Google Video Ranking Problems

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Mr Giraffe

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May 26, 2013
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Hey Guys ! Im trying to rank my video in the top of google ,But im getting some problems . My video is currently in 5th . Im trying to rank it to first , But i cant get past some websites . (i got many more Backlinks ) . My Video Url :
(Not ppd niche tough ) . The keyword im trying to rank is "Tratamento Para Celulite " , if you search it my video will probbaly come in 5th . So do you guys have any suggestions ? The same thing happens to Youtube , im in 6th And the top videos got 10 Likes and 1000 Views .. My video Got 54 k Views .. . If you guys have any suggestion let me know ! Thanks (Sorry for my bad english)

ps : I got many more backlinks then most of the websites .
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