How to get Accepted into Fileice

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May 10, 2013
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How to get Accepted into Fileice:
98% success rate into being Accepted into Fileice if you follow the instructions carefully.

To get started, You must Register for a Fileice Account. To do this, simply visit the Fileice website and fill out the online application form located in the Registration area. The information you submit will be forwarded to a Fileice staff member for evaluation.

Remember to keep your application formal. Lack of grammar and an obvious display of poor literacy will instantly lower your chances of getting approved.

Name* : This is self-explanatory, enter your full name.
Remember, always use real information when signing up.

Email* : This is also self-explanatory. Enter your email address.
Please select your main reason for signing up for a FileIce account*:
Here you will find two options as follows;

We are obviously going to pick "To upload files and earn money".

Main Web Site*:
Now you are to choose if you have a main website or not. This is up to you. If you do have your own specific blog or domain, list it and then you will be asked to verify it to prove you are the owner of the website/blog. I would suggest you have some sort of blog before registering as it increases your chances of being accepted. After you have verified your website, proceed.

If you do not have a website or blog:
you are to explain a minimum of 80 words of how you are going to make money and bring traffic to your Fileice offers. Make sure to be honest about it. If you have previous experience with other PPD networks like Sharecash or Fileflare for example, make sure you screenshot your earnings and show them that you are a dedicated earner. Also state where you are going to get your traffic from. Remember to use proper punctuation and grammar so you do not look inexperienced.

After you believe you have put in a lot of effort and time to make your application look high quality enough to be accepted, click "Submit".

You should then be redirected to a page. You are then to verify your email and hope for the best.

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