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May 5, 2013
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hello CPA elite Members

Currently i am posting One of my Personal method to make money with PPD or CPA

Let me start

STep 1 : Goto Google Trendz :
Now you will find the Top Searches that are currently hot , and people are searching for it
Let me take an example
On 15th march i setup a niche blog and it made 400 in just 2 hours , and i am daily getting $200 - $300 with this method ....i Prefer to use link locker only from any CPA networks

Ok my Niche is Lil Wyance


As you see there are 2,000,000+ searches on him !! wow thats a lot
well the news on that day was “ lil wayne near to death “ , as you can see in the description
so i made a small Video with my own face tell them that i am Nurse in the hospital where lil
waynce was in, and i told in the video that i will shoot a private video about the current health
condition of lil waynce and in the description i gave the link of the blogger .
Upload Video To Youtube
As you know the process of uploading the video in Youtube, so i will tell now how to find tags (
keywords for your youtube video ) as you seen in the picture

Now you can see the keywords right below it , now put the keywords in the description of
youtube video and tags ! now the important thing is title, the best thing i suggest you is to copy
the title in google trendz and paste it on your youtube video !
Boosting Youtube Video
Now you need to boost your youtube video
you can use this site for free , or any site that you have , but i prefer
now boost your video ASAP , Let me tell you a secret in youtube , just Boost Your Video After 5
hours you uploaded , why because it will be indexed and crawled by Youtube
Thats it you have Found a Niche , Created a Youtube Video, And now you need to do simple blog

for me i created a simple blog , with a fake video player like image and playbutton

when user clicks on The Play button then my fileice or any other widget will open and he needs to complete a
survey to view it …... thats it

Now the site is Created and You need to Get Traffic ! BUT HOW ????

this is the most important step i need to say there are many PPD users fail to get traffic ,
you need to promote your niche in
forums ( goto and find a sutiable forum )

social sites
facebook groups
use pinterst
use celebrity forums ( just google it, ex: lil wyance fan forums )
use celebrity forums , try to sign up which accepts signatures and link you blog to signature

and some thing that they want to come to your blog
Post some thing asking and start a conversions make up to 20 30
posts so the users can see
you and they will come to your blog and they will complete survey
try to post your youtube video link

ex: com/watch?v=H_Z1iXWfQ6A

comment on a popular video with your video description , or some thing intersting and paste the

ex: lil wayne serious condition

thas it do it for 10 20
popular videos On youtube !
and post on forums , etc every where you should pass it like a HIV virus
now make simple PPT presentation with 6 8
slides and upload them on
slidesharing site and link back them to your blog
now go to answering sites like yahoo answers , make 2 3
accounts with them
as a question about your niche , after 5 mins answer your question with different account
post a small picture in pinterst and link back to your blog , its the best source to get quality traffic
post your link on FB groups
and post them every where you want
Now go to

and ping your youtube video , Before Boosting , it will help youtube to index the video an it
youtube Crawls will count the backlinks of the video
if you want automated viral traffic for your videou se
it is paid one but i will rank higher
Make 2 3
video description and upload them that's it

you can see how many Views i got to blogger after 10 days

Now the Niche is dead but you can make money with google trendz

If you want to see my site for example here

it Is a free Theme i used .......

you can aslo make money with many niches if you found any female niche , try to promote
it as “ “ sex take on town , hot tapes etc
of you found any electronic like like windows mobile promote them as , the features that
will fail this phone , company decided to change that one ….etc etc … try to promote
negative so they will be many chances to get traffic etc
just see what is on the niche and promote them thats it very simple
i suggest you to use forum traffic they will convert well , for top trendz niches

Here the Prof of my Earnings of this nice link locker


I Already sold to 20 members in other forums

But i like to give a contribution for Our CPA ELITES FORM

I can Give Guarantee that it works for Only few weeks but you can make a lot of shit with it

Please Post Your Review about The method Thank you




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April 22, 2013
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Very nice!
I'll try to do that, except I can't talk likethat on a video :(


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May 10, 2013
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nice sharing man i`ll try this too


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May 5, 2013
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bearthepanda said:
I am certain that method doesn't work.:(

IF we do it in Right way | it will work buddy ....

Yeah All the niches from Google Trendz don't work but we need to find right one and we need to promote it in a right way


May 6, 2013
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The CR would be drastically low, nobody's going to fill a survey to watch a random vid without knowing beforehand they'd have to fill a survey.
Even though it might work


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May 13, 2013
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This is actually really genius. I just need some motivation to do this :P.

I will look into implementing this over the summer and actually work on it and not half-ass it.
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