My Web Design and Landing Page Services ($5 per landing)(One Preview)

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May 29, 2013
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My Web Design Services

A little about me...
I have taken web design classes in the past so I am fairly decent in the art yet I am no professional. I have done projects for people in the past (including the ones for my class) but I have not been given very hard tasks in the past so I am not comfortable posting those as my portfolio as what I am capable of now may be much better.


  • How much will it cost? - Prices are completely negotiable. Estimated average range: $10-$50
  • Why should I choose you? - My prices will be extremely low since I have no real portfolio yet, and if you don't like something about the website, then I have no problem in fixing it to suit your needs.
  • What are the payment methods allowed? - Paypal
  • What are your preferred contact methods? - I prefer to use Skype.
  • What software do you use to create the website? - Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
  • If I do not have any images or text yet, can you still create a design for me? - Yes I can. I will put in placeholder text and images.
  • What if I needed some buttons made for the website or already had some? - I also do basic GFX so if you need a BASIC logo or some nice buttons done to match the theme, then I can do that. I do not however do advanced GFX and would recommend you find someone else for your GFX needs.
  • What do you need from me to help speed things up? - It would help to have a good idea of what you want, someone else's website as an example would help greatly.
  • Do I have to go first? - It all depends on if you seem to be trusted or not.
  • If I am going first, how can I be sure that you have the website? - I have Teamviewer and I will also Skype Screenshare with you to show you the website, I also take pictures throughout development to ensure it is how you wanted. I can even show you the website in Dreamweaver to prove that I created it and I have it on hand.

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The Illusionist said:
Great design service!
This user is legit and a good designer :) He made a few things for me and suprises me every time.
Big vouch.

Timeless said:
Vouch, this dude is legit and does good work! <3

pwned™ said:
Big vouch for this guy, designed me a super sexy site for my PPD needs ;)
Definitely recommend him, I'm sure he will give you what you need

Post below then PM with further info (Skype, example websites, anything that might help if you are serious about this.) REMEMBER, I am doing this for extremely cheap at this moment due to the fact that I am looking to create a portfolio.

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