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Hello Everyone! French Guy here!

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May 18, 2013
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Hello All,

My name is Damien, i'm French native from Bordeaux. Btw, sorry if my english is not that good... i will try to do my best. When i was eighteen i went to the Caribbean with my best friend and it has been 14 years ago that I did not come back to live in France (Girls and Sun are too hot here). Now i'm married and i have 2 young childrens. Recently with some online and offline earnings i bought my second appartment that is already rented monthly. I'm self employed and full time IMer.

For now my principal source of income and the only way where i found some success is with list building and selling products (Jvzoo/Jvnotify/Cb/Rapbank/Paydotcom..etc) using short and customized video sale pages letters + Free product(s)/giveaway. I didn't do any SEO at all and mainly drive traffic to theses squeeze pages using cpc/cpv (i.e:Leadimpact/pof/mediatraffic..etc).

I'm "studying" online stuff since the end of 2010 (15/24H) and honestly... regarding CPA and PPD, i learned and failed much more than i earned but... i never gived up! The positive side from this is that i spent a lot of time testing, learning Blackhat and Whitehat SEO, Wp/Html sites, Graphics, Social sites (especially with Youtube) so i know how and where to start.

I'm also affiliate with AdwordkMedia, AdgateMedia, Fileice and ShareCash since a while and until now i was not really active with them but always making some money with Fileice and 1 old French niche (legit but hacking niche) that bring me (not that much but it's cool) 300 -500$ every month in complet autopilot since a year now (like 20-50 dl per month). This niche only get clicks from FR peoples and It's about 2 videos that i uploaded in YT with the old method : rar and password uploaded to Fileice. I didn't boosted them since more than 7 months and always bring me some cash.

After seeing that payout are high especialy from France and since i'm French, i decided to come back working with cpa,ppd , site + seo. I'm also member at --- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. Please use the "Report" button below to report this message. ---, BHT, BBHF,WF but i was looking for a forum more cpa/ppd oriented and hopefully, i saw the Bok1ca signature in the Fileice forum. There is four months ago i registered myself in this great forum and already grabbed some golden nuggets from some interesting threads (Thanks a lot!). Recently i upgraded to Legend, i was curious to know more about the Hot French niches section and i'm satisfied with the content.

Since i motivated myself again with ppd and cpa, my goal is to promote French white hat niche. I don't want to promote fake niches because i feel unconfortable knowing that FR peoples must pay a 3-5€ subscription weekly to unlock any cpa/ppd files ( ie= 4-7$) .

I started to play with some French seed keywords and i found plenty of keywords that are white hat niche but i also found many niches that can be faked... Regarding the fakes niches i found (since i'm not interested) i will share all of them little by little in the Hot French Niches section btw i will also share some french keywords that are absolutely 100% white hat.
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