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June 29, 2013
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Earn real money with AndoleK​

Are you new to the PPA?
Worked once before but do not have ideas?
You want to find new ways to promote themselves, increase their earnings?
Let me help you with that!​

I will say, I will teach how to make money from the beginning of the PPA, for what it is based, and the bite and how to make money as much as possible.
I will teach you how to set up your own website / blog, a hint where to do this, both paid and free "options". Let me help you with WordPress, SEO, templates, graphics.
I'll show you what dispose of at the beginning, as the highest earning
If you already have experience in the PPA, I will help to find new niches, expand existing for a new place to promote gender
I will teach you how to effectively position your site, help you to position your own programs.
I will answer all questions related to the PPA, and more​

What do I expect?
All you have to open an account on Astrocash(Click Here) from my command give me your nickname and email me what you know about ppa, what you want to make! :)

How to contact me?
2- Or Pm Send in forum

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