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June 6, 2013
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A few days ago i was talking with a Internet Marketing Maestro, he sell private coachings and "how to earn money online" related stuff.

I was meeting him in a bar. i know him from youtube (and yes he live in my country and in my town). So we started to talk about Internet marketing ect. He make videos on youtube how successfull he is ect. He do like he is a Hero of that stuff, but my thought is that he only make money because he scam people thats true, he make seminar´s too teaching people make money with clickbak. the cost for the seminar are overprized like 250$ for one mass meeting. The only reason why i tell you this is because Information Marketing is a Huge business! If you present yourself like a expert you can earn Big Money. For example they are alot of people trying making money on the internet (not only teen´s like in cpa. they are of course 40 year old retards they know nothing about internet) So and this retards searching on youtube how to make money. and they always get confronted to this super marketers. they talk always in the videos about their huge business that they earn 200k/month ect.
This guys are mostly Motivation coaches, they motivate you to buy their product!!!!!!!!!

Sry for the long text now i give you the information for what you are opened this Thread, the marketer who earn alot (only with scamming) told me this:


So, on this Picture you see the "Needs Pyramid" this is the real truth, it´s in your genetics! Once you reached one step of the pyramid you want the next step really Hard! So after you got some food and some water you need money! after money you need love and esteem!

What you guys learn about this pyramid?
There are only 3 Main Niches to earn big , Money, Love and Sport.

But now we come back to the expert, He reached all what the people need. Esteem and Money (it dont have to be real its enough that people feel like you are a maestro). The meaning of this is, if someone want to earn money online for example a reatrd 40 year old who have money to invest will buy coachigs from him because he is the expert!
Get it?

And another step is the Branding, to get successfull you need a good brading. the best branding is person branding. you can brand yourself easy. but to brand a name is harder! just sayn.

Oh and befor i forget it, the told me a cool example too "a gamer who plays in casinos will always invest more money, because he wont loose his money this sounds dumb but he will invest more and more because he want to displace they pain that he loosed his money.

Hope this thread was not to hard for you, im stoned today i know you dont care but i dont care that you dont care.

BY the way this forum is only succesfull because of the pyramid because you can reach here the step esteem and safety needs.


May 6, 2013
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Moneycoach said:
Hope this thread was not to hard for you, im stoned today i know you dont care but i dont care that you dont care.
This really made my day! Hahaha :grin:

You're tutorial is amazing, because you don't find many tutorials about pyramides like this!
I think it's motivating to know that you just shared the 3 most saturated but yet the biggest cash flows niches ever!
I will try your method soon and see what it brings :)

Thanks again and enjoy your stoned hours
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