How to Find a Niche to Create Your Website[PART 3]

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May 14, 2013
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The Netherlands.
This is not written by me, This is posted here for you guys to gain some knowledge! (All credits go to the creator)

How to Find a Niche to Create Your Website[Part 3]


My Best Advice on How to Find a Niche
*Although passion is important, no one will pay you for sunbathing on a beach even if that's what you really like.
Instead of getting disappointed later, make sure now that you find yourself a profitable niche market.

*Don’t choose a niche just because there’s a lot of money in it. If you’re not passionate about your topic, you probably won’t succeed.
You definitely won’t be able to defeat the "big guys". The only antidote against them is pure, genuine passion.

*Don’t assume you’ll survive by choosing an uninteresting niche and hiring cheap article writers to produce content for you.
Most article writers do nothing but regurgitate pap from other top-ranking sites at Google.

*Don’t give up on a topic just because you’re not knowledgeable about it. You don’t need a degree or certification to create a website about most subjects.
If you know how to find a niche and you’re driven by undying passion, you can rest assured you’ll soon become a trusted expert.

*Don’t give up! Sometimes in can take days, weeks or even months to come up with the perfect niche idea.

Summary of How to Find a Niche

*A niche is a smaller part of a mainstream market.

*Learning how to find a niche to build your website is important. You can more easily cover a topic.
you don’t have to deal with so much competition and you can expect to start making money a lot quicker.

*The most important things to consider when choosing your niche are your passion and knowledge for you topic.
Also, make sure you’ll have enough time to cover your niche in sufficient dept.

*Go to to see real life examples of successful websites in thousands of different niches.
Does one of them give you an idea about your own website’s niche?

*Don’t give up on finding the perfect theme.
Sometimes it can take as long as a few months to find the perfect niche for your website. Be patient and keep thinking.

Aeon Enfinity

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August 24, 2013
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As mentioned, it's best to always use a niche you're passionate about. Like anything, it's much easier doing "work" when it's something you have a passion for. :)
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