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August 7, 2013
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I would like to write a review for adshiftmedia, as they are the best network I have ever used.
I have used 10+ networks, and adshiftmedia is by far the best for earnings & support!

  • Earnings are high with adshiftmedia, out of all the network's I have used adshift has given me the highest
  • All their campaigns pay out a decent amount
  • High French leads
  • Most country's lead's do payout over $1

  • Support is one of the main things needed to run a successful business and this is what adshift offer.
  • Contact methods include;
  • Support tickets
  • Skype support
  • Email support
  • And more
  • All support inquires are usually answered within a few hours.
  • Some of the nicest people and offer good support also they do not ignore silly questions you may have if you are starting off.

  • AdShift offer many payment methods which are;
  • Wire transfer
  • UK transfer
  • Paypal
  • Payza
  • Amazon
  • Payments are normally done on either the 5th of the month or the 21'st I think I am not 100% sure though as I got a special deal with my affiliate manager so I get my payments every Friday.

Payment proof's:

Overall I think AdShiftMedia are one of the best networks with all the factors they offer.

My rating: 9/10!
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