Bully 12 Pack: Offline Guerilla Recon

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July 26, 2013
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[align=center]Just a little something to get me warmed up.

I apologize in advance for the Grammatical errors and
obvious abuse of the keyboards CAP feature,
besides that have a look and and laugh or two.
May even find something useful in here if you don't
dose off reading this Looooooong ass post -lol

Ok Guys I think most of us can agree
2 of the most effective ways to make
money in this game is to find either an untapped
market with a high demand for something
or Find a place that is ripe for advertising
a particular type or group of offers with
one main component Missing...... US!
That's right gotta find that spot that other
marketers such as ourselves seem to either
overlook or Underestimate it's earning potential
and as obvious as this may seem OFFLINE Marketing
is one of those things that is more and more
being overlooked or shunned by us for whatever reason.
Mostly because we have to get off our lazy,
spoiled,content asses and put some boots
on the ground but that's OK I love it-lol
Keep steering clear!
With that said I'd like to Introduce you Guys
to an old warhorse of mine

BULLY 12 PACK: Offline Guerilla Bombardment

These are just a Few Tricks and Tips
for some of the combat Marketers who don't
mind getting some outside dirt under their fingernails,
to Try and Generate some Leads at the Most
Some Traffic if you are just a bit adventurous and at The Very Least
a Bit of a Buzz from The Experience- lol

Ok guys this is just to get the proverbial ball
ball rolling ,i expect you guy's to kick it around add to
it tweak whats here and lets get some money making ideas on this thread...
turn this into the bully 100 pack ...then thousand pack....etc...etc...lets get creative...

Then i'll make an ebook and get rich ! - lmao-

just kidding...just kidding...


If the doors to the grocery store or mall
or the grounds of a stadium parking lot
have signs posted that say
"no solicitation," you may not distribute flyers at all on the premises.
It doesn't matter whether you hand them to patrons or leave them on the something, it's not legal.

Guys again use common sense...
If you are not good with the recon type stuff
pass on these just read for enjoyment.



PostCard in Magazine rack Bully-
OK We'll Start with simpler more obvious One First....
Go into Store and as You BRIEFLY Browse Through Magazines
Clumsily Leave a Stack Of Adverts on The Stand....
(I would Do 4 To a Print out sheet, But you can Do One...
They will Usually Just Toss Them If Found.

Free Newspaper Rack Bully-
Most Grocery Stores and Such have a FREE Advert or
NewspaperRacks at The Front Or Right inside the front Door
Drop a Stack Of Adverts There...

Hotels Brochure Rack Bully-
Have A Lot Of Hotels In Your Area...Put On a Touristy
Looking Shirt and a Camera Around Your Neck and
Visit a Few as If Taking a Break Off Streets There
Usually is a FREE Brochures rack..Drop and Advert Pack There.

Library Free Stuff on the Table Bully-
Easy One...There's always a Free Table
with Free Adverts and Announcements
Drop Your Pack There...

Club DJ Bully
Now, Radio Station DJ's are Bound By Advert Restrictions
but there are Usually no Such Restrictions For CLUB DJ'S
Then Run Your Proposition....
Ask Him to Announce " Have a Buddy of Mine Here With Some Goddies/Info. For Yall..Treat Him Right"...Hand Out A few Cards, Not Flyers, With The Owners Permission, or It's Better
to Just Ask him to announce your website..Then pass out small cards or very small flyers..

Volunteer Bully-
Now This Is Partially Seasonal....Whenever It's Time To Pass Out Phone Books Or A call For Census Takers... Volunteer Or Better Yet Get On the Payroll and You Know what To do From There...Put Adverts In Phone Books... If you Deliver In a Upscale Area there will Be Plastic Covers on Phone Books-lol..Adjust Slit and Slide them In...
Census Taker Just Hand Them A Advert At Conclusion...
With These 2 Try To Make The Offers Relatable..

