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August 16, 2013
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This is the typical message i use to get my leads to turn into referrals. Skip the first part, it's not really relevant. I just use it to convince my leads to become referrals. :P

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May 3, 2013
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hey your method of getting refs is good
But i disagree the fact that to get new guys into this as saturated niches will bcome more saturated as they will also upload vids for same.
I recommend get referrals who are starting or a good nice earner.
there are many guys who asking like "mentor me" stuff like that
be friendly with him and explain him whats all about.
u got a good referral :)
i myself got referrals and earning like $5 per day with them and sometimes i get like $10-12 with refs.
Got 24+ refs but only 7-8 are active bcoz other ones i gathered was total new guys.They quit and also we loose potential downloaders as they now know all these are fake :p

But if u find a guy and see potential in him then bring him :)

Just my opinion tho...

But its a good method anyways :)
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