[HELP] Monetizing an Email List

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June 10, 2013
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Hi Elites!

I got 300+ targeted emails (double opt ins through promoting CPA offers) and want to market them. I don't have aweber at the moment and planning to use my webserver email server which only allows me to send 2k emails a month.

How do you guys send them an email to sell? I'm not good at copy writing or preselling and I'm getting bored collecting emails now...

Badly need your help... planning to sell my list if I can't get to monetize them.


Solar Oblivion

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May 21, 2013
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First, you should use Aweber because if you use your own email server, it could be flagged as spam and therefore, the people on your email list may not receive their emails.

Second, the longer that you wait to start copy writing and email marketing, the more money that you lose and the lower the value of your email list.

Third, here's a free 30 Day Training Program which will teach you everything.
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