OnPage And OffPage SEO Tips [TUT]

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March 20, 2013
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Hi Guys

I wrote this and added it to the Fileice forum AGES ago, today I am sharing it with the forum.

I have taken this guide from one of my old SEO blogs, I decided to delete it actually because it's kind of run it's course now. I had to spend over 3 hours updating this guide due to changes and stuff in the search engines algorithm.

Lastly I have gone to the trouble of adding the "Advanced and tools" section on this guide, this will give you some very helpful information on how to further fully optimize your domains.

Let's begin shall we

On page SEO is an important factor which adds huge over all value to the finished product, some people pay more attention to the off page SEO which in my honest view is madness, would you go out and by a car, fix it up but leave the paint job out, then just not bother with a new coat.

Well I know for myself it's not something I would make the mistake of doing. To stop this from happening to you I shall provide you with some advanced information. Lets begin with the tutorial so you will not make the mistakes many others do.

"I have many ranked websites and IMO the Onpage SEO is important, some will say otherwise which is just fine. However from my own personal experience with ranking up, the process is a lot faster if you implement it correctly."

On Page SEO - Advanced Tips

Title Tag

I shall start of this guide with the : Title Tag. Now for myself as an experienced webmaster, I know that it's one of the most important factors in onpage SEO.

In fact the title tag is one of the two meta tags which show up in the search engines result pages, if you look closely you can see the title tag, look at the top on the left of the page, this is when it's opened up and on display in your browser.

You should always place your optimized keyword for the webpage in the title tag, place it in the beginning this all helps believe me. It helps based on viability which all advanced users know as "Keyword - prominence". Make sure it's minimum of 4-7 words and not exceeding over 70 letters this is my own personal choice.

H1 Tag

The H1 title should be placed at the start of your post/page. Make it bold even under line it if you want, you should use H2 H3 titles within the content as well, making sure to use the keyword too.

On Page SEO Tips - Advanced Tips

Body Content

When you are attempting to rank up a page/post in to the search engines, you should keep the content to a minimum of 550 words "Again this is my own personal method".

Place the keyword in the very first sentence, 3 times within the body and once in the very last sentence if possible, the over all keyword density should be at least 2.50% and
no more than 3.00%.

Do not let the content sound spammy, lets say the keyword you are optimizing for is "second hand cars" when writing the content you should not use something like this: "We sell second hand cars offering all types of different models, our second hand cars sell at fantastic prices, all of the second hand cars are...."

Google will not appreciate it nor will any readers who happen to stumble across it, more importantly you will be punished for making this mistake. Lastly when mentioning the keyword you must make it make sense, meaning it needs to fit in with the content, it should not sound generic and like spam. Failing to meet this criteria, once again may end in being penalized by Google when it can be easily avoided.

Image Titles

I always use the main keyword I have on the page in my images, you can see this by hovering over images on pages. You should also place one other keyword phrase your using on the page within the alt title.

Internal linking

One other factor is to link your posts to one main page on your site, I will make an "Extras" page which will have the main keyword at the start of the title, so it will look like this example: "Keyword Extras" - Place "Coming Soon" in the post itself, link the new posts/pages you make to it because it all helps. You will just need to highlight one of the keywords in the post, then just add the "Extras" page URL into the keyword - "So when someone clicks on it, they will be taken to the page.

That is called - "Internal linking" <<<<

Linking them to the bottom of each post/page on your website, you have plugins which actually do this for you, one which I use is called "sitemap-generator" for WordPress, it gives the option to your readers to click on to other available posts/pages on your website. You should also highlight one keyword in a post/page - Then add a "Wikipedia" related to the keyword in the post link into it.

Meta Tags

According to Google as of now they are no longer being counted by Google, however I still continue to use them within my websites. I always use the main keyword at the very beginning, then I will mention up to two or three other phrases but no more.

Meta Description Tag

The meta description tag is what is used as the second meta tag within the search engines listings, always mention the main keyword once at the very start, starting the description is always worth while for the over all SEO value, you should never use more than 150 characters or less of course, keep it informative and related to the topic in hand never fall short.


Tools/Advanced Methods/Offpage SEO

Onpage SEO advanced

Be sure post's contain at least 550 words to 1000 words, your main keyword density needs to be at least 2.50% and no more than 3.00%

To Generate A Privacy Policy Go To

Page (Disclosure)
Name the Page Disclosure
To Generate A Disclosure Policy Go To

Using your keyword as the anchor text you need to link to
an internal page of your site
- Example: <a href="http://www.acnetreatmentsthat-work.com/anotherpage">Acne
Treatments That Work</a>"

Using your keyword as the anchor text you need to link to a
authority site with a no follow link that is in someway
relevant to your site
- Example: <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acne_vulgaris" rel="nofollow">Acne
Treatments That Work</a>

Make sure images are named with your keyword -Example: acnetreatmentsthatwork.jpeg

Make Sure to either bold, underline, or italicize your keyword in the post at least once.

Offpage SEO

1. Go to Feedfairy.com: http://www.feedfairy.com/ then back over to your blog and add /feed copy it and go to Feedfairy go to add feed then sort out the correct category related to your keyword, add keywords also in the tags. Next generate with my your blog link, take the RSS link it produces and copy paste it into Pingler.com: http://pingler.com/ and that is it.

2. Go over todmoz.org: http://www.dmoz.org/ submit your URL to relevant section, it's a very powerful free bookmarking directory that will give you good SEO juice.

3. Make free wordpress blog: http://wordpress.com/ name it the keyword or with an extra letter if needed, - Spin an article from your blog and post it on there, make sure it meets the mentioned specific criteria "Source above if needed ^" - Add a new post and place your spun article on it.

Make sure to highlight one of the keywords on it, then place your original blogs URL in it thus creating a back link to your blog.

4. Create Blogger: https://accounts.google.com/SignUp?service=blogger&continue=http://www.blogger.com/home&ltmpl=start repeat the same process, using a keyword in the post and add tags, including the address as well, spin article again and make sure to high light and add keyword.

5. Use Redit: http://www.reddit.com/ Also digg.com: http://digg.com/ submit your URL with the main keyword.

What you just did there was create some good back links pointing at your blog, you can also use the following tool to add your blog to the most popular search engines: http://www.submitstart.com/

I hope you enjoyed this TUT it took me ages to write it to be honest, please leave a thank you if you appreciate it and if it's going to help you out.



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May 17, 2013
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Hawk Eye <3. I always follow your tutorial.. I checked your every tut on --- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. Please use the "Report" button below to report this message. --- as well..


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August 26, 2013
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sureshraina2001 said:
I know I am kind of off topic but Can I use a article spinner instead of writing the whole content on my own ? The site I found give me 95% of unique article . Is it okay ?
Usualy they are unreadable..especialy if they are free.Use them only for spammy blogs


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May 13, 2013
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Can't believe I haven't read this before. This was a great read and I learned a lot of step by step information I will do for my next big project.
Thanks hawk eye, bookmarking so I can reread it and retain information.
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