My experience with Viralsocials.

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April 25, 2013
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It's been some months since I used Viralsocials, this weekend I uploaded 2-3 new niches I ve been working on this past week and it would almost be impossible to boost with bots (would lose all my credits), so I decided to boost with ViralSocials. First Video got deleted after a day, the second after 5-6 hours and the other one will probably be deleted as we speak lol.

I also tryed one niche the last weekend with viralsocials again and same thing happened. Looks like paid social ways to boost are not an option for me anymore.

However before 2 weeks I had another niche uploaded on youtube (boosted with EnhanceViews only) and it's still there with no problems or anything. What about you people?

Notes: I did restart my router to change my IP, cleared cookies in case anyone wants to mention this.
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