Paypal Funds to Bank Account in India (Transfer)

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May 10, 2013
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Transfer Paypal Funds to Bank Account in India


For the newbies who don’t know what is Paypal, The let me tell you, Paypal is the most secure and Trusted Online Payment and Transferring Portal , 90% companies uses Paypal to transfer Money to their Clients and Publishers, But the point is I you are from India as me, and you work on Some Monetizing technical like Fileice, and Cpalead, Then they only Transfer Funds through Paypal, Now how to Transfer Paypal Funds to Bank Account in India the below are the steps to create a Paypal account and Withdraw your Hard earned money to your Bank Account successfully.

Steps to create a Paypal Account for Indian User’s


-First you need to go to

-Select SignUp from there Select Personal As Account Type

-Fill the genuine Required Details

-Remember- Enter your Correct name Which matches your Pan Card and bank account

-Enter your Pan card number, in accordance with Indian Regulations.
and The account will be successfullycreated you ill also get a Email to your registered mail Address to Confirm your Paypal Account


How to Transfer Paypal Funds to Bank Account in India

Now when your Account is Successfully Created, The Pan Card is then verified by PayPal with the Records, It takes 2-3 Working days or your Pan card to Verify. When this is done, Still your Account is unverified, because of Reserve bank of India regulation you need to confirm your Bank account number and Purpose Code for what you Transfer Paypal Funds to Bank Account in India

Add a Indian bank Account to Paypal

-When you log in to your Paypal account, you see an option to Add your Bank Account on the left Side

-Click on it and Now the Page comes where you need to Enter the Details

-Enter the correct name on the page which matches your Bank Passbook name.

-Now you need to Enter IFSC code of the Bank Branch as the Paypal payments are done though NEFT

-I you don’t know the IFSC code then contact your Branch and get the particular Code.

-Enter your Account Number Twice and Click on Continue


After the Account has been Linked, Paypal Send two Small Deposits to your Bank Account which you need to Verify
Once you linked your Account in 2-4 Days you will see that PayPal will deposits some two small funds in your Bank account which you need to enter the exact amount on the Paypal Page

-When you link you account you get an Email to Verify your Bank Account by entering the two small Deposits.

-Now take a Mini Statement of your Account and you will notice the deposits made by paypal

-Open the email and Click on confirm your Account which you got by Paypal

-Enter the deposits which you got in your Bank account, and your Bank account will be Verified

-These are the Screenshot of my NET BANKING , the deposits were made into my account from Paypal


Now by Doing The all Above Steps your Account will be Verified and your Bank account is linked or Withdrawal, now you can easily Transfer Paypal Funds to Bank Account in India

Its always better to Earn money online by some Legit ways like Fileice and AffiliateVIA or Adsense and then when you got your Payment you can easily Transfer Paypal Funds to Bank Account in India you can see the date which i Its just 4 days Before. I had earned some 300$ By Fileice in a Month which is equal to Rs.15,000 and the funds were into may paypal account only which were of No Used. by Confirming my Bank Account, I had withdrawn my Money to my Bank which is Really a Great thing for me

By This way you can make use of online Income. There are many sites to earn money online, but always go for the genuine and trusted ways. Paypal Also have their Office and Working Center in India so we can also contact by Phone by Toll free number of Paypal for India , below is the picture of their Branch of India



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May 15, 2013
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yes you can only receive and withdraw money in India but can not use it.
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