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April 25, 2013
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Build Your Kingdom! Click to Join!

Playing Games For 5 Minutes A Day Is All It Takes To Make Money With Kingdom Craze...But How?

What is Kingdom Craze?
Kingdom Craze is the brand new gaming network that actually pays people to play games. And I know you're probably instantly skeptical, but trust me when I say that this is different.
Kingdom Craze is the real deal. Not only is Kingdom Craze a gaming network, it's a game all of it's own...
How do you make money playing games?

The reality is you don't actually make "money" in Kingdom Craze, you earn "Krun", the in-game currency used in Kingdom Craze.
1 Krun = $0.01
100 Krun = $1
1000 Krun = $10 (cost of 1 Hovel)
Krun can then be exchanged for cash, rewards or used to purchase in-game items such as armory, enclave and estate (ie Hovels).
How To Earn Krun
  • Purchasing Krun - You can purchase Krun (with real money)
  • Daily tributes from Hovels - The amount of land you own directly affects how much Krun you receive daily in tributes.
  • Referring More Players - Build your alliance by referring other players and you receive tributes from them as they prosper in building their own kingdoms.
  • Performing Tasks for Associates - You can perform some tasks (like filling out offers) for Kingdom Craze sponsors and partners to receive additional Krun.
  • Fighting Other Players - You can fight other players for Krun in 3 different player vs player game modes.

Ultimately, the goal in Kingdom Craze is to accumulate as many Hovels as you possibly can. Each Hovel you own generates a certain amount of Krun that you receive as a daily tribute, as long as you have completed the required tasks associated with your status for that particular day. The more estate (Hovels) you have, the more Krun you earn on a daily basis.
Kingdom Craze Strategies
Play Games
Simply logging in to your account and playing games is the easiest way to start earning Krun. You are required to play at least 3 games each day in order to collect your daily tribute. Why? As each game loads you will see a short, paid advertisement, which is how Kingdom Craze generates it's revenue. That revenue is then shared with players through your daily tribute.
To encourage gameplay, at the end of each month every player with at least one estate will earn additional tribute as well. The monthly "bonus" tribute earned is in direct proportion to the number of games you have played that month. In order for your games to be tracked however, you MUST be logged into your Kingdom Craze account while you play.
Expand Your Alliance
If you want to rapidly increase your daily tribute invite others to join in. Just as in a traditional medieval feudal system, "associates" of a lower status that you have initiated will pay you a tribute. You also earn tribute when one of your associates purchases estate, so growing your army is guaranteed to help you earn Krun much faster than when playing alone.
Additionally, your allies help you defeat opponents in "Wars", helping you solidify your kingdom and earnings even further. The bigger and more prosperous your alliance, the more Krun you earn.
More Krun = More Estate = More Daily Tribute.

Build Your Kingdom!


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May 21, 2013
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