Monetizing a giveaway niche

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August 21, 2013
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Hello folks :)

I am still newbie to the CPA world, however I have earnt some money with PPD niches.

I am reading this forum and I really like it, however I don't have much much free time to search everything so I want to ask something that may have be answered again in past.

I want your pro tips about how to monetize a giveaway niche.

For instance, if a new game is coming out.. what should I do?

I am thinking of making a video on youtube + a locked page where people would just submit their emails to get into the giveaway. Maybe I could use some CPA direct offers? What do you think ?

I am really interested into hearing your tips and sorry if this is duplicate post.

Thank you :)


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July 29, 2013
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Just create video + HQ landing page and you just lock what you have to giveaway put it on landing page and you should be fine.
Or create Visual basic program so they can put email and when they click button their email will be sent to your email inbox so you can reply them later with locked PPD file and you say that they win giveaway there is 1 more step for them to get item.
Also when they click button the window will pop up saying please wait several hours while we choosing winners, you will be notified via email if you win.
Something like that be creative. That Visual Basic program is easy to make btw.
If you need help pm me your skype i will help you.


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May 11, 2013
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If you are still a newbie you can try with making a YouTube video for your niches as you said.
Then, when you have a video, try to make a nice landing page or simple (one page) blog on blogspot.

a locked page where people would just submit their emails to get into the giveaway
You can go with this, but only if you are trying to make an email list, I'll just put a content locker and wait for a traffic to come in.

After some time, when your traffic increases you can contact your Affiliate Manager to help you about the offers.
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