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December 2, 2019
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Are there any free classified sites that actually will get you traffic besides craigslist? I have tried many and they never get clicks. And CL shuts you down pretty quickly if you post or if you reply to resumes.

Maybe other people have had better luck?


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December 12, 2014
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Cool guide to make decent cash. Unseen for me and probably hard to get saturated.


1. They go to the classified site, see your ad, and click on it
2. They follow the link to your website
3. They click on an image, or the button and go to the contact page
4. They fill in the form, then get sent to the thank you page
5. Maybe they click on an offer and you make a few dollars off the top
6. They wait for your reply
7. Once they get you reply, if they like the offer, they will go to the order page and order
8. Then they just wait for you to send them the product

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thanks for share i try this method
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