CPA Newbie has 2 questions

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October 9, 2013
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I've been internet marketing over 10 years. Seems I've done it all. But, I got
interested in CPA's and took a 'CPA' strategies course.

Closed down my website.
I signed up with 2 CPA Sites. And guess what? There's terminology
I don't understand!

That was strategies I learned, not every day things. Here's my biggest
problem. I login and it puts me in my dashboard, then there are no
CPA's or offers anywhere.

There was a mention of 'bring your files and share them for big money'.

What, I'm supposed to import my offers?

And the importance is on files. What are files while doing CPA's?

Someone help me before I tear my hair out!

I can and will help you in return.

Thanks, parkeet11:confused:


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July 21, 2013
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ah.., look like you are not sign up into CPA network instead PPD (pay per download).

which most PPD take offer from CPA Network
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