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Hello guys :cool:

I have an Enhance Views account with 300K Youtube Credit.
I have a lot of customs comments on a text file related to my niche and so on.
I try to add about 15 customs each day to my video, but right now Enhance Views keep refund my credit with the following message : "has been automatically canceled by the system. Users were unable to fulfill the request on your link. This may be because the link is invalid, private, or requires approval for posting. Any unapplied credits for this request have been refunded."

Can someone help me to figure out what is going on ?

By the way I don't need approval for my comments.

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I will keep my account and hope they will fix the problem because 300K credits I can have about 2000 comments. So I am good for a good amount of future niches.

But Ub2views the problem is that they don't drip feed..


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May 20, 2013
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Make sure You dont need to moderate Your comments and its not on approval, that happens to me sometimes but i put again and it works :)
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