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June 25, 2013
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Hello Guys ! I need some advice for optimizing An offer on my adnooka account . Actually im recieving lots of brazilian downloads , Which gives me 0.13 . My question is , How can i optmize this offer ?

Here is the stats : Personal EPC : 0.01 Personal CR : 0 Net. Epc : 0.03 Net.CR : 19 Payout : 0.13 .

Do you guys have any advice for me ? Thanks

Im From Brazil


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June 1, 2013
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hmhm, if there is anything higher then 0.13 in brazil then disable the .13 and enable the other ones.

if most of brazils offers are around 0.13-0.30

then dont disable any, cause you mind aswell keep em all.

while other offers like United States. Disable anything under $1, i have my own ways of optimizing.
But thats pretty much it!
Hope this helps!
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