Garage Sale Bully-
Simple..Give a Garage Sale Make a Few Bucks Network and Give
Out Flyers....Go to A Garage Sell Network and Give Out Flyers- lol

Flea Market Bully -
Go To a Flea Market These Are Public Outdoor Affairs...
Hand Out Flyers or Bring 20 Bucks Buy Something Cheap From 5 Busiest
Tables and Ask if you an Leave Flyers..You've Made a Purchase from
them They'll Usually Oblige

Apts Mailroom Bully-
Most Big Apts Have A Large Inside Or Outside Mailbox Area
where Tenants Post Lost Dog Or Dryer For Sale..
Put Your Advert Next To Them...

Apts Dumpster Bully-
Everyone has to Go Here...Put a Plastic covered
Advert on Each Dumpster with Gray Tape don't
Glue It or They'll Be pissed and Threaten to Charge
you with Destruction Of Property...lol--I KNOW!

Street Peddler Bully-
This can be the diamond in the ruff especially if you live
in a area like french quarter or market district....
Approach a Couple Of Peddlers showing some interest in their Product..
if it's Cheap(Under 5 Bucks) Get It Than ask Him If You can Sit The Adverts There..
If His Wares Are Expensive offer him the Fiverr...
Let Him See you Hanging Around..If It's Hot Grab Him A soda
Bring It back And Check Your Inventory...

(Got to Be adventurous For this One)
(Make Sure You Don't Look Homeless)-lol

By a Bottle Of Wine And a Burger For Your Favorite
Homeless Wino on A busy Stretch....
Give Him Some Flyers
and Listen To his Wino Soliloquies -lol
For Some Reason Folks Take Flyers From Winos They
Won't Take From Sober Folks....
Of Course You can Comment as They Take Them...
They'll Figure you're Doing a Good Deed Hiring
A Homeless person To Give Out Flyers...
Hold The Burger Bag In your Hand For Effect..
"Awwww He's Gonna Feed Him Also"
Which you will so don't feel
like this is exploitation

Remember as with Any of these Things There's a Chance Of Being Reported.

Take The Clumsy IM Amendment...

" I was So Busy Promoting I took a Break and Must have Left Those There accidentally..Was wondering what Happened to Those Promos..
Promise it won't Happen Again"

Additional Tips...

*Always put ("free" take 1 or 2) on top of pages.

*For flyers i would use and inconspicuous color
that blends like medium gray with black letters

* Always have your ad pack easily accessible when
approaching the target..don't wanna be fumbling...

Some Additional Reading Some May Find Useful


Careful with some of these in the wrong Neighborhood Use Basic common sense Guys

Door to door:

A bit tedious, but it is the most thorough way to get the info
to the most people. Besides, walking is good exercise! Do not put anythingin anyone's mailbox! Only U.S. Mail is allowed there! Nobody except the
resident and the postal carrier is allowed to touch anyone's mailbox! Roll up the paper and stick it in the door handle (if there is one), wedge the paper into the crack, or toss it inside the screen door (if there is one).

Rural areas:

Mailboxes are still off limits, but in many cases, there are
receptacles for newspapers near the mailbox. Those are fair game. If none is
present, you could tape the flyer to a fence post. (By the way, you might
want to take a bag of doggie treats with you to make friends with potential

Apartment complexes:
Some have security patrols, some don't. You can
leave flyers on doors or on cars. If a guard orders you to leave, just go
somewhere else.

Gated communities are virtually impenetrable. If you have to pass through a
gate to enter a community, you might as well not even try to enter. Some
trailer parks are also posted, "No Trespassing." To reach places like those,
about all you can do is buy a mailing list from the post office and cough up
the money to buy stamps and mail flyers to them.
Parking lots: More efficient (less walking per flyer), and spreads the flyers
more widely, as drivers go home. Here are some cautions: Most parking lots
are private property. The owner has the right to order you off the property,
and even permanently bar you from the premises if he chooses.




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June 6, 2013
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Good one dude, i dont read the complete guide because im not living in a big town, so this will not work for me.
My idea is: mini cards with advertisement, and put this to cars.
Then you can advertise a ebook like repair a car or just make money :D
To create this cards will take more time, but im sure this will look more professional then flyers on normal paper.
Like this:
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