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October 2, 2013
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Hi all

I'm in IM since September. Started with PPD and YT and made some hacks, keygens in VB and started earning. I created clips for 4,5 niches. Found 1 very good niche, and had impressions very quickly (few hours after publishing). Tried so much niches and methods and really like it. But I think promoting fake stuff is a kind of moral sin, so I don't want to do this anymore. Now I am looking for a legit niche. Joined CPAlead, and created first simply content with Youtube. I am looking for advice, help. Now these are my campaigns:

1. YT clip has about 9k views,, landing page and locked file - earning approximately 1$ per day from it - but this is a very large niche. Added some tools for landing page, usually 45 imps, 17 clicks, 1 lead.

2. Promoting some recipes, made blogger with file locker and YT clip. Keyword tool shows 22k views, YT 33k for exact keyword. Still boosting it in u2b, enhance etc. Still no imps.

3. Created some FB campaigns with Viral script +cpa, but I had about about 18 imps only this day, offer was posted to about 100 real friends. Now its 0 imps.

So, I have a quesion. What's your opinion. Is it worth to boost and wait weeks for impressions or it is better search and find niches which provides imps in your content from first hours online? Do you have any tips, ideas for legit niches?

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