Looking for a PPD/CPA Network

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October 7, 2013
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I'm not a newbie looking for their first networks, I've already got accounts with various different PPD and CPA networks, I've been a member of ShareCash for years, worked with MaxBounty and other large CPA networks.

I've got a ton of ideas of new campaigns for PPD niches. I'm in the process of building a list of networks to use, I'm trying to avoid using a single network, I'd rather have my income split across different networks, as long as they are reliable.

I'm just struggling to find out what content networks won't accept, a lot of networks (Sharecash for example) will ban your account if you where to upload, for example porn, or pirated software, some networks are funny about uploading game cheat applications etc.

Anyone got any suggestions on finding out which networks allow what?

I'm mainly looking for a PPD network which is OK with adult content, maybe warez content (movies, tvs, software)

If your a member with the network make sure you give me your referral link or userid :)
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