basically anywhere. The plugin is probably a Favicon plugin because I am to lazy to go into files and add a favicon. Blablabla I could go into hundreds of plugins to get but i'm going to keep it short (LOL).

Basically what I do to rank on Google is write a article for every keyword I want to do. Makes it easy for me to keep track of what keywords I want to focus on and such. Articles is a art, you can either tell how to get w/e your niche is 100x and Bullshit your way through them every time, or you could pay people to write articles for you and then you format everything.
What I do for my articles
  • 600+ words (if i'm lazy 550)
  • Your keyword in the first sentance and the last sentance
  • A picture with alt tag as your keyword
  • Use H1,H2,H3 tags
  • Keyword in title of article
If you have SEOPressor it will do all the rest of the work. It is a worthy investment if you want to buy it. Basically you can either link it to a new page containing a nice landing page or have a button on each of your posts with a widget or a link to the survey site. I don't feel like going into more depth on posts because i'm getting tired of writing this, and I got shit to do myself for my own Internet Marketing.

Link Building

Honestly I am not a expert in this at all, honestly I like to jack peoples backlinks as best as I can. Jacking peoples backlinks won't harm the other persons website or yourselves so it's just nice to do when you are first learning how to SEO (I no longer do this as it is a bit of a Skid move) but yeah. I will show you examples of backlinks and explain how to do them below. The site to jack peoples backlinks is https://ahrefs.com/index.php in order to get a lot you have to buy a membership but you can make multiple accounts to get the free searches, you will want to jack do-follows mainly honestly

http://foto.saartehaal.ee/displayimage.php?album=lastcom&cat=0&pos=520 - These are called guestbooks they are not particularly helpful but they are a backlink.

http://forum.cricket365.com/viewtopic.php?p=18118 - These are called forum posts. You see how they have a link with a keyword? This is how you rank for specific keywords. If you want to rank "Dog Training" you would do Dog Training. When you do backlinks don't do huge ass keywords like Learn how to get niche absolutely free get all your niche needs here there's no point...

This is a blog comment
Basically as your name you add your keyword or to diversify your backlinks you can have keyword - view more, view more,visit website,webpage ect... then in the website blank obviously put your website.

Ehh getting real tired of this guide lol....

Another part of correctly SEOing websites is making Web 2.0's which are basically your own websites that are contextual links pointing to your money site that you can blast with all types of shit. Bloggers a Web 2.0 that you should make when you try to start ranking. Add 3 articles to it and then a link back to your website. You can find way better SEO guides on other forums. A good forum is --- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. Please use the "Report" button below to report this message. ---, you can find a lot of good information on SEO there and really suggest you go there if you need some more information.

Basically your first website is mainly trial and error, seeing what works and what doesn't... If you think on buying a SEO service after you have done all the articles and stuff don't buy $10-30 services their all shit, if you really want success but $100+ even more honestly for best results. You can buy programs like GSA Search Engine Ranker, Scrapebox Ect..

Personal tips on SEO
  • Work smart not fast
  • Get good hosting, if you do this correctly you will need good hosting with alot of bandwidth
  • Don't invest first learn it then invest!
  • It's trial and error, don't give up if you fail to SEO your first site right.

Hope you like it, was very boring to write and got really tired of doing it so sorry if i half ass'd it


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May 9, 2013
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Damn lang story, thanks for the share il have a read once i have some time. I'll edit my post when i've read it :D

EDIT: Really nice tutorial, enjoyed reading the seo part. Most of the rest i already knew


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May 13, 2013
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Thanks. I really needed help in seo part.


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April 22, 2013
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Await in da house. Not gonna read this atm.

But thanks babe.


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May 4, 2013
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United Kingdom
Some good info in here, read this a while ago at --- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. Please use the "Report" button below to report this message. ---. Should help newbies a bit. :)


Thanks for this but for now I need more of a Youtube guide I am currently stuck at 301+ views and can't seem to get off. I thought buying 1k views would surpass that but it didn't.
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