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March 20, 2013
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Hello Elites,

I have been away over the weekend and only just got back, I'll be adding some niches and content on the forum tomorrow and will catch up on the PM's I had over the weekend. I'm happy to inform you all that we now have a new big CPA network that will potentially be direct linking back to Elites soon.

Just waiting to hear back from them regarding this before I announce their name, I can however tell you it's a very well known network indeed, this means more HQ members on this fantastic forum. I can also tell you all now that I'll be personally starting some new free VIP give away competitions on here starting from tomorrow.

There will be some new award/VIP/cash give-aways soon... my goal is to add even more content and spend as much time on this forum as possible making it the most fun place to be.

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