Markos Journey for first FR niche. Updated Daily :)

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April 24, 2013
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Alright so, after I made around 5,000$ with CPA. I am officially broke and I need a head start. What better way than to have an online journal.
But this time I am targetting France. I hope you all will enjoy this journey and I hope it'll help you all make some cash. Enjoy

CURRENT STATS: Waiting for views and likes from Bigbuddy




23-Sep: Unique Clicks: 1 | Leads: 0 | 0$


Niche Searches:
Main Keyword: 8100
Keyword 2: 3600
Keyword 3: 1600
Keyword 4: 1600
Keyword 5: 1000

YouTube Competition: Low - One video from a year ago only on all keyword. Around 1600 results for every keyword
Google Competition: Medium - First page has similarities only
Around a million results

[✓] Niche, Niche Targeted Keywords
[✓] Video
[✓] PVA
[✓] Investments Money
[✓] Website
[✓] Spinning Article EN
[✓] Website Text FR
[✓] Video Text FR
[✓] Domain
[✓] Hosting
[✓] Content Locker Template
[✓] Content Locker Text

[✓] Header
[✓] Backround
[✓] Icons
[✓] Contact Locker

[✓] Recording
[✓] Voice-over
[✓] Upload
[✓] Likes
[X] Comments
[X] Fav
[X] Subs
[✓] Views

[✓] Pinged
[✓] Webmaster tools
[✓] GSA


Investments: 140$
Already Invested: 56$
Profit: -56$

Stuff to buy:

[✓] Translation (5$)
[✓] Domain (12$)
[✓] GEO Views 20,000 (24$)
[✓] Likes 100 (5$)
[✓] Voiceover (10$)

Total: 56$
Spent: 56$


Day 1 - 18 SEP 2013
I was just about to start my work but when I started CPA Lander my license has been blacklisted, probably an error, I have contacted Prospect to fix this. Once this has been fixed, I'll start with making the website first.
I am also going to be hiring someone that will make me an article and a spinning one also.
Haven't received the license verification yet.
Checking for domain availability.
Domain is available with .org and using underscores (-). I guess it doesn't hurt SEO.
Making "stuff to buy" list
Domain Bought
Fixed the license problem now I am getting an update problem.
Fixed the license and update part.
Writing text for tranlations
Wrote the text for the website. Wrote the text for the video.

Day 2 - 19 Sep
Well the text is done, I'll have to send it to my translator and pick it up tonight. I'll also start working on the website.
Text sent.
In school, I'll collect images for the website.
Contacted the translator she said she is on it. I am doing the rest of the work in school (If I have time that is). I also told the translator which keywords she shall use. Its in total of 300 words, some for the video, website, content locker etc. I'll be designing the content locker template in a jippy :). Keeping the to do list active. I am now deciding which networks to use AdWorkMedia or 12GMedia.
Content Lock Design Finished & Text also (Maybe)
Ok Lets see what I need to do now, while waiting for the translator to translate.
Well spinning text is done. Tomorrow its time for rest I believe :). After that its time to make the website.

Day 3 -20 Sep
Contacting the translator today. Will be collecting images for the website today.
Finally an update: Check list updated and stuff to buy.

Day 4 - 21 Sep
Making a Website CheckList
Started making the website...
AND... Cpa Lander build error. Great, what next?
Untill CPALander is getting fixed, again. I made the content locker. I don't know what else to make till the website.
Forwarded the domain. I guess tomorow its the time to make the website.
No replay for CPA Lander. Great. Delay again.
Website finished. Will start working on the video.

Day 5 - 22 Sep
Brake is over, time to make the video. Waiting for audio edit. Looks like this video will be without voice-over but with text on it and with a nice instruimental audio.
Making the video with Voice-Over. Waiting for audio.
Making the video. Well its almost done. All it needs is the finishing touches :D.
Video is done, all I need to do now is to upload it and add video stuff.
Creating PVA

Day 6 -23 Sep
Video is uploaded, purchasing stuff.
Ok, video done, website done, everything is done. Except some GSA spinns, that will be for tomorrow.
Video has only one view and is on second page lol. Gonna rank it on first in no time.
Also I have to rank on Google too.


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August 15, 2013
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I will follow this journey, hope to see you earning some big cash :D


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April 24, 2013
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Updated for today, stuff to buy :)
Update: Domain bought


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April 24, 2013
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Updated for today. Almost completing the checklist :).
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