Need Help With My CPA Journey

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July 14, 2013
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Hey whatsup CPA Elites,

I have been doing and learning a lot in CPA/PPD for the last week. But i have
hit my first bottom and i'am so close to stopping, but i just can't leave this
stuff! I want to paint a picture of my situation and what i have done so far
to get some help and tips!

I'am using AdWorkMedia with Content lockers (custom made mostly)

First days

My plan was to make high quality video's and landing pages and promote these
With Youtube mainly. (I'am going to show 1 of my niches as an example)
I know i should not share niches but this is ranked #4 at YT (keyword: Planetside 2 hacks)
and has not brought me more than 4 leads over a week so i don't care :)

So this is one of my niches, most of the niches i have made were in the
game hack section. All about the same quality landing pages or even better.

Where to go now ?

Alright well since these first niches are not working i'am looking to change
it up. After reading a lot here in CPA Elites i was thinking about changing from game niches
to Real Life niches together with SEO as the main promotion method together with Youtube of course.

To get started with SEO i need top domains of course but i wanted to ask
experienced members where i should start ? I would love to have some personal
Help and assistance, i got a poker niche i want to test it out with (got everything, site video etc ready)

So Basically i'am looking for proper training! Not someone that throws me some .pdf guides and says goodluck!
I'am willing to pay you my beginning earnings for proper training.

Oh btw for this poker niche i got a top level domain, and ordered "The Fullmonty SenukeXCR Blast" on Fiverr, will this do anything for my rankings ?

Don't hesitate to PM me ur Skype name!
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