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July 31, 2013
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The Netherlands
Sup lads,

I registered a few days ago, but never had the time to introduce myself to you guys. My name is Danny, 21 years young and rickrolin' dem Netherlands. Yes thats right, I'm a dutchy.

Thanks to our legendary ape, Boc1ca, (I like to call him Bokita which is the name of an ape, no offense). I came across this forum and made an account for fun. Never thought it would be as addicted as it is. Since my time spent on here, I upgraded to dem Legends. Mainly for some guides, niches giveaways and freebies. Unfortunately I'm not (yet) a great earner, but thats going to change in the couple of months.

Recently made two keygens using the tutorials on here to improve my niches. Thats another reason why people must sign up here. But yeah, this is me. Any questions? Feel free to ask 'em below :-)
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