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July 8, 2013
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Hello, Dear Users I had a few questions about PPD / Cpa me that are still open I ask the questions simple and would be grateful if you could answer the questions.

1 What is the difference between CPA / PPD?
2 I've heard there are better and worse networks.
I've heard of PPD would be the Fileice.
And for the CPA would Adnooka.
3 What is better CPA or PPD where I get more money where I have more
advantages and disadvantages w more.
4 I bought Hack Forum on an e-book from the User Discount PPD Killer
e-book what they think was a failed decision?
And can I use PPD killer as well as for Cpa?
5 If they had another e-book for me one of her Sortiement or a good
by someone else?
6 When I write in my Niche the respective application has to do with fake generators they banish me then?

I wish all a nice Day.


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May 12, 2013
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1. PPD is just for people sharing files where people do a survey on a webpage to get a file. All you have to do is upload the file and fill in some description fields. CPA has more features but also requires you to optimise the offers yourself too. In truth you're better off going for a cpa network and spending an hour learning how to use it, the good ones have guides and auto optimise offers too.

2. This is true to an extent, for PPD fileice is the main one people go for along with a few others which are similar. CPA there are several - AdWorkMedia is one of the best and easiest to use, a lot of people also use adnooka. Remember you should be signed up to several networks and be using the one's you like.

3. CPA as they have more features and take less of a commission, saying that some people prefer the simplicity of PPD plus they offer more options in regards to paying you.

4. Virtually all ebooks a waste of money, your best way is to learn the basics from someone and then try things out for yourself. In my experience the best information is usually free information.

5. Don't buy ebooks. If you buy stuff, buy mentor sessions, views, likes, comments, marketing programs etc

6. If you mean youtube then yes you will eventually lose your video and youtube account so always do it on a new one. If you mean the PPD/CPA network then most of the time the answer is no, however its best to hide the referrer if you're doing fake stuff.
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