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March 20, 2013
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Hello Elites,

In roughly 2-3 weeks there will be a new YouTube bot being promoted on CPA Elites which will be personally vouched by me. I can tell you now that the developer is a personal friend of mine and we will be recommending it here with testimonials from Staff included upon being used.


Price will be $35 a month subscription.


-Constant updates
-New features added
-Fantastic support
-UnSubscribe at any time (If unsubscribed you automatically lose access)

[HOT] Advanced news panel
-Real time news flash for new updates
-Real time news flash bugs/errors telling you it's being fixed/implemented

[-]HWID Protection
[-]Mass Flags (Suggested only for rippers of your videos)
[-]Top comment up voter
[-]Top comment down voter
[-]Bind proxies to the accounts = no separate file for proxies


Features To Follow

[?] Channel Commenter
[?] Password Changer
[?] Auto Updater
[?] Account Checker
[?] Logs
[?] Diagnostic Mode
[?] Current User
[?] Add/Load Account(s)
[?] Add/Load Comment(s)
[?] Remove Duplicate Account's
[?] Remove Duplicate Comment's
[?] Mass Friend Adder
[?] Proxy Support
[?] Comment Grabber
[?] Contact Form
[?] Account Info
[?] Keyword Farmer
[?] Un-Subscriber

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