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September 14, 2013
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Short time lurker, first time poster here.

I am using AdWork Media. Recently, I've been earning at least $30-40 a day; a few days ago, I even reached $127 in one day! Everything was going well... UNTIL the advertiser of my highest converting offers decided my lead quality was poor (apparently, my traffic wasn't really engaging with the ads and additional offers, also using fake info etc.) and blocked me. AWM didn't ban my publisher account, but they told me I couldn't use the ChoiceSurveyGroup offers anymore. My CR has plummeted from ~20% to 9-10% and my earnings have visibly decreased. I am using Link Lockers only and the majority of my traffic comes from the US. The majority of my leads are Email Submits. My CTR for my Link Lockers is around 50%+ so it's that's not the issue either.


I've opened a ticket on AWM; they haven't been able to do much as it was the advertiser's choice to block me. However, AWM said they would try to get in touch with ChoiceSurveyGroup and request I be unbanned if I endeavoured to keep my lead quality high.

My question is: Has this happened to anyone else before, what are your views/suggestions/explanations about this and do you guys have any recommendations (I am using YouTube to promote my content) to increase lead quality? Any discussion is appreciated. Thanks!
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