Hello everyone ! I want learn again

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May 15, 2018
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Hello I am Charlie !
I used to do Ailiate marketing on an adult website around 2009-11, then I sold it and switched to dropshipping on ebay as it was easy money back then.
I dont really know what happened, but around 2016Istartedtravela lot, buit house for my mom and helping peoples with my money,while not doin much online business. Till I got several issue and reduced considerably my spare money... and got hit hard by Covid19 pandemic..
Now I want to restart onlinebusinessso that's why am here.

I also want to learn easy modern method to makes around 20$ a day, so I can teach it to some poor peoples I know and no longer using my personal money to help them.(there is a limit of what I can earn, specially since I ggot married and have my first kid, they are my top priority now...)
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