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May 27, 2013
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The Netherlands
Zack said:
Xendah said:
i was patient and cooperative until my site starting having problems with in the first hour Then they started to ignore me even tho i was fine to begin with proof - /f3912409e4f290814e0f3046903c55d6

No swearing and patient just another pointless post :)
Alright, since you poorly structured your thread, I'll try to re-construct the situation (and would appreciate it if you could correct me or verify that it's correctly laid out).

1) You purchase a domain (w/hosting).
2) You get suspended (for high cpu usage?).
3) You request to get unsuspended (and you get unsuspended).
4) You request a refund (for whatever reason).
5) You ask them to send the refund money to a different PayPal (because your current PayPal got "hacked" -- even though if that was the case, you should be trying to recover it).
6) They refund the payment (like they should've).
7) You freak out because they refunded it to the "hacked" PayPal instead of your new PayPal.
8) You argue with support on the issue.

If I am correct, then what they did is perfectly fine.

I totally agree. I don't see what they did wrong. Usually you can't just ask for a refund to another address.


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October 5, 2013
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Lol true, and he said that live support cant "handle" payment related issues... I think you're just a spaz. lmao
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