How to Find a Niche to Create Your Website[PART 2]

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May 14, 2013
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This is not written by me, This is posted here for you guys to gain some knowledge! (All credits go to the creator)

How to Find a Niche to Create Your Website[Part 2]

Niche Choosing Strategies, Tips and Techniques

Even if you’ve seen dozens of real life examples in all sorts of niches, it can be difficult to identify your own one. As I said, this is generally where people struggle the most.
So I complied a list of niche choosing strategies and tactics. Hopefully, they’ll help you come up with your own niche website idea quickly!
ust sit down in a quite place and allocate 1 or 2 hours to perform these tasks. Don’t worry, there isn’t any self-help BS involved. It’s pure content to help you progress.

Use Your Magazine Subscriptions
Write down all the magazine subscriptions you’ve ever had in your life.
Are you still passionate about them? Do you still love their content? Could you create your website in a related niche?

Use Your Past Job Experiences
Don’t ignore your job. Your work experiences may be the perfect opportunity to get a head start in your niche.
So list all the places you’ve ever worked at and determine whether you could create a site in a related field.

List Classes and Clubs You Joined
List all the classes and clubs you ever joined in your life. Whether it was a cooking class, a dancing class, a kungfu camp or whatever, make sure you jot it down. Study the list and see whether one item triggers a niche idea...

List Your Favorite High-School Subjects
What were your favorite subjects in school? Were you good at math? Biology? Physics? History?
Why don’t you re-ignite your passion for these subjects and use it to fuel your online business?

List Your Current or Past Hobbies
What are your current hobbies? Don’t have any? Then what hobbies did you have in the past? Write down all of them! See whether you remember enough to turn these topics into a content site.

Look at Your Books
Have a look at your bookshelf. Do you have many books on the same subject(s)? Great! Could you create a website in a related niche?

List Things You Always Wanted to Do
List some of the things you’ve always wanted to do in your life. In other words, create your bucket list! Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to tango or discover the south pole or climb the Kilimanjaro... Are you passionate enough about these topics to create an authority website about them?

Examine Your Daily Routine
Finally, if nothing comes to your mind, just have a look at your daily routine.
How do you spend your weekdays and weekends? What do you do all day long? Even if you do nothing but watch TV, you can find out a lot about yourself!
For example, if you watch Spectrum and National Geographic all the time, you know you have an interest in science and geography. Turn this interest into a profitable e-business!

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