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August 28, 2013
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hi, okay so far this is my understanding.

You come up with a niche and then create a site. You can either use content lock on it.

Then u get traffic with youtube videos / SEO for google or Facebook fan page. Thats it right ?

PPD - pay per download when u get paid for downloading file you mention on your website.

Where does CPA come in ? Can anyone explain ? What does file locker and link locker do ?

Is the only way to grow Facebook fan page is by paying for Facebook ads ?

We do google SEO for our videos or website ? But SEO for website takes time right ?

This is all the confusion I have, please help me.


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May 1, 2013
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I do strongly recommend that you take some time to READ ;)
Spoon-feeding will not solve your problems.

Your basic understanding is right, this is all about monetizing traffic. The ways to do that are endless...
PPD: You upload files to the PPD network site and promote that files. For downloads you earn $

Link locker example: Your file -> upload to filehoster(mediafire f.e.) -> link locker -> $

SEO takes time, yes ;)


August 22, 2013
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Yeah, I would highly recommend reading up on everything before starting, I did about a weeks worth of research before I even applied to adwork media, and I finally feel like I know enough about it to do it, and I got some earnings.

Just always remember; you have to spend money to make money. I recommend spending money on flyers from fiverr or getting retention views on your videos if you know your niche is good and people will do the content locker to unlock the content.
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