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July 1, 2013
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Hey everybody, I'm diving head first into internet marketing. Join me!

A little about my background:

I'm 24 years old and I've got a pretty extensive history researching and keeping up with internet marketing methods/trends but it has been mostly out of sheer curiosity.

Last summer I gave up my job in media buying/social media at a traditional (in a building) advertising agency to freelance as a spokesmodel for an automotive company.

I've now got a lot of free time and my curiosity has grown into a desire to build some revenue streams online.

Video editing/voiceover (3 years)
Adwords and social media campaign management (2 years)
Freelance writer and content producer (5 years)

I have all the software and tools I could possibly need for keyword research, website building, content production and link building and I also currently have accounts with Clickbank, Adnooka, CashYourFiles and LinkBucks.

I'm hoping to mesh my tools and skill set with the wealth of knowledge & passion you guys have here, and maybe get some business going.

Now which of these forums do I go to for the free money and traffics?

Where do I see my CPC on here?

...And can someone please tell me how many Clickbanks I need to get a free AdWord?
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