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October 4, 2013
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me 2 mate. I'm looking for free methods to have free facebook fans.

I'm working with iMacros and addmefast, but sometimes I have problems or bug into the code...

I have no more budget to buy them on seoclerks or similar; I have looked for bot but a lot of them are just virus and malware.

I have tried with a bot (friend adder or something like that) but I have not PVA facebook accounts, so is not helpful...

So, now I don't know how to increase my fans here: http://www.facebook.com/networkdisuccesso

I have 3700+ fans and I want to achieve 20.000 fans. I have already used contest, fan gate and other like that (with other fanpage with 8000+ fans) but for this time I'm looking for something easier and free.

Somebody has any ideas?!
